Turkish delight: benefit and harm, caloric content

Turkish delight: benefit and harm, caloric content

Did you know that for the first time a Turkish delight appeared more than 5 centuries ago and it was prepared from water, sugar and starch, with the addition of rose petals essence? Currently, the composition of many Eastern sweets, beloved by many, has changed slightly, but despite this, it is listed among the most popular desserts. Let's try today to find out if tasty can be useful, as well as learn about the calorie content of this delicacy.

Translated from the Turkish "Turkish Delight" means pieces of pleasure. The classic dessert is made from starch, sugar, or molasses of water and nuts. Currently, there are a lot of varieties of eastern sweetness, they differ in the composition and shape of the product. For example, there is a fruity, nutty, flowery, honey, and fig Turkish delight, and the Vizier dusted with coconut flakes is considered the most delicious. As for the form, the sweetness can be in the form of a roll, double-layered, in the form of a cube and various animals, fruits, etc. We will report a few below on the useful properties of the dessert, but I wanted to warn in advance that they should not be abused, because the minimum caloric content of the product is 318 kcal for every 100 grams; depending on the composition, the nutritional value may be somewhat higher (up to 388 kcal / 100 grams).

Useful properties of Turkish Delight

The benefits of Turkish Delight began to speak from the moment this sweet appeared. Due to the fact that the product contains a large amount of glucose, it is safe to say that the consumption of sweets has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system and the human brain. Stimulates the substance the production of endorphins that increase efficiency. In addition, Turkish Delight is considered an excellent prevention of neurosis and depression, just a couple of eaten sweet pieces improves mood. In addition, the daily use of sweets (of course, within reasonable limits) prevents diseases of the human digestive system. Everything else is known that the dessert favorably affects the condition of the hair and skin. Lukum, which includes honey and nuts, enhances sexual function, both male and female. And of course, it is impossible not to report that the Turkish delight helps strengthen the immune system, helps the body fight the flu and other viruses.

Turkish delight: harm

The high sugar content in Turkish Delight explains the fact that it will be necessary to limit the consumption of sweets to diabetics. Overweight people are also better off refusing food, because we should not forget that the dessert is rather calorie. With a sedentary lifestyle, the abuse of sweetness can lead to obesity. In case of individual intolerance to the ingredients that make up the Turkish delight, it is not recommended to tempt fate and feast on the oriental sweetness. And of course, always remember that the reckless consumption of large amounts of sweets causes tooth decay. Turkish delight - an amazing product. With an impressive list of useful properties of a treat, we should not forget that in all we need a measure. Only in this case, you can not only enjoy the most delicious dessert, but also enrich your body with the most valuable substances, improve mood, increase efficiency and prevent the development of many diseases. You may know other properties (useful, and maybe not very) eastern sweets, we and other readers of the online magazine onwomen.ru would be grateful if you share your knowledge in the comments to this text.

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