Eucalyptus Oil: Properties and Applications

Eucalyptus Oil: Properties and Applications

Eucalyptus (from Lat. Eucalýptus) is an evergreen plant of the myrtle family. Eucalyptus is home to Australia and Tasmania. Over time, its habitat has expanded significantly. The “tree of life”, also called eucalyptus, is cultivated in Spain, California and Portugal. Such an interest in this plant is due to the fact that it has a mass of useful properties that allow it to be applied in several areas at once - folk and official medicine, cosmetology, aromatherapy and household chemicals.

Composition and use of eucalyptus oil

In all of the above industries, eucalyptus derivative is used - essential oil. It is produced by processing the leaves of the plant by steam distillation. In most cases, producers obtain phyto-essences from spherical eucalyptus. Other eucalyptus subspecies are less in demand, since the therapeutic properties in them are not so pronounced.

As a result of the processing of raw materials a fluid substance is formed that does not have color. In rare cases, the product has a yellowish tint. The smell of eucalyptus oil is unique - it combines freshness, wood-camphor base and resinous notes.

Eucalyptus essential oil consists of more than 40 biocomponents. It contains organically acids, bioflavonoids, tannins, aldehydes and other elements. But most of all this product is valued for cyneol. It is cineole that makes ether so rich in therapeutic qualities.

  • The bactericidal and antiviral properties of eucalyptus oil make it an indispensable tool in the fight against viral and colds. The ether prevents the division of pathogenic microorganisms, takes an active part in the dilution and excretion of sputum, eliminates hoarseness, reduces fever and eases the fever. In addition, eucalyptus phyto-essences enhance immunity, that is, it makes the body more resistant to external stimuli.
  • Also, eucalyptus essential oil is an effective analgesic. In this regard, it is used for injuries, joint, tooth and headaches.
  • Eucalyptus oil was also used in the gynecological field. And all due to the fact that it is inherent anti-erosion effect. It is also able to normalize the acid balance, reduce inflammation and block the development of diseases such as herpes and thrush. It also gives positive results in the treatment of cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, endometritis and inflammation of the appendages and the uterus.
  • Eucalyptus ester has a good effect in the treatment of diabetes. It is worth noting that it is considered one of the most effective means of natural origin, which reduce blood sugar levels.
  • By means of eucalyptus essence, the room is flavored and disinfected. In this way, it is possible to destroy the bacteria present in the air, scare off annoying insects and favorably affect the nervous system.
  • Eucalyptus oil stimulates cognitive functions of the brain, that is, improves memory, increases concentration and helps to process large amounts of information. Plus, it eliminates the apathy, melancholy and fatigue.
  • In everyday life, this aroma oil is used as a cleansing agent - it removes resinous contaminants, including resin from pine branches.
  • Eucalyptus oil has a powerful antiseptic effect, so it is used for staphylococcal and streptococcal infections, typhoid fever. Also, the air inhibits the growth of dysenteric bacilli, trichomonads, purulent and anaerobic pathogens.
  • Eucalyptus phytomass accelerates the speed of regeneration processes. For this reason, it is used in the presence of wounds, frostbites and burns. It helps even with burns from contact with various poisonous plants and essential oils.
  • Eucalyptus oil will also prove beneficial in insect bites. It quickly relieves inflammation and irritation.
  • Eucalyptus ether is an excellent aid in the fight against fungal nail diseases. It can be used for both treatment and prophylactic purposes.
  • For hair, this natural remedy is most often used to prevent hair shaft from falling out and to eliminate dandruff and seborrhea. It also enriches hair with nutrients, moisture and protects it from the harmful effects of external stimuli - the sun, wind and frost.
  • For skin, eucalyptus oil is mainly used for furunculosis, herpes and acne. Also, it copes well with pigment spots.

How to use eucalyptus oil

  • Eucalyptus oil can cause an allergic reaction, so you must first exclude the presence of individual intolerance. Apply a drop of the product to the skin of the wrist and after an hour, check for redness and irritation. If not, the oil suits you. If the listed symptoms are present, immediately flush the epidermis with running water and do not use the test product in the future.
  • Facial skin responds better to cosmetic formulations if steamed and cleaned before applying.
  • The use of eucalyptus oil for health and beauty should not last more than 1-1, 5 months. With longer use the body gets used to the tool and stops responding to it.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil should be added to health-improving and cosmetic mixtures only in the amount indicated in the recipe. Phyto-essence is a highly concentrated product, therefore, if used improperly, it can burn the skin and also cause dizziness, nausea and headache.
  • During the course of taking homeopathic medicines, atrophy of the respiratory tract mucosa, the presence of epilepsy, hypertension, asthma, whooping cough, eucalyptus essential oil must be discarded. Also, it is contraindicated in children under 2 years and pregnant women.

Eucalyptus Oil Use Options

Inhalation with eucalyptus oil will help relieve nasal congestion, improve sputum excretion and get rid of sore throat. Dissolve 3-4 drops of essential oil in a glass of hot water and breathe it in vapors from 5 to 10 minutes. During inhalations, it is recommended to inhale the vapors of the ether, covering yourself with a towel and closing your eyes.

When a toothache should be applied for 10 minutes to the place of pain localization a piece of cotton wool soaked in eucalyptus ether. It is also possible to carry out rinsing of an oral cavity. To do this, prepare a solution consisting of a glass of warm water and 4-5 drops of phyto-essences. Rinsing, in addition to eliminating toothache, will relieve gum disease and reduce sore throat.

When coughing, it is helpful to rub the thorax with such a mixture for a few minutes - 2 tablespoons of base oil, 4 drops of eucalyptus oil, 2 drops of tea tree oil and 1 drop of clove oil. After rubbing, lie under a warm blanket for at least 20 minutes.

Excellent help rubbing and pain in muscles and joints. For these purposes, you should mix 3 tablespoons, for example, almond oil with 5 drops of eucalyptus essence. You can also use the composition of the same amount of the main component and 4 drops of juniper ether, 3 drops of eucalyptus ether, 2 drops of clove ether and thyme ether drops.

It is possible to accelerate the healing of wounds, frostbites and burns by means of a compress. Soak in a mixture of a glass of warm water and 5 drops of eucalyptus oil gauze, and then attach it to the site of skin damage. The more often you do this procedure, the faster the damaged tissue will be restored. To normalize the alkaline balance in the intimate zone and for the treatment and prevention of thrush, the following composition is used: Mix 3 drops of phyto-essences with a teaspoon of boiled water. In the resulting mixture, soak the tampon, enter it and leave it overnight. Course duration is 3 weeks.

Aromatic baths will help you to relax and recover. They are also useful for relieving cold symptoms and relieving muscle pain after exercise. Fill the bath with warm water (water temperature should be no higher than 45 degrees), then enter into it 5-7 drops of eucalyptus essential oil diluted in a tablespoon of sour cream, honey or other emulsifier. Take the aroma bath for a quarter of an hour, after the procedure, allow the skin to dry naturally.

To fill the room with the eucalyptus scent, add 4-5 drops of phyto-essences per 15-20 square meters to the aroma lamp or the freshener aroma. meters

Inside, eucalyptus oil is used for bronchitis, pyelonephritis, colds and to strengthen the immune system: 1-2 drops of oil are mixed with a teaspoon of honey and washed down with plenty of water. Take this mixture should be 2-3 times a day for 14-21 days.

Eucalyptus oil can be added to purchase hair and skin care products. It is better to enter it in each portion of the composition than in the total volume. The dosage should be as follows: 2-3 drops of ether per tablespoon of the mixture.

Mask to strengthen hair

What is required:

  • burdock oil - 2 tablespoons;
  • Eucalyptus ether - 5-6 drops.

How to cook:

  • Transport oil, i.e. burdock oil, is heated for convenient application to a warm condition. Then add ether to it.

Soak the hair thoroughly over the entire length and at the roots with the oil mixture. Put on a hat made of polyethylene, wrap a head with a towel. An hour later, rinse the curls thoroughly. With this tool you can strengthen the hair follicles, and thus stop hair loss. Also, the mask will make the hair more healthy, as it moisturizes, nourishes and protects them from the section. The same mask can be used to eliminate itching and dandruff.

To give the hair a healthy shine and improve their quality, aroma-scrubbing with eucalyptus oil is used: a little oil is dripped onto the wooden comb and the hair is brushed in different directions for about 5 minutes. Please note: strands should be combed, stepping back from the roots a few centimeters.

Tonic for oily skin

What is required:

  • jojoba oil - 1 tsp;
  • rose water - 3 tablespoons;
  • lavender and eucalyptus oils - 2 drops each.

How to cook:

  • Combine the elements of the healing composition in a common container and mix.

Treat your face with tonic twice a day, that is, in the morning and evening. If desired, they can only lubricate acne-affected skin. Using home tonic regularly, you can cope with almost all the disadvantages of oily epidermis - acne, excess sebum production, enlarged pores, comedones.

Mask for facial rejuvenation

What is required:

  • natural yogurt - 1, 5 tsp;
  • starch - 1 tsp;
  • strawberries - 5 berries;
  • eucalyptus oil - 5-7 drops.

How to cook:

  • Mix strawberries with yogurt and whisk until smooth.
  • Then add starch and aromatic oil to the yoghurt-strawberry mixture.

Spread the mask over the epidermis and leave it on the face for half an hour, then wash it with warm water or warm fruit tea. Under the influence of the active components of the mask restores the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. As a result, wrinkles disappear, and the contour of the face oval acquires a clear outline.

Due to the variety of useful properties, eucalyptus oil has such a large number of uses, and not all of its uses are listed here. If you are interested in natural products for healing the body, then you should definitely take a note of eucalyptus ether.

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