How to store wild rose

How to store wild rose

For decorative rosehip is often called a wild rose. Indeed, its shrub, covered with dark green oval leaves, covered with prickles and lush, fragrant purple flowers, very much resembles a real rose. But besides beauty, wild rose is valued for its incredibly useful fruits, which contain many vitamins and elements necessary for a person. First of all, the value of berries is a large amount of vitamin C, the concentration of which exceeds its content in citrus and currants several times. No wonder dried rosehip can be bought in all pharmacies and very many stores.

This common shrub can easily be found in the wild or specially planted in your backyard in order to have the opportunity to harvest the crop yourself if you wish.

How to properly prepare wild rose

The correct selection and processing of fruits is the key to the success of long-term storage of useful minerals. Here are the basic rules to follow.

  • Start harvesting fruits only after their full ripeness, that is, in August-September.
  • Berries should be bright orange or red, not damaged by pests and diseases, without deep scratches or dents.
  • After the first frost, the fruits lose part of the vitamin complex and become less useful, so frostbite is not recommended for storage.
  • It is better to start harvesting healthy berries immediately after harvesting, in extreme cases, on the second or third day, if stored in a cool place. Otherwise, precious vitamin C will evaporate.
  • Cutting berries for drying is necessary with the sepals.

How to properly dry and store wild rose

The most common and convenient way to store fruits is dried. However, this statement is true only if the berries are dried properly, otherwise the product will quickly become unusable. To avoid this, it is better to use one of the following methods during harvesting.

  • If the funds allow you to purchase a special electric dryer, it is very convenient to use this unit, with precision following all recommendations for its operation. This method has one drawback: it does not allow for simultaneous harvesting of fruits in large volumes.
  • In order to dry a lot of vitamin berries at once, the attic of a country house or a Russian stove in it is perfect. If you have this opportunity, be sure to use it. Spread the fruit with the leaves in one layer on a tray or tray. Keep them in a heated oven to a temperature of + 80 ° C until the berries are firm. The attic is suitable if there is good ventilation, high enough temperature and low humidity.
  • It is possible to dry the wild rose and under the direct rays of the sun, if it is still hot. To do this, the berries scattered in a single layer are brought to a windless, sunny place during the day, and after sunset they carefully cover or clean the room. Manipulations are repeated daily until the fruits are completely dry.
  • In modern conditions, the most affordable way is to dry rose hips in ovens, both gas and electric, at a temperature of about + 50 ° C. The berries are spread on a baking sheet in a single layer and mixed periodically. It is better not to close the oven tightly so that excess moisture can evaporate. If possible, it is desirable to use the convection mode. The process usually takes about 8 hours, depending on the characteristics of the particular oven. Still hot berries should be placed in a tightly closed wooden box for a couple of days. After that, the fruit is ready for long-term storage.

Wash berries before drying should not be! It is possible to do this already before use. From the sepal clear already prepared fruit when laying in storage.

It is possible to store properly harvested berries at room temperature. To do this, follow certain rules.

  • Storage containers, choose those that are well ventilated. It can be linen bags and glass jars, covered with gauze or perforated plastic lids.
  • A container with fruits should be placed in a dry and dark place so that vitamin C is not destroyed by the sun.
  • Under such storage conditions, wild rose retains its value for up to two years.

How to properly prepare and store wild rose in the freezer

Wild rose berries can be stored for a long time (up to 1 year) frozen, but it will take a lot of work and patience to properly prepare the fruits.

  • To begin, the berries should be thoroughly washed and dried thoroughly.
  • Prepared fruits should be removed from the stalks and cut into two halves. Be sure to remove the seeds from each half.
  • Using a meat grinder or blender, chop the rosehip to the consistency of mashed potatoes.
  • The resulting mass is laid out in plastic containers. You can use special packages for this purpose.
  • It is convenient to immediately divide the mashed potatoes into portions in order to defrost afterwards only the required amount.
  • Place the filled container in the freezer and turn on the quick freeze function.

Unfortunately, when stored in this form, dogrose partially loses its healing properties.

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