Compote of pears and plums for the winter

Compote of pears and plums for the winter

A duet of pears and plums is a very good solution for compote, and especially for compote preserved for the winter, which will have time to infuse and take enough flavor and aroma from fruit. Pears have a wonderful smell, and plums give the drink a rich and at the same time delicate ruby ​​color, so this compote is perfect in all respects - beautiful, fragrant, tasty and healthy.

So that the syrup does not become cloudy and the compote remains transparent, it is better to take slightly underripe fruits, and not to remove stones from the plums. We add citric acid if the plums are very ripe and sweet, and we place vanillin at will.


  • pears - 1 kg;
  • plums - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 300 g;
  • vanilla pod - 1 pc .;
  • water - 3 l;
  • citric acid - 2 g.
Compote of pears and plums for the winter


1. For the preparation of compote for the winter, any pear variety will do. The main thing that they were mature, without rot.

Ripe, hard pears rinse well, clean them from seeds, cut into four parts. It is very important that the pears are not over-ripe, because otherwise, the syrup will be cloudy, ugly, brown.

Compote of pears and plums for the winter

2. Take a saucepan, pour 3 liters of water into it and pour 2 grams of citric acid and stir until dissolved. Sliced ​​pears pour in the acidic medium for 5 minutes, and then drain the water.

For compote, plums are suitable ripe and not very large. Selected according to maturity and size of the plum wash, remove the tails, split into halves and remove the bones. Mix together pears and plums. Take a deep container and pour water into it for syrup, add sugar and put on fire. Boil the ingredients for the syrup until completely dissolved, pour in the previously prepared fruit, bring to a boil, add the vanilla pod and continue to simmer over low heat until the pears are soft. Remove the pears and plums from the syrup, and cook the syrup for another 10 minutes.

Banks for compote wash, discard, if there is a need. Spread boiled fruit into clean, sterilized jars. Fruits in a jar should occupy one third of the total.

Pour the jars full of fruit with boiling syrup and roll up immediately.

Compote of pears and plums for the winter

3. For preservation, as is well known, they use tin, boiled or vacuum caps, if there is no key for preservation or the hostess is desperate to make contact with ordinary reusable covers.

Turn the jars upside down and cover until cool. Check, after cooling, if there are no leaks.

Compote of pears and plums for the winter

Keep compote in a cool place, away from sunlight. In the room where banks are stored, there should not be damp, in order to avoid corrosion on tin lids. Also, if the preservation is closed for a longer period than one year, it will not be superfluous to lubricate the covers with petroleum jelly.

Compote of pears and plums for the winter

Compote is ready to eat.

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