How to store cheese

How to store cheese

Cheese is a soft pickled cheese, which is made from cow, goat, and most often from sheep's milk.

It differs from the usual cheese more delicate, but at the same time, a thick texture. It does not have those holes, which are usually in the cheese, but enough salt.

White cheese is a great addition to a vegetable salad or a regular sandwich.

It is rich in calcium, sodium, phosphorus, vitamins C, B1, B2. The use of cheese improves the digestive system.

Cheese is sold on store shelves both by weight and in containers in which it is placed in a special brine - brine. That he is a preservative and does not allow it to deteriorate.

But it is best to buy fresh cheese and not store it for a long time, as the taste of the product deteriorates over time. But what to do if you bought a large piece of cheese, and consumer abilities are small?

How to store cheese in brine

If you bought cheese, placed in a container with a pickle, you should not take it out and transfer it to another container, because the pickle is prepared in such a way that it remains fresh enough for a long time.

How much? Each package must contain information from the manufacturer on how to store the product and how much time. These deadlines should be adhered to. And while cutting off another plate from the cheese, the rest of the piece is again put in a pickle and cleaned in the refrigerator. Cheese is stored at a temperature of 1-5 ° C, and it is the refrigerator that can create such conditions.

Sometimes for some reason the hostess pours the pickle. Then she should make it herself, using a very easy recipe.

To do this, cold water is poured into the tank and so much salt is poured in to get a brine of 18–20 percent strength, that is, 180–200 g of salt is taken for 1 liter of water. Cheese is poured with this liquid.

Containers for storage of cheese should be glass. Many keep it in plastic containers, but this is not the best option, as the brine in brine continues to ripen, and chemicals from plastic will pass into the liquid and into the product. Therefore, plastic containers are chosen very carefully.

Cheese can be stored in a 20 percent saline solution for a very long time. To prevent it from soured, the brine must be changed monthly, but each time making it weaker. The final salt concentration in water should be 15%.

How to store cheese without brine

Cheese in bulk is sold without brine, and therefore the hostess has to take care of the safety of this product.

If it is a lot of cheese and it is unrealistic to eat it in 3-4 days, then it is advisable to place the cheese in the brine prepared in the manner mentioned above.

But if the cheese is small, then it can be stored in the refrigerator without brine, but not more than five days.

For this, it is packed in foil and put in an enamel saucepan, covered with a lid.

Some housewives wrap the cheese in the food film. But in this form, it quickly chokes and becomes slippery. And its taste is much worse.

Cheese is stored in the freezer, pre-packaged in a plastic bag or food film.

Frozen white cheese is stored for a long time. When defrosting, it is inferior in taste to fresh, but it can still be eaten.


  • Cheese must be bought in the quantity that can be eaten within 3-4 days.
  • The best way to store cheese is in a salty solution.

Mistress to note

  • High-quality white or milky white cheese.
  • It should not crumble and stick to the knife.
  • On the cut, it should have a uniform consistency, be dense, and not loose.
  • The edges of the cheese should not be dried.
  • Before use, very salty cheese is cut into slices and immersed in warm water for several minutes to get rid of excess salt.
  • It is impossible to store cheese in water without salt or in a low-salty solution, as it softens in such a liquid.
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