Beef liver goulash is an affordable and simple dish. Popular step-by-step recipes for beef liver goulash

Beef liver goulash is an affordable and simple dish. Popular step-by-step recipes for beef liver goulash

Goulash - a dish that is loved by more than one generation. After all, it has many recipes and does not require special skills for cooking.

Each housewife prepares goulash in her own way and has some secrets that allow you to make the main ingredient tender and juicy.

After all, a delicious beef liver goulash is possible only if the main product is properly processed.

Principles of cooking beef liver goulash

Despite the fact that there are many recipes for this dish, which differ in the products used, the principle of cooking beef liver goulash is the same for everyone.

The essence of the preparation of this dish is to pre-fry all ingredients, mixing them and further stewing with sauce.

If the products are fresh (especially the beef liver) and the technology of their preparation is sustained, then the end result will be an appetizing dish that will certainly remain assessed.

Beef liver goulash with sour cream

This is perhaps the most popular recipe for making goulash. In addition, many ingredients are not required for its preparation, and even a beginner in cooking can master the technology.


• 500 grams of beef liver;

• 2 medium sized bulbs;

• 250 grams of sour cream;

• Cream or olive oil;

• Flour;

• Spices to taste;

• A glass of milk.

Cooking Method:

Filtered and washed beef liver must be cut into small pieces, the optimum thickness of which should not exceed 2 centimeters. Spread the liver spread on a paper towel in order to get rid of excess fluid. At this time, finely chop the onion and fry it until golden brown in oil and remove from the pan. In a frying pan on which the onions were fried, we shift the liver, rolled in flour, and fry for five minutes, not forgetting to turn it over. When a crust has formed on the liver, we reduce the heat, add onions, sour cream to it, and leave it on low heat for 20 minutes. At the end of the quenching, add salt and seasonings to the dish.

Beef liver goulash with tomato sauce

Spicy dish, which will appeal to lovers of sharp little, in the preparation of a fairly simple.


• A pound of beef liver;

• 2 medium carrots;

• 2 medium onions;

• 1 small leek;

• 100 grams of tomato paste and mayonnaise;

• Half a liter of water;

• Flour;

• Oil for roasting;

• Spices and salt.

Cooking Method:

Initially, we will need to get rid of the films on the liver and cut it into medium cubes, and then fry in sunflower oil (5 - 7 minutes will be enough), and only at the end of frying it can be salted and add spices. After that we transfer the liver to the cauldron or other container intended for the preparation of goulash. Then cut the carrot into strips, onion in half rings, fry until cooked and combine with the liver. Now you can start making tomato sauce for our beef liver goulash. To do this, fry two tablespoons of flour in the pan without adding oil for several minutes, remembering to stir, and gradually add water, tomato paste and mayonnaise. Leave the sauce on low heat for 10 minutes, and at this time, finely chop the leek and add to the sauce. Spices and salt are also added to the sauce. Remove the gravy from the heat and combine it with the liver and vegetables and simmer another five minutes in the cauldron.

Beef liver goulash with mushrooms

The main ingredients of such goulash are liver and mushrooms, which are well combined with each other. Mushrooms bring some lightness to this dish. For goulash it is better to give preference to champignons, because they do not need long-term heat treatment, which will significantly shorten the cooking time.


• 400 grams of beef liver;

• 5 large mushrooms;

• One big carrot;

• Two onions;

• 100 grams of tomato paste;

• 200 grams of sour cream;

• Oil for roasting (sunflower or olive);

• Flour;

• Fresh greens;

• Garlic;

• Seasoning, salt.

Cooking Method:

Prepared, washed liver cut into plates of small thickness, fry until half cooked in butter and then shift into a container, where goulash will be prepared. Liver needs a little salt. Peeled mushrooms are also cut into plates and fried in the same pan, where the liver was prepared before, for 5-7 minutes, and sent to the same container. Finely chop the carrots, chop the onion with half rings and fry, like the previous ingredients of goulash in butter, then combine with liver and mushrooms.

After all the products are fried, you can proceed to the preparation of the sauce. To do this, in a dry frying pan, you will need to fry 2 to 3 tablespoons of flour, stirring in order to avoid its burning and gradually add sour cream, tomato paste into it. If the sauce was chosen too fat sour cream, and it turned out thick, the situation can be corrected by adding a small amount of water. Sauce leave on low heat for 5 minutes, and at this time we cut the greens and chop the garlic. Pour the prepared sauce into a container with our ingredients, add herbs, garlic, spices, salt to taste and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.

Beef liver goulash and chicken hearts

An interesting combination of liver and chicken hearts will appeal to lovers of by-products. Preparing a dish for this recipe quickly, and the result will exceed your expectations.


• 300 grams of beef liver;

• 300 grams of chicken hearts;

• One sick carrot;

• Two medium bulbs;

• Green onions, dill, parsley, basil;

• Condiments, salt;

• Sunflower oil;

• A glass of milk;

• A glass of sour cream.

Cooking Method:

To prepare such goulash, it is necessary to prepare a liver and hearts. To do this, remove the film from the liver, it is cut into small pieces and sent to the red-hot frying pan to fry in oil.

At this time, clean the hearts, cut into two parts and combine with the liver. It takes 5 minutes to roast these ingredients, after which they are transferred to the container and slightly salted. In a pan fry finely chopped onion and carrot. Then the vegetables are transferred to the same container as the liver with hearts.

To make the sauce thick, saturated, fry the flour in a dry frying pan, add sour cream, milk and stir for a few minutes, then pour it into a container with our ingredients, add salt, add spices, chopped greens and leave to stew on a slow heat for 15 minutes.

Beef liver goulash with beans

Liver and beans - a great combination that makes the taste of the dish subtle and refined.


• 400 grams of beef liver;

• 200 grams of canned red beans;

• Average carrot;

• Medium onion;

• A mixture of peppers, seasonings, salt to taste;

• A glass of cream;

• Fresh dill, parsley;

• Sunflower oil.

Cooking Method:

First you need to clean the liver, rinse it and cut into medium pieces. Then roll the liver in flour and fry over high heat in sunflower oil. While the liver is fried, peeled carrots and onions cut into cubes.

The liver is removed from the heat and salted, put into the dishes intended for the further preparation of goulash. Next, proceed to roasting sliced ​​vegetables. After roasting, combine the vegetables with the liver, put the red beans there and pour the cream.

We put the container on a slow fire, add salt, add pepper and other seasonings and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. At the end of cooking goulash add chopped dill and parsley.

Beef liver goulash with sweet peppers and tomatoes

The combination of sweet peppers, tomatoes and beef liver will make goulash incredibly juicy and tender.


• 600 grams of beef liver;

• Big sweet pepper;

• Big Tomato;

• Average carrot;

• Large onion;

• Half a liter of cream;

• Condiments, salt;

• Butter;

• Fresh greens.

Cooking Method:

We clean the liver from films, veins, wash well and cut into cubes. Spread the liver on a paper towel in order to remove excess moisture.

Then spread it on a hot skillet and fry on all sides until it forms a crust. Put in a dish prepared for cooking goulash, salt, add spices.

Next, we begin to fry chopped onions and carrots cut into strips. When the vegetables are ready, add to them a diced sweet pepper, and chopped tomato, previously peeled.

Tomim over low heat for five minutes, and begin to gradually introduce cream. Pour the liver out of vegetables and cream sauce, add salt, spices and simmer for 10 - 15 minutes. At the end add the greens.

Beef liver goulash - tricks and helpful tips

Beef liver is a complex product that is easy enough to spoil, not observing the elementary rules or technology of its preparation. And spoiling the main ingredient, it is difficult to prepare a decent dish. Therefore, in order for goulash to always come out tender, juicy and tasty, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

• In order to not eat bitter goulash, it is necessary to process the liver. It can be soaked for several hours in milk, which will not only remove bitterness, but also make its smell softer.

• Since the liver is pre-fried to make goulash, it should remain juicy and not dry. There are three ways to achieve this:

1. A few hours before cooking liver sprinkle it with soda. After rinse thoroughly with water. This will make the liver softer.

2. Before frying, always roll the liver in flour or bread crumbs. The crust formed from flour or crackers during frying will help to preserve the richness of the liver.

3. Salt and pepper the liver before starting its preparation is strictly prohibited, because salt contributes to the secretion of juice, which we lose in the process of preparation. Therefore, in order to achieve juiciness of goulash, salt the liver after it has been fried.

• To make the liver pieces in the goulash soft, be sure to remove the film that is on it.

• For goulash, cut the liver into small pieces that can be quickly cooked. After all, large pieces of the liver often turn out to be overdone, dry.

• It is not necessary to overdo the preparation of the liver, because it is enough just to fry it in oil for a few minutes to bring it to readiness.

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