When to collect mushrooms

When to collect mushrooms

Mushrooms are so small and inconspicuous mushrooms that, out of ignorance, they can be taken for toadstools. With an abundance of other mushrooms of a more presentable appearance, the mushrooms are often left intact. And only when the range of mushrooms in the woods is small, they remember the honey agarics.

Where and when mushrooms grow

Mushrooms grow from May to late autumn.

Most often they appear near stumps or on fallen trees, for which they got their name. Even if honey agarics have chosen some kind of glade, it is not just that. It means that deep roots stretch from the stump that was once a powerful tree.

Honey mushrooms - mushrooms permanent. They do not like to “jump” from place to place. And if near a felled tree once was found a family of agony, then experienced mushroom pickers with absolute certainty say that next year it will be possible to take a good harvest of mushrooms here. And until the stump of this tree (or the tree itself) turns into dust, there will be mushrooms near it.

Mushrooms differ from each other in appearance and time of appearance. This is due to the fact that there are several species of mushrooms: summer garlic, meadow garland, autumn garland, and winter garland.

In May, when there are no other mushrooms in the forests, meadow meadows appear on meadows, pastures for livestock, pastures, along the edges of fields. It grows up to November. The honey agaric is a mushroom. It grows in such groups, that from one glade you can collect a whole basket of mushrooms. It is noteworthy that the meadow meadow often grows not just in small groups, but as if forming a circle, which is popularly called the “witch circle”. And these circles are sometimes quite large in diameter. This is mycelium meadow agaric growing so much. Of course, if it is not disturbed and not damaged by vandal mushroom pickers.

Meadow meadows have yellowish-brownish or cream cap with tubercle in the middle. The edges of the cap are always lighter than the center. The leg is tall, thin, winding, dense. A pleasant smell of mushrooms and cloves emanates from meadow meadow. The taste is sweet.

Summer honeydew grows from July to September. It appears on hardwood stumps, as well as logs, rotters and other remnants of deciduous trees. It does not grow on a living tree. It is a small mushroom with a yellow-brown cap, whose edges are darker than the middle, and a brownish stem. Below the ring on the leg, the color changes to brownish-green.

The autumn tree differs from the rest in the brown color of the cap and unusual scales that cover the entire cap, especially in the young mushroom. The pulp of the fungus is light brown or beige. Autumn mushrooms have a pleasant smell and a sweet-sour taste. An autumn tree grows on stumps, fallen trees, and often moves to living trunks of coniferous and deciduous trees, causing them irreparable harm. After all, if the autumn honey agarics completely fall in love with some tree, then it means that it will soon die.

Autumn tree appears in August and grows until October, sometimes longer.

The difference in experience from inedible and poisonous mushrooms

It happens that mushrooms do not grow at the right time. It doesn’t happen to honey agarics. Therefore, it is difficult to confuse a garlic with an inedible or poisonous mushroom. Especially if you know the appearance of not only mushrooms, but also inedible mushrooms.

For example, a honeydew can be confused with a forest loving collie. It grows from May to December. Difference - a hollow leg, more frequent plates and an unpleasant smell.

Even in the same places as the fungus, the govorushka govorushka grows. It is distinguished by a light bonnet without a tubercle in the middle and a floury smell.

Candol's mocha () has a white or brownish hat with purple-brown plates (in adult mushrooms) and a thin, hollow stem.

The mocha egg gray-yellow has a yellow cap, a thin yellow stem and bitter flesh.

Serum plumpox grows on the wood of coniferous trees and is distinguished by grayish plates.

Foam logs are inedible. Their distinguishing feature is the bright color of the cap of a greenish, reddish or yellow-sulphurous color. All fresh mushrooms have a pleasant smell, which is not the case with false specimens and other inedible mushrooms, which can be confused with mushrooms.

Winter monkey - the latest mushroom - is a little different from the rest - it is in the color of the cap, which is cream, light yellow and even yellow-red.

Winter monkey grows in groups not only on dead wood, but sometimes settles on living weakened trees, thereby destroying them.

Winter shade does not disappear even during short frosts, but only becomes covered with a thin ice crust. And only the sun will warm - it will thaw.

All kinds of mushrooms are eaten fresh, boiled, fried. They are also salted, dried, pickled and frozen. But it must be remembered that the majority of mushrooms have a stiff leg, especially in adult mushrooms, therefore, when picking mushrooms, they often cut off only caps or leave a small leg. Since the leg of the honey agaric honey is thin, they use scissors instead of a knife.

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