How to fry in a pan without oil

How to fry in a pan without oil

Recent years have been marked by a steady increase in the interest of most people in developed countries in the principles of healthy eating, which are based on a reasonable restriction of fat intake. In this regard, the technology of cooking products without oil is of particular relevance.

Food cooked with a minimum amount of fat, not only relieves the digestive tract, contributing to the promotion of health and weight loss. With a skillful approach, it can significantly enrich the diet, enter into it unusual dishes with completely new consumer qualities.

The cooking technology in a pan without oil relies on the following culinary approaches:

  • use of dishes with a special coating;
  • quenching products until ready and complete evaporation of the liquid;
  • the combination of juicy products with those that do not emit juice;
  • the use of liquid marinades, marinades from hot sauces;
  • use parchment circle or foil.

Today a wide range of cooking utensils without oil is on sale. These are frying pans with teflon and ceramic coating, grill pans. You need to choose the right dishes of this type and contain a non-stick coating in perfect condition.

Reliance on the thick bottom

For a successful frying in its own juice and suitable conventional frying pan with a thick bottom. The presence of the cover is important, and it should provide a snug fit. A special valve on its lid will allow to regulate the evaporation of moisture. A large amount of liquid contains most fresh vegetables, so this technology is ideal for preparing them.

Do not yawn

Cooking meat products can begin with the addition of broth, vegetable juices or plain water. As the liquid evaporates and the food is ready to cook, the quenching smoothly transforms into roasting. This moment is important not to miss, so that the products are not burnt.

You can bake appetizing crunchy pancakes or thin juicy pancakes on an ordinary cast-iron pan, greased with half of a raw onion or potato. As they dry out, their slices need to be updated so that fresh vegetable juice gets on the frying surface. It needs to be rubbed before baking each pancake.

Available tools

A circle cut from high-quality and thick parchment paper to the size of the pan will also help to avoid oil. It is quite possible to cook scrambled eggs, small chopped meatballs, chicken breast. For the same purpose, you can use baking paper and foil. You can fry a large piece of chicken, beef, oily pork or fish in a pan without water and oil by carefully wrapping them in several layers of foil. Before this pan, you need to warm up strongly and keep meat on it for at least 10 minutes on each side. A suitable company of fish will make thin lemon slices. The meat prepared in this way is covered with a pleasant crispy crust without a single drop of fat.

Any oil of good quality, including animal fats, gives the products a special, indescribable taste, reveals the aroma of spices, helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins and provides an adequate metabolism. The best is the combination of butter and olive oil. With this mixture, you can lightly rub raw semi-finished products or grease the surface of the pan before cooking.

Note that only the oil that is heated repeatedly is dangerous. In order to minimize the heat damage, a small amount of oil can be added at the final stage of cooking or into a ready dish.

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