Radish: with what to combine it in salads, than fill up

Radish: with what to combine it in salads, than fill up

For some reason, a bad person is called a “radish”. Somehow it becomes insulting for so beloved and the very first vegetable on our table. Perhaps he does not pay due attention or simply do not know how to properly use. What is the combination of radish, which sauces to use for refueling?

Light vegetable salads with radish

Most often from a garden radish prepare vegetable salads. They are suitable for dishes from cereals, meat, pasta, potatoes. This is the easiest and win-win way to brighten the everyday table, enrich it with vitamins.

What vegetables are combined with radish:

  • cucumbers;
  • white cabbage, red cabbage, Peking;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • tomatoes.

You can add chopped radish to Korean carrot or cabbage, mix with lettuce leaf assortment, sprinkle with lemon juice and pepper. In a minute, a bowl with a bright and fragrant snack will stand on the table.

Nourishing salads with radishes

Vegetable salads - a storehouse of vitamins, but they are difficult to surprise someone. Another thing - hearty options with the addition of a variety of ingredients. Of course, cooking will take a little more time, but the result is worth it.

What to add to the salad:

  • Eggs. Unqualified ingredient that blends perfectly with radish. Eggs, you can simply cook, make pancakes out of them in a pan or fry an omelette, make a roll with radish salad as a filling.
  • Chicken, meat, offal. For some reason, they are rarely added to radish salads, but in vain. This is the easiest way to make a hearty snack. You can use boiled, smoked, fried meat or poultry, but only in the cold.
  • Cheese. Perhaps this is one of the fastest options to do something satisfying for a snack. Melted cheese, grated solid product or cheese can be added to the salad. Or pour the silent product into the sauce.
  • Crackers. No, not from a bag, they have too much chemistry and spices. For salads used homemade crackers. They can be made in the oven or in an accelerated manner in the pan.
  • Mushrooms. You can use boiled, fried champignons, oyster mushrooms, chanterelles, they all go well with radishes.

All this can be added to radish salads separately or mixed in any combination. Just do not forget that the radish is not stored for a long time, so you do not need to cook for the future, the salad should be consumed on the same day.

By the way, it is not necessary to mix salads from radish and other products, you can make puff options in a deep bowl or on a flat dish. Also, radishes are often used for decoration, cut out asterisks, flowers.

What greens to add to the radish

Ideal greens for radish salad - onion feathers. Sometimes this is the only additional ingredient besides the sauce. But radish goes well with other herbs. What can be added to the salad:

  • dill;
  • parsley;
  • sorrel leaves;
  • arugula;
  • leaf lettuce.

Be careful only with fragrant herbs. It is better not to add cilantro, basil, tarragon, lemon balm, rosemary, they are poorly combined with radish, but can be present in dishes with meat, poultry in the composition.

Unusual combinations with radish

As you can see, from the radish you can cook a variety of salads. Some can replace main dishes, become a complete snack or a festive treat. It is clear in advance that the ingredients are perfectly combined with each other, which cannot be said about the options given here. Not every housewife would come up with a friend of these products.

What else can you cook salads:

  • With cauliflower, broccoli. But pre-inflorescences need to be boiled, optionally fry in a pan or bake in the oven. Fresh such cabbage is not used in salads.
  • Stems of rhubarb. Excellent supplement for making vitamin salads. Thick stalks should preferably be cleaned first. Thin and young stems can be immediately cut.
  • Boiled potatoes. Yes, nobody forbids combining radishes with boiled vegetables, it turns out nourishing and tasty salads. You can also use french fries.
  • Canned corn, peas. Radish also goes well with them, but other canned vegetables (pickles and tomatoes) are best not to add.
  • Boiled rice. It can also be added to a salad, but we use large and long cereal. Brown, red or unpeeled wild rice is perfect for salad. It will turn out nourishing and tasty.

The only thing that should not be added to radish salad is fish and seafood. Do not spoil the products that do not fit together. Also taboo applies to all types of fruits, canned pineapples, dried fruits. Only sometimes in salads slips a green apple. Should I add it? A matter of personal taste.

Best radish salad dressings

For some reason, radish salads are made with mayonnaise, but nutritionists are against it. Why spoil so useful and fresh vegetable harmful and fatty sauce? If it is impossible to refuse it, then it is recommended to make mayonnaise independently from high-quality oil and without preservatives.

How to fill salads with radishes:

  • Sour cream. There are also sauces based on it with the addition of mustard, lemon juice, soy sauce, garlic, any pepper and even cheese. Radish with all this goes well.
  • Yogurt. Alternative to sour cream, can be mixed with any spices, garlic and other additives.
  • Vegetable oil. We use unrefined species to enrich the diet, add useful elements to it. Mustard seed oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, camelina oil are suitable for radish.

By the way, mayonnaise can be used in its pure form, it can be diluted with sour cream, yogurt, mustard or any other sauce. We reduce fat content, we increase advantage, we improve taste.

What you need to know about radish

  • If you get a very bitter radish, then you need to clean it. Of course, not the fastest occupation, but effective.
  • The smaller the chopped radish, the more juice will be in the bowl with the salad. This applies to any vegetables. You can cheat - make large, but thin plates of radish and other products. This salad looks beautiful, but there are no problems with chewing.
  • Salting a radish salad should be directly on the table; you do not need to do this in advance.
  • In cooking, young and fresh radishes are more appreciated, so no need to chase after large specimens. They are often bitter, have voids, hard skin or transparent inside.

Radish is not a bad person, but an incredibly tasty, fresh and healthy vegetable, which gives a huge simple culinary experience!

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