Barbecue seasoning

Barbecue seasoning

Dry and liquid seasonings significantly affect the organoleptic qualities of the finished dish. They can emphasize or change the taste of products, give them a different color, flavor. The choice of spices and sauces depends on the specific product and method of its preparation. Barbecue seasoning is no exception. For grilled lamb and pork, you need a different set of spices. In order for the choice of seasoning to be successful, it is necessary to know which spices suit which types of meat, how to prepare, store and use them correctly.

Features of the selection, preparation and use of seasonings for barbecue

In order to prepare a suitable seasoning for kebab, in order to improve the taste of meat, to give it the desired taste, appearance and flavor, you need to know a few rules.

  • It is better to purchase spices for seasoning in specialized stores, and not by weight, but in sealed packages. This will give confidence in their quality, in the absence of unnecessary additions, such as dyes, flavor enhancers, cheaper spices, sugar, and salt.
  • Whole seasonings are more aromatic than ground ones. When grinding pepper and other similar ingredients, the esters contained in them quickly evaporate. It is better to purchase whole spices, grinding them personally before preparing a complex seasoning for kebabs. Use for grinding spices can be a special mill for pepper, blender, coffee grinder.
  • The fresher the spices, the brighter their taste and aroma. The shelf life of most whole spices is 4 years, ground is 2 years. Experienced chefs advise you to choose seasonings made no more than 6 months ago.
  • Spices should be stored in a sealed package that prevents the loss of flavor. A good choice would be a tightly screwed glass jar.
  • Spices have different properties. Some are not immediately disclosed, require heat treatment. They can be used to prepare the marinade. Others quickly lose their properties - it is advisable to include them in the composition of seasonings to the finished kebab. The latter include many varieties of spicy herbs.
  • You should not put a large amount of spices in the dish, especially if they have a pronounced taste and aroma.

The choice of spices for making dry and liquid seasonings for kebabs should be made taking into account the type of meat the dish is prepared from. This issue is worth a closer look.

Spices for pork shashlik

All types of pepper are suitable for pork kebabs. It is advisable to use black and white for young pig meat. To give a piquant taste suitable red pepper. Paprika will not only make the kebab fragrant, but will cover it when frying with a ruddy crust.

When frying on charcoal, you can use juniper berries, cumin, which will make the pork kebab especially fragrant. Another option is to use marjoram and thyme, the aroma of which unfolds gradually.

A pleasant sourness and yellow tint to the meat will give curry seasoning, turmeric. They should be added in small quantities, otherwise they will clog the taste of meat and the flavor of other spices.

The tender and delicate flavor of pork kebab will be given by marjoram, coriander and sage. Sage added at the end of frying or for cooking seasoning, which will be served to the finished kebab.

Well emphasizes the taste of roasted pork garlic, but in large quantities it is able to kill the flavor of meat. To prevent this, during frying it can be combined with ginger and nutmeg, while creating seasoning for ready-made meat - with dried herbs. Of these herbs are well suited parsley, sage. A good choice is the root of horseradish, but it can only be used for seasoning to the finished meat. Suitable sauce called "Khrenoder", which includes horseradish, garlic, tomatoes.

Spices for mutton shashlik

Lamb has a specific smell, and condiments to it are chosen such that are able to neutralize it or change it for the better. Herbs work best with this. In the marinade, you can add rosemary, dill, parsley, cilantro, oregano, thyme, savory, mint. They can also be included in the seasoning to the finished lamb shashlik. Additionally, you can put sage in it.

The pleasant aroma of roast mutton will be given by dried barberry, lemon or orange zest. You can also add citrus juice to the marinade.

Garlic also copes well with neutralizing the specific smell, but it also needs a “company” that will help balance its smell and taste. It can be lemon, rosemary, almonds.

Classic spices for lamb shashlik include spices such as zira, turmeric, coriander, and mustard.

The complex dry hops-suneli seasoning is ideal for lamb, a good idea would be to add adjika to it.

A successful is the trio of rosemary, ginger and cloves, they do not lose flavor, even with prolonged heat treatment, which is subjected to lamb.

Garlic, ginger, spicy herbs and all types of pepper can be used both for marinating lamb before frying, and when serving the finished kebab from it to the table.

Beef Kebab Condiments

Beef is pretty tough meat. It will require seasonings that can not only emphasize the taste of meat, but also make it softer. It can be mustard, ginger. In the case of beef, preference is more often given to ginger, as it has a less savory taste, gives fresh note to the beef, although mustard can also be used for this purpose. Choose better mustard beans. Paired with ginger, tarragon, also known as tarragon, is often added to beef kebabs. It gives the meat a fresh taste and aroma. Cooks recommend using this fragrant spice in moderation.

Grilled beef is tasty on its own. Most gourmets believe that a large amount of spices does not benefit her. The choice should be limited to spices and spices that have the most subtle and unobtrusive taste and aroma. The perfect choice will be a mixture of peppers, black and fragrant peppers will be especially good. On their basis, you can make a pepper sauce - this liquid seasoning is often served to a beef steak, it will suit no less to kebab from it.

It would not be a mistake to add khmeli-suneli, turmeric, curry, paprika to the marinade or to the sauce for the kebab from veal. The main thing - do not pour them in handfuls.

Come to kebabs from beef and dried herbs with a delicate bouquet, fresh and unobtrusive. It can be olive, Italian herbs.

Chicken Kebab Condiments

Poultry, roasted over charcoal, goes well with seasonings that have a sour or sweetish taste, similar to the flavor. This is cinnamon, curry, turmeric, orange peel. Liquid curry seasoning served to the finished chicken, dry put in the marinade.

Savory, ginger, cardamom, giving the chicken kebab fresh and simultaneously savory notes, combine well with the above-mentioned seasonings. Among the classic seasonings for fried chicken are orange and ginger sauces, as well as orange and ginger.

It successfully emphasizes the taste and aroma of chicken kebab coriander. A good company will make him garlic, turmeric, cardamom.

Garlic gives the kebab of chicken a seductive aroma when roasting it on coals, emphasizes its taste when used as part of liquid seasonings to the prepared dish. Dried and fresh greens can be used to prepare the sauce for grilled chicken. Gourmets advise to abandon dill, opting for parsley, basil, rosemary.

Chicken skewers can be seasoned with pepper, but black comes up to it worse than red. A good option is ground paprika.

A mixture of thyme, tarragon and nutmeg allows you to get the seasoning, perfectly emphasizing the taste and aroma of chicken kebab. You can use it for the marinade, the sauce to the finished kebab.

Kebab seasoning is made from dried spices, garlic and ginger powders, mustard, spicy herbs. Fresh garlic, pepper, horseradish, ginger, greens can be used. The composition of the seasoning depends on the type of meat from which the kebab is fried, as well as on the purpose of its application: not the same ingredients may be added to the marinade and sauce. Whole spices are more aromatic than ground ones, the term of their production also matters. Dry and liquid homemade seasonings are superior to store in taste and useful properties, they will allow you to make unique bouquets to your liking.

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