On which oil to fry the fried eggs

On which oil to fry the fried eggs

Probably nothing is easier than frying eggs. After all, this is a quick, tasty, inexpensive, and most importantly, healthy dish.

But it turns out, you can spoil the scrambled eggs if you use eggs not of the first freshness. After all, even one not entirely fresh egg can send the entire dish in the trash.

But even despite the freshness of used eggs, some housewives complain that their eggs are not as tasty as they would like.

And the usual oil on which fried eggs is guilty in it.

So on what kind of oil do you need to fry eggs?

Some fifty years ago, there were rules for frying eggs and they said that you can fry in any oil, except ... sunflower.

This was explained by the fact that sunflower oil burns heavily, smokes, foams and, in general, releases many harmful substances and carcinogens. But then the sunflower oil was one - unrefined.

Nowadays, unrefined oil is not available in every store either, since it has been replaced by refined deodorized sunflower oil, besides it has also been frozen.

This sunflower oil does not burn, does not foam, so it is quite possible to fry eggs on it. The main thing is to monitor the temperature during cooking, because at a high temperature and this oil will start to burn, white smoke will appear, which will give the eggs an unpleasant taste. Not to mention cholesterol, carcinogenic and other harmful substances. True, gourmets believe that frying eggs on sunflower oil is a crime. Someone prefers olive oil, although it has the same properties when frying as sunflower oil. The exception is unrefined olive oil, but it burns and smokes the same way as sunflower oil.

Unrefined oils are suitable only for dressing salads, so for frying eggs you need to use something else.

Very tasty fried eggs turn out in butter. But there is a small nuance. The fact is that now it is very difficult to find real butter. And what lies on the shelves of stores under the guise of “Peasant”, “Special,” “Lightweight,” is a spread, and simply - margarine.

Not only is there anything in it, but not butter, it still burns beautifully, foams and shoots! Therefore, it is not recommended to use it for cooking eggs.

If you still managed to buy real butter, then it turns out delicious scrambled eggs. But since the butter has a low boiling point, you need to make sure that the pan does not get very hot. Otherwise, the oil becomes brown, which negatively affects not only the appearance, but also the taste of the fried eggs.

So that the scrambled eggs do not burn, but acquire the delicate taste of butter, it is recommended to mix refined sunflower oil and butter in the same proportions and fry the fried eggs on this mixed oil. To do this, pour sunflower oil into a frying pan, warm it slightly, put butter (present!) Butter and heat it up. Then break eggs there. Some butter eaters are added at the end of frying.

Tasty scrambled eggs turn out in melted butter. This oil does not burn, does not foam, does not splash. His boiling point is higher than that of butter, but at the same time it has the smell and taste of butter.

But again, if this is real ghee, and not the low-grade product that is most often found on store shelves.

Those who favor pork and its products - lard, smaltz, lard - fry eggs on pork fat. Then the scrambled eggs take on a piquant taste and resemble the village scrambled eggs that the grandmothers of modern housewives once roasted.

By the same principle, you can fry scrambled eggs on the back of a or salted lard. To do this, cut the fat in small pieces, put on a preheated pan, and as soon as fat begins to melt from the fat, and it itself will be covered with a light crust, break the eggs. With this method of frying eggs it is impossible to make a big fire, because the fat will quickly turn into cracklings, the fat will start to smoke, and the eggs will burn.

Practically never scrambled eggs are fried on mutton or beef fat, because it acquires an unpleasant taste and loses that natural savor for which millions of people like it. It is also not recommended to fry scrambled eggs in salad oil, as the name of the oil speaks for itself and is not suitable for frying.

Some vegetable oils are also not suitable for frying eggs. For example, rapeseed oil starts to smell when frying ... fish. And not everyone likes it.

But as they say, tastes do not argue. After all, sometimes there are gourmets who like scrambled eggs on the fragrant unrefined sunflower or even cottonseed oil, although during frying the whole kitchen is filled with acrid smoke.

But whatever oil is used when frying eggs, the main thing is that the cooked dish would cause only positive emotions in the consumer!

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