How does airan differ from tana

How does airan differ from tana

Not so long ago, many did not even hear about these drinks, since both airan and tang were privileges of the peoples of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

But thanks to the free movement across countries and continents, as well as acquaintance with customs and culinary preferences, Ayran and Tan began to appear in stores of both European states, as well as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Many, having tried these two drinks, almost do not see the difference. What upsets the depth of the soul of true connoisseurs of these national drinks. After all, in fact, ayran and tan differ from each other both in production technology, in appearance and in taste.

To understand this, you need to touch on the production of these two drinks.

Ayran - fermented milk drink, which is most often produced from cow's milk. Although sometimes they use both goat and sheep milk. Ferment, water and some salt are added to regular cow's milk. Ayran leaven is a katyk, which is made from boiled milk and lactic acid bacteria. Bulgarian sticks, thermophilic streptococcus and yeast help to ferment Ayran. Milk is put in a warm place for a few hours, and it sours safely. It becomes like kefir. Ayran can be both thick and liquid. Once upon a time, the nomadic peoples of airan were both food and drink. That is, a thick airan quenched hunger, and a liquid, previously diluted with water or milk, thirst.

Tang is also a sour milk drink. But its technology is slightly different, although very similar. Tan made from cow, sheep, goat, camel milk with the addition of leaven, very similar to yogurt - matsoni. This leaven is made with the help of the same Bulgarian rod and thermophilic streptococcus. But this drink is more liquid. It is diluted with water (often carbonated) and more salt is added.

So it turns out that airan and tan belong to fermented milk drinks, but differ in the method of sourdough, initial raw material (milk), texture, amount of water and salt.

Also, airan and tan differ in taste. Ayran has a milder taste than Tan.

There is almost no salt in airan. And the tang is quite a salty drink. In the classic version of ayran do not add greens and spices. Various seasonings, greens and even fresh cucumbers are often added to the tang drink.

Ayran can be both thick and liquid. It can also be of different degrees of fat (it all depends on the fat content of the katyk). Tan is always liquid.

Sparkling water is not added to airan. Ayran well quenches thirst, based on it prepare cold summer soups. Since it is unsalted, it can be combined with fruit.

Tan can be either non-carbonated or carbonated. Therefore, the tan is very good for cooking okroshka, because it already contains enough salt, and the carbonated liquid makes okroshka extremely tasty.

It is impossible to make a tana airan, but ayran makes a great drink - tang.

But, despite such a difference, both airan and tang are very useful fermented milk drinks. They improve the intestinal microflora, help in the fight against obesity, remove toxins from the body.

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