Raspberry in its own juice for the winter

Raspberry in its own juice for the winter

Raspberry has many beneficial properties, which is due to its unique composition. It contains acetylsalicylic acid, it is rich in vitamins, including vitamin C, and other valuable elements. Not all of them are able to withstand heat treatment. Especially ascorbic acid collapses under the influence of high temperatures. Wishing to preserve all the benefits of berries, harvesting it for the winter, housewives are looking for recipes that allow you to close the raspberry delicacy, without subjecting it to long-term boiling. Typically, these recipes require the use of large amounts of sugar, which does not increase the benefit of dessert. The exception is raspberries in its own juice, which even an inexperienced hostess can prepare for the winter.

Cooking Features

Raspberries in their own juice - a unique delicacy. Due to the fact that it is prepared without cooking, the berries retain not only useful properties, but also their unique color, taste, aroma. It may seem strange that not all hostesses prepare such a delicacy for the winter. Many stop the apparent difficulty of making dessert. In fact, even an inexperienced cook will be able to close the raspberries in its own juice for the winter, if they know the features of the technology.

  • Collect raspberries, which you plan to preserve in their own juice, it is undesirable in rainy weather. At this time, the berry is watery and tasteless.
  • Raspberries are loved by all sorts of bugs, some of which also have an unpleasant smell. It is very difficult to remove them manually, even if you inspect each berry separately. To get rid of insect berry allows it to soak in salted water. On a liter of water take a tablespoon of salt. Berry should be kept in brine for at least 20 minutes. During this time, bugs float to the surface and will be easy to remove.
  • It is necessary to wash the raspberries carefully so as not to mash the berries - their juice will be required for preservation, and one should not allow a part of it to flow out when preparing the fruits for preparing a dessert. Experienced housewives advise to collect the berry in a colander and several times to dip it in it in clean, cool water.
  • After washing the raspberries, it is advisable to dry. To do this, it is scattered on a towel that absorbs moisture.
  • For cooking raspberries in its own juice, at any stage it is not possible to use aluminum cookware. This material, reacting with organic acids, forms harmful substances.
  • No matter what recipe you use to make raspberries in your own juice, you must wash the jars with soda and sterilize them by any means. Covers are also sterilized. For this they are usually boiled. Close the raspberries in their own juice with metal lids, ensuring tightness.

The storage conditions for raspberries in their own juice depend on the recipe according to which it was prepared. If the recipe does not involve the use of sugar, you can store the preform only in the refrigerator. Raspberries, preserved in their own juice with sugar, can be stored in any cool room.

Raspberries in own juice without sugar

Composition (1 l):

  • raspberries - 1, 3-1, 5 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Sort out the raspberries, remove the stalks, soak for 30 minutes in salted water, gently rinse and dry.
  • Sterilize a jar of a suitable volume or several jars. It is important that they be the same size and do not exceed 1 liter.
  • Boil the lids with which you plan to close the blanks.
  • Fill a jar with berries, leaving about 1, 5-2 cm to the edge.
  • Put the remaining berry in a colander, dip it in boiling water for 2 minutes.
  • Fold the gauze in several layers. In the center, transfer the berry from the colander.
  • Squeeze the juice out of the berries, fill them with raspberries in the jars. The juice level should be about 1 cm below the edge of the can, otherwise it will be poured into a saucepan during sterilization.
  • Place a towel on the bottom of a large saucepan, put jars of raspberries on it, cover them with prepared lids.
  • Pour cool water into the pan so that its level reaches the shoulders of the cans.
  • Put the pan on a slow fire. After the water in the pot starts to boil, note the time. Half-liter jars sterilize 20 minutes, liter - 35 minutes. If banks are less than 0, 5 l, it is enough to sterilize them for 15 minutes.
  • Take the jars of raspberries out of the pan, roll them up.
  • Put the jars upside down, cover with a blanket. Leave to cool in this form for additional preservation.

The cooled storage jars must be placed in the refrigerator, otherwise the raspberry will quickly deteriorate.

Raspberries in their own juice with sugar

Composition (1 l):

  • raspberry - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 0, 2-0, 25 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Prepare the raspberries by sorting, washing, removing the twigs.
  • Sterilize the jars and their lids.
  • Fill the jars with raspberries, sprinkle them with sugar every 1, 5-2 cm. At this stage, all the raspberries in the banks will not enter, and this should not cause unrest.
  • Put a towel in the pan, put a jar of raspberries on it. Pour water into the pan so that its level reaches the shoulders of the cans. Banks cover the prepared covers.
  • Put the pan on a slow fire. When you notice that the berries in the bank have started to settle, start pouring them, opening the lids.
  • It is necessary to sterilize berries until sugar is completely dissolved in raspberry juice, but not less than 10 minutes after adding the last portion of berries.
  • Remove the jars from the pan, seal the jar. Leave to cool upside down under a warm blanket.

Despite the small amount of sugar used, the dessert can be stored in a cool place for a year.

Raspberry in its own juice with sugar and citric acid

Composition (for 0, 75 l):

  • raspberry - 0, 6 kg;
  • sugar - 0, 3 kg;
  • citric acid - 1 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Sprinkle the prepared berry with citric acid, top with sugar. Clean for 8-12 hours in a cool place. During this time, raspberry will put the juice in which the sugar is dissolved almost completely.
  • Sterilize the jars, put the raspberries in them with a wooden spoon, fill the berries with juice.
  • Sterilize jars with berries for 20-30 minutes depending on their size. A jar with a capacity of 75 l needs 25 minutes.
  • Hermetically close the jars with metal lids, leave to cool in a steam bath.

The disadvantage of this recipe is the use of a fairly large amount of sugar, the advantage is the ability to store dessert at room temperature.

Raspberries in their own juice is an exquisite dessert that even an inexperienced hostess can prepare for the future. This berry is not only very tasty and fragrant, but also healthy.

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