Zucchini and Cauliflower Cream Soup

Zucchini and Cauliflower Cream Soup

Cream soups are popular not only with adults, but also with children. Possessing a delicate texture, they are both thick and nourishing. Soup of zucchini and cauliflower puree often includes health-conscious people on the menu. The dish comes out low-calorie and healthy. The presence of many recipes for its preparation allows you to alternate between different versions of the soup, so that he almost never gets bored. The availability of products included in its composition, allows you to cook it as often as you want.

Cooking Features

The process of cooking soups, vegetables puree practically does not depend on the specific composition, but has its own specifics.

  • Young zucchini with tender flesh is more suitable for making cream soup. They do not even have to be cleaned, you just need to wash them well. It is also possible to cook soup from large zucchini, but before that you need to remove the peel from a peeling machine and scrape the pulp from the center with a spoon. Soup from young zucchini will have a more delicate texture.
  • Cauliflower must be disassembled into florets and rinsed thoroughly. Large inflorescences should be divided into several parts in order to minimize the time of heat treatment of the vegetable - under the influence of high temperature, some useful substances contained in cauliflower are destroyed.
  • When cooking soup-puree, vegetables should be dipped into already boiling water or broth, then they will retain more useful elements.
  • If you intend to use frozen vegetables for cooking soup, they should be allowed to thaw, and only then put into the soup. Otherwise the dish may turn out to be too watery.
  • If the vegetables for the soup are pre-fry, it will turn out more tasty, but will cease to be dietary.
  • Making the soup thick will allow adding potatoes or brewing the soup with flour. Dilute vegetable puree can be vegetable or chicken broth, milk or cream.
  • Blender is most often used for chopping vegetables, but you can do without it. To do this, the products will have to be rubbed through a sieve. If the soup is prepared a little, for example, for a child, then this will not take much time and effort.

It is recommended to serve the zucchini and cauliflower cream soup with croutons. You can make them yourself, diced wheat bread into cubes and dried it in the oven. If you prefer the purchased crackers, choose the ones that have the most neutral flavor. Croutons can be put in the soup just before serving to the table or offered separately. The last option is preferable, as the toast in the soup is quickly soaked.

A simple recipe for zucchini and cauliflower puree soup


  • zucchini - 0.5 kg;
  • cauliflower - 0, 5 kg;
  • onions - 100 g;
  • carrots - 100 g;
  • water - 1, 5 l;
  • vegetable oil - 20 ml;
  • salt, pepper - to taste.

Preparation Method:

  • Wash and peel the vegetables thoroughly. Cabbage disassemble into inflorescences.
  • Cut courgettes into cubes about a centimeter.
  • Carrots, peeled, grind on a coarse grater.
  • Free the onions from the husk, cut into small cubes.
  • At the bottom of the pan, in which the soup will boil, pour in the oil.
  • When the oil warms up, put onions and carrots in it, fry them for 5 minutes. Fill with water and bring it to a boil.
  • Dip zucchini and cauliflower in boiling water. Cook for about 15 minutes (until vegetables are ready).
  • Drain the vegetable broth, transfer the vegetables to the blender bowl.
  • With the appliance turned on, turn the vegetables into a puree, put it in a saucepan.
  • Dilute the vegetable puree with broth to the desired consistency. Salt and season to taste.
  • Bring the soup to a boil and boil for a few minutes.

When serving, the dish can be filled with sour cream, sprinkled with fresh herbs. Separately, it does not hurt to serve toast.

Cream Soup from Zucchini and Cauliflower with Cream


  • zucchini - 0, 4 kg;
  • cauliflower - 0, 4 kg;
  • tomato - 100 g;
  • onions - 75 g;
  • carrots - 100 g;
  • potatoes - 150 g;
  • olive oil - 40 ml;
  • water - 1 l;
  • cream - 0, 2 l;
  • salt, hard cheese - to taste.

Preparation Method:

  • Cauliflower for 10-20 minutes soak in water, rinse and disassemble into inflorescences.
  • Wash squash using a brush. If you are dealing with a large specimen, peel it and cut it along, take the seeds out with a spoon. Pulp cut into small cubes.
  • Peel the potatoes, cut them in the same pieces as zucchini.
  • Scrape carrots, wash and dry with a napkin. Coarsely rub.
  • Onion, freeing from the husk, finely chopped.
  • At the bottom of the pan, heat the butter, put the onions and carrots in it, fry until soft.
  • Tomato boil, peel. Grind with a blender.
  • Put zucchini and tomato puree in a pan. Pass the vegetables for 5 minutes.
  • Fill with boiled water, heat it.
  • When the water boils, dip the potatoes and cauliflower into it. Cook the vegetables until soft.
  • Grind the contents of the saucepan with an immersion blender.
  • Salt and season the soup to taste, pour cream into it.
  • Warm the soup without boiling. It must be sterilized after contact with kitchen appliances, but do not allow the cream to curl.

When serving food, sprinkle grated hard cheese on the soup.

Soup of zucchini and cauliflower puree with broccoli


  • zucchini - 0, 2 kg;
  • cauliflower - 0, 2 kg;
  • broccoli - 0, 2 kg;
  • carrots - 100 g;
  • canned green peas - 150 g;
  • chicken broth or water - 1 l;
  • boiled chicken fillet (optional) - 0, 2 kg;
  • salt, spices - to taste.

Preparation Method:

  • Wash vegetables. Divide cauliflower and broccoli into florets, squash, finely chop the onion and carrot.
  • Put zucchini, onions and carrots in a saucepan, cover with broth or water, bring to a boil.
  • After boiling the liquid, add cauliflower and broccoli florets to it, boil for 10 minutes.
  • Add the green peas, setting aside a couple of spoons to decorate the finished dish.
  • Cook the soup for another 5-10 minutes, then chop it with a blender or other method.
  • Salt the soup to taste and boil for 2-3 minutes.

When serving soup to the table, place a few pieces of chicken meat and a small spoonful of green peas on each plate.

The soup of mashed zucchini and cauliflower is tender and thick. He well satisfies hunger, without creating a threat to the figure. Many variants of this dish are suitable for baby and diet food. Vegetarians can also find a suitable recipe.

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