How to store grapefruit

How to store grapefruit

Grapefruit is a tropical juicy citrus fruit with an original sour-bitter-sweetish taste, a lot of useful properties. Information on how to make a tasty fruit remain edible as long as possible does not hurt.

Why keep it. What is so useful grapefruit

Useful grapefruit with many substances. Citrus is replete with easily soluble sugars, which makes it an excellent dietary product. In a tropical fruit the mass of vitamins, including vitamins P, D, B. Rich in fruit and pectin. Also in the bitter-sweet citrus high content of organic acids, mineral salts, essential oils.

Grapefruit is extremely useful for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. It helps to fight atherosclerosis, low blood pressure, improves liver function.

Citrus has a very low calorie content - 100 g contains only 30 calories. Therefore, grapefruit is perfect for fighting obesity. Tropical fruit also great tones, removes drowsiness, makes more vigorous.

And this is an excellent cosmetic product, with whose help you can whiten the skin, remove pigment spots.

How to choose the right storage

In order for the grapefruit to remain tasty for as long as possible, you should give preference to fruits when buying:

  • without dents, scratches, or other skin damage;
  • elastic to the touch, of considerable size;
  • no reddish spots on the sides (this is inherent only in the most elite varieties).

Also, fruits should be fully ripe - overripe spoil quickly, unripe is not sufficiently juicy, just tasteless.

How long can you save

Grapefruit can be stored in the refrigerator and in room conditions. But there are some important nuances:

  • in the upper (non-freezing) compartments of the refrigerator at the “standard” temperature of + 8 ... + 10 degrees, the ripe intact fruit will remain edible a maximum of one and a half weeks;
  • and in the room it will start to rot in a few days.

However, if it is not essential to lower the temperature in the upper refrigeration sections, the bitter-sweet citrus will last much longer:

  • 12-15 days at + 5 ... + 7 degrees;
  • 1, 5-2 months with a maximum of +5.

But if you remove the peel from a grapefruit, then in room conditions it will deteriorate altogether very quickly - within a few hours. True, in the refrigerator the fruit will “live” an order of magnitude longer - 3 whole days.

It makes no sense to hope that the unripe fruit will reach the desired condition in the refrigerator. This will never happen.

Overripe fruits should be eaten as soon as possible - it is impossible to save them for more than a few days.

And another important point! Frost must be thrown out of the head, otherwise the grapefruit will be terrible in taste, almost inedible.

How to store


To grapefruit does not have to throw out ahead of time, you need to do the following:

  • Wrap the fruit in paper so that they are less in contact with each other and the skin is safe;
  • put only in special “fruit” refrigeration compartments;
  • keep away from overripe rotting fruits;
  • Do not use cellophane bags for storage: grapefruit will quickly deteriorate due to an elemental lack of oxygen.

When storing bitter and sour citrus, it is also useful to know that:

  • it is not necessary to put the cut grapefruit in food containers - to store in a refrigerator the fruit divided into slices can be and just like that;
  • if, after a long stay in the refrigerator, bitter fruits began to smell with mold or dampness, they cannot be eaten anymore;
  • to slow the drying process, you can rub the peel with vegetable oil;
  • The temperature drops for grapefruit are very painful, so if the fruit is in the fridge, let it lie there until the time when it comes to eat it.

For the same reason (poor tolerability of temperature changes) it is undesirable to put the fruit in the side “door” refrigerating compartments.

The special "tropical" taste of grapefruit is not confused with anything. Once having tasted a wonderful fruit, you will want to enjoy it again and again. Therefore, it is important to know how to preserve the unusual citrus taste from any spoilage.

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