With which they drink rosé wines

With which they drink rosé wines

Rosy wines for many of our fellow citizens remain a dark horse, in the total sales of the corresponding category of drinks they account for less than 5%. Many do not know not only about what they drink rosé wines, but also what they taste like, have a bouquet, how they are made. In some other countries, this type of alcohol is much more popular, especially like to drink in spring and summer. Due to the relatively low demand for rosé wines in our country, they are little faked, it is quite difficult to purchase a low-quality product in this category. The organoleptic qualities of these drinks are not inferior to the taste and aroma of white and red grape, so you should pay attention to the pink wines and get to know them better.

Styles of rosé wines

Many people think that rosé wines are just a mixture of white and red wines. This technology is almost never used in the production of these drinks, a rare exception is some sparkling wines with a touch of roses. Usually rose wine is made from special grape varieties or from the same varieties of berries from which red wines are produced, however, the contact of grape juice with the skins of grapes that color the drink in a certain color is in these cases limited to a relatively short period of time. Therefore, most often the color of the wine does not have time to become quite saturated. Usually shades range from pale salmon to dark pink, almost burgundy, not much inferior in depth to the color of red wine.

Rose wines can be very different in taste and aroma. Much depends on the grape variety used as a raw material. There are several styles of rosé wines, which often depend on the grape variety from which they are made, less often from the region where the berries are harvested.

  • Grenache. The style of wine from this grape is fruity. They have a rich pink hue. Pretty sour. The bouquet heard notes of strawberry, orange and allspice.
  • Pinot Noir. This grape variety also forms the basis of fruit-style wines. The bouquet has notes of apples, raspberries and strawberries, as well as mineral notes.
  • Tempranillo. From the grapes of this variety are produced wines, the style of which is considered piquant. The bouquet is clearly audible notes of green pepper, watermelon and strawberry, a little less clearly indescribable notes that resemble the smell of grilled poultry. The color of the drinks is light pink.
  • “Cabernet Sauvignon”. This grape also allows you to create rosé wines related to the spicy style. The color of the drink is saturated, almost red. The bouquet sounds notes of sweet pepper, black currant, cherry jam, spices.
  • “Syrah”. This grape variety allows you to get spicy rose wines, in bouquets of which a chord of aromas of peach, strawberry and cherry harmoniously complemented by notes of bell pepper and olive.
  • “Zinfandel”. Sweet grapes are made from this grape. They are loved for moderate acidity and for a unique bouquet in which green melons, lemon, strawberries and cotton candy surely sound.
  • Tavel region. Rose wine from berries grown in this area, has a courageous style. It is believed that Hemingway loved him. Make wine from several grape varieties, the cup “Grenash” and “Senso”.
  • Provence region. The rosé wines produced in Provence are renowned for their sophistication. Style is defined as fruit. Notes of strawberry, watermelon and rose petals are harmoniously set off by brackish mineral notes.
  • “Mourvedre”. From this grape variety produced wines related to the fruit and floral style. The bouquet harmoniously combines the aromas of hay, violets, rose petals, plums and cherries.

Whatever brand of rose wine you choose, you need to know how and with what it is better to use it in order to get maximum pleasure from this process.

How to drink rose wine

Rosé wines are noble, but at the same time democratic. Strict rules regarding their use do not exist, but some points are among the generally accepted, and you should learn about them before offering guests a glass of rose wine.

  • Most rosé wines are usually cooled before serving up to 10-12 degrees. Some believe that they should be cooled even more - up to 8-10 degrees. If a rose wine is warmer than 13 degrees, its taste becomes less refined, and the bouquet - less refined. Sparkling rosé wines are cooled more than "calm" ones: they follow the rules for using champagne.
  • Glasses on a high thin stem with a wide or high bowl are considered suitable for tasting rosé wines. Fill them in half. Sparkling rosé wines are poured into champagne glasses. The general rule for wine containers: they must be made of transparent glass, the presence of decor is not desirable.
  • Before tasting a rose wine, you should admire it, then slightly shake the glass so that the wine reveals its aroma, and enjoy the unique bouquet. Only after that you can drink wine in small sips. If the wine belongs to the category of sparkling wines, shaking the glass is not necessary, before taking a sip, wait until the wine “calms down” a little.

Rosé wines, with the exception of sparkling wine, are not drunk without a snack, but it can also be offered for pink champagne. The main task of the culinary specialist is to choose the appetizer for the noble wine correctly.

How to bite rose wines

In the selection of appetizers for rosé wine, the chef will not have much difficulty - this drink is almost universal, combined with fish and meat dishes, with cheeses, vegetables and fruits. But still there are several options for dishes that are considered most suitable for pink wines:

  • grilled or baked poultry in creamy or cheese sauce with herbs;
  • liver pate, foie gras;
  • stew (optimal for semi-sweet pink wine);
  • stewed, grilled or baked fish;
  • Dishes and cold appetizers of vegetables, which can be supplemented with chicken breast, lightly salted or cooked on fire fish, seafood;
  • seafood cooked in various ways;
  • all sorts of cheeses;
  • fruit and fruit salads, desserts based on them;
  • sweet and savory pastries.

Mediterranean dishes are considered as the most suitable for pink wine.

It is not necessary to offer pickles and snacks made with vinegar to the pink wines, as well as herring cooked in any way.

Successfully choosing a pink wine and choosing a suitable snack for it, you will enjoy the use of this noble drink. The range of dishes that are in harmony with this type of alcohol is quite large, so the cook’s fantasies are almost unlimited.

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