Adygei cheese at home

Adygei cheese at home

Adygea cheese belongs to the category of soft cheeses that do not require ripening. Make it out of milk and dairy products. In factory conditions, a special leaven is used, but it requires 1, 5-2 g per 100 l of milk. Adygea cheese at home is not produced in such quantities, and it is extremely difficult to measure the amount of starter per 5 liters of milk, therefore the product is prepared at home using a different technology. Instead of the starter, add whey, dairy products, less often - vinegar or lemon juice. In terms of taste and fat content, homemade cheese can also differ from the factory one, as it is very difficult to choose the exact ratio of products for obtaining a product that corresponds to GOST. It is not necessary to drive yourself into the narrow framework of state standards, it is only important to adhere to a number of technological subtleties.

Cooking Features

The Adygei factory-made cheese contains 42% fat and 2% salt, has a humidity of 60%. To achieve exactly the same performance at home is difficult, and it is not necessary. The product will be delicious, even if it is a little less fatty or salty, a little softer than the traditional one. It is important that it has a consistency characteristic of the Adyghe cheese and the most similar taste. To achieve this, you need to know a few points.

  • The protein, when folded, takes the form of filaments only when milk is not brought to a boil, but is heated only to 95 degrees. If you want to get cheese that has the exact same structure as the Adyghe, you have to control the temperature of the milk. To do this without a special thermometer will be very difficult.
  • In order to prevent boiling of milk, fermented milk product should be introduced into it as chilled as possible. Kefir and other liquid products, it is advisable to pour on the walls of the pan, cottage cheese is laid in the center.
  • Fermented milk products are introduced into hot milk in portions. Only after the first portion is rolled up, the next one is introduced.
  • The fatter milk and dairy products used to make cheese, the fatter it will turn out.
  • The technology of making Adygei cheese assumes its compaction under its own weight, without using a press. The more cheese, the better and faster it is compacted. If you make a very small amount of the product, it will not be able to condense under its weight to the desired consistency.
  • Products for the preparation of homemade cheese, it is desirable to purchase farmers. Ingredients that prevent their souring and vegetable raw materials can be added to the milk and cottage cheese stores. Such additives can interfere with curdling foods, cheese cannot be made from them.

Adyghea home-made cheese must be stored in a refrigerator, its shelf life is 3-4 days. Therefore, too much cheese is not worth doing. On average, the preparation of 1 kg of cheese takes 6, 5-7 liters of milk and dairy products.

Classic recipe for homemade Adygei cheese


  • goat's milk - 2, 5 l;
  • cow's milk - 2, 5 l;
  • whey from kefir or sour cow milk - 4 l;
  • salt - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Prepare the serum. To do this, sour milk, kefir or sour milk should be heated over low heat or better in a water bath until the protein is curtailed. Then the product is thrown back on a sieve or colander covered with gauze, put it over a bowl or pan, into which the serum flows. As a result, along with the whey it is possible to cook cottage cheese - it is not needed for making Adyghe cheese according to this recipe, but you definitely shouldn't throw it out.
  • Allow the serum to stand at room temperature so that it is slightly acidic.
  • Mix both types of milk, pour into a saucepan with a capacity of at least 10 liters.
  • Put it on the stove, setting the minimum flame intensity. To prevent the milk from burning, you can sprinkle some boiled water at the bottom of the pan before filling it with milk.
  • Clean the serum in the refrigerator.
  • Heat the milk until it is ready to boil (or up to 95 degrees, if you have the ability to control the temperature with a thermometer).
  • Pour in a glass of serum. Boil, stirring, until the thread-like clots begin to separate from the whey. Collect them in a ball.
  • Continue to pour the whey in small portions into the boiling milk until it is finished. Collect clots in a ball.
  • Place a sieve or a sieve with gauze folded in 4 layers over a clean container (bucket or pan). Throw on it the contents of the pan in which you cooked the cheese. Wait for the serum to drain.
  • Tie the ends of the gauze, hang for 2 hours so that the remaining whey is drained and the cheese is compacted under its own weight.
  • Put the cheese in a strainer, sprinkling salt on all sides.
  • Leave for 22-24 hours at room temperature, then refrigerate and use as directed.

From the specified number of ingredients you will get about 1 kg of Adyghe cheese. You need to eat it in 3 days, otherwise it can spoil.

Adyghey cheese from yogurt with added dry milk


  • milk fat content of 3, 2% - 3 l;
  • yogurt - 1, 5 l;
  • dry milk (fat content of 25%) - 0, 75 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Heat the milk to about 40 degrees, dilute the dry milk concentrate in it.
  • Pour off 1, 5 l of the received milk, clean it in the refrigerator. Keep yogurt in the fridge too.
  • Heat the remaining milk until it starts to boil. Pour a glass of cold milk into it to cool the product and do not allow it to boil.
  • Add a glass of yogurt. Boil, stirring, until it coagulates.
  • Wait until the milk starts to boil again, pour cold milk and sour milk into it again.
  • Cook the cheese in this way until the sour milk is over.
  • Fold the contents of the pan into a colander covered with gauze, let the serum drain.
  • When the cheese is compacted, peel it on all sides, put it in a container, put it in the refrigerator.

It is necessary to consume homemade cheese prepared according to the above recipe for 3 days.

Adyghea cheese made from milk and sour cream


  • milk (maximum fat content) - 6 l;
  • sour cream with fat content of 25% - 2 l.

Method of preparation:

  • Pour 2 liters of milk, dilute them with sour cream. Put the mixture in the fridge.
  • Heat the remaining milk.
  • When the milk begins to boil, add a glass of cold mixture of milk and sour cream to it.
  • When the products listed in the recipe have been used completely, flip the contents of the pan onto a sieve with gauze.
  • Wait for the whey to drain, and the cheese to condense.
  • Salted it, put it in a bag or container, and stored in a refrigerator.

Cheese made according to the above recipe will not deteriorate within 4 days.

Cooking Adygei cheese at home is a task feasible even for a novice chef. It is advisable to do this only if your family loves this fermented milk product so much that they can eat 1-1,5 kg of it in just 3 days.

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