Salty mushrooms for the winter

Salty mushrooms for the winter

Fans of “quiet hunting” are looking forward to the onset of the mushroom pore. Some prefer only the noble mushrooms, for example, white, mildew or camelina. Others do not change their taste preferences and will not wait for August, when wild mushrooms appear near stumps and on tree trunks.

Under favorable conditions, honey fungi delight the mushroom pickers until October. Therefore, zealous hostesses do not miss the opportunity to prepare these mushrooms for future use. They dry them, salt, pickle.

Preparation again for salting

Mushrooms, like all mushrooms, do not tolerate long storage. So that they do not spoil, do not become wrapped up and do not break, being in a basket, they are immediately recycled when they come home.

First of all they are sorted out, discarding wormy, overgrown, dried. All broken pieces are also thrown away, as it is difficult to determine their identity.

Then they are cleaned of soil, leaves, other debris. Cut the edge of the leg. In order for the adhered debris to move away faster, the mushrooms are poured with cold water and kept for several hours. To prevent the mushrooms from souring, the water is changed several times.

After that, they are thoroughly washed until the water becomes completely clear. Revise again, removing bad mushrooms that have not been seen before.

Since honey agarics are not very large, they are not sorted by size. In adults, crushed feet are separated from the caps and cut into noodles. Large caps are sometimes cut in half. Small mushrooms salted whole.

Mushrooms can be salted both cold and hot. The coolest way is longer, but it is considered classic.

Many mushrooms do not need spices and are often salted without additives. Mushrooms do not have a pronounced “mushroom” aroma, so when they are salted they use bay leaf, garlic, dill, allspice, as well as currant leaves, cherry leaves and oak. For salting in advance it is recommended to use barrels. But since it is problematic to get this container, the hostesses pickle mushrooms in pots, pails and cans. If there is a cellar or a glacier, the mushrooms are left in large tanks. Otherwise, the fungus shifts in glass jars, sealed and stored in a cool place or in the refrigerator.

How to pickle mushrooms in a cold way


  • dried mushrooms prepared - 10 kg;
  • salt - 500 g;
  • bay leaf - 10-20 pcs .;
  • allspice - 50-60 peas;
  • Dill - a few umbrellas.

Method of preparation

  • Mushrooms carefully cleaned, washed in several waters.
  • Put a little salt in a wide saucepan or barrel. Lay on it the mushrooms down with the caps, creating 2-3 layers.
  • Pour with salt. Along with the salt, add some spices. Again put a layer of mushrooms, salt and spices. And so on until the container is completely full.
  • Cover the container with a clean cloth. Then press down with a wooden circle or flat plate. Press down the circle with your yoke. To do this, you can use a can filled with water, or a clean granite stone. After some time a brine should appear. The dishes are covered with gauze and cleaned in a cool place.
  • After 2-3 days, the mushrooms will settle. Free space can be filled with a new portion of honey agaric, not forgetting to put more salt and spices. Be sure to keep the mushrooms completely covered with brine. If it is not enough, increase the load. When mold appears, it should be completely removed, the fabric should be changed, and the circle should be washed.
  • Soak pickled soaks stand for several days at a temperature of 18-20 ° before the start of fermented milk fermentation. This can be understood by the characteristic aroma and sourish taste.
  • Then cover the dishes with a film and transfer them to a cold room. Mushrooms will be ready in about five weeks.

How to Salt Mushrooms in the Hot Way: Recipe One


  • dried mushrooms prepared - 10 kg;
  • salt - 500 g;
  • bay leaf - 20 g;
  • dill green - 200 g;
  • onions - 150 g;
  • bay leaf - 20 g.

Method of preparation

  • Mushrooms clean and rinse thoroughly. Separate the caps from the legs. Legs cut along in the form of noodles. Mix with caps.
  • Dip the mushrooms in boiling water and cook for 20 minutes from the moment of boiling. Take off the foam that appears. If there are a lot of mushrooms, immerse each batch into clean water and pour out the used water.
  • Boil the mushrooms, shift to a sieve and cool.
  • Put some spices in the bottom of the pot or barrel. Place mushrooms on top of them with the caps down, creating a layer of no more than 5 cm. Sprinkle them with salt and spices.
  • Place the mushrooms, salt and spices again. Thus fill the entire container.
  • Cover the mushrooms with a clean cloth, place a circle on it, press it down with a load.
  • When the mushrooms settle, you can report a new batch of mushrooms. Just like with the cold pickling method, make sure that the mushrooms are completely covered with brine. Periodically wash the circle and change the cloth. Take the dishes to the mushrooms in a cool place. Honey mushrooms, salted in a hot way, are ready for use in 2-3 weeks.

How to Salt Mushrooms in the Hot Way: Recipe Two


  • dried mushrooms prepared - 10 kg;
  • salt - 50 g per 1 l of water;
  • dill - 50 g;
  • bay leaf - 20 pcs .;
  • black pepper peas - 30 pcs .;
  • carnation - 30 pcs .;
  • leaves of cherry and black currant - 40 pcs.

Method of preparation

  • Mushrooms clean from debris and earth. Fill with cold water and then wash thoroughly, changing the water several times.
  • In small batches, immerse in a pot of boiling salted water (40 g of salt per 1 liter of water) and blanch for 2-3 minutes. Change the water before a new batch.
  • Cool immediately in cold water. This must be done so that they do not darken at the cut.
  • Take a large pot and pour water into it. Make 5% saline solution by adding 50 g of salt per liter of water. Dip all the mushrooms in boiling water and cook for 20-25 minutes - until the mushrooms are lowered to the bottom and the brine is clear.
  • Boil the mushrooms, shift to a sieve and cool.
  • In a large container (pot, keg), lay the mushrooms, interspersed with spices and spices. Pour mushroom broth. It should be up to 25% by weight of mushrooms. Cover the dishes with a lid and clean in a cold place. Mushrooms will be ready to eat in 25-30 days.

Mistress to note

  • In similar ways, mushrooms can be salted in glass jars.
  • When salting mushrooms in large quantities, sometimes there is a problem with their storage. In this case, transfer the completely salted mushrooms into the jars together with the spices, pour the mushroom pickle up to the top, cover with sterile caps and seal the cork tightly. These mushrooms can be stored at room temperature.
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