How to remove the smell of tina in fish

How to remove the smell of tina in fish

Fish is a favorite dish of millions around the world. This is a unique source of phosphorus, iodine, unsaturated fatty acids. The value of fish meat protein is that it is absorbed faster than the protein of meat products, and also contributes to the normalization of metabolism.

Consumption of fish and seafood has become a prerequisite for a healthy diet. Nutritionists emphasize the special place of river fish in the children's diet.

Attention - the fish!

Fish consume oxygen contained in river water, continuously filtering it through the gills. Therefore, consumer qualities are directly dependent on its environment or conditions of detention. Water from old ponds that are not properly cleaned can cause the smell of fish that have been caught. In the old days, to improve the taste, the catch was placed in running water for 12 hours.

Fresh fish has a unique peculiar smell, dear to the heart of the lovers of this diet product. Fish is tasty in any form, if properly cooked.

Choose me

When buying, you should be especially intelligible. This is especially true of river inhabitants. Remember that fish poisoning is considered the most severe.

First, pay attention to the scales. It should fit snugly to the carcass and be shiny and smooth. Fresh freshwater fish evenly covered with a thin layer of transparent mucus. Do not be lazy to smell the intended purchase. There should be no smell, except for slightly sweet and fresh, inherent in a particular type of fish. Even a weak ammonia smell indicates that the carcass may contain hazardous chemical compounds.

Pay attention to the eyes - they should not be neither dry nor hollow. Bright, transparent and moist eyes - a sign of freshness, good health of any living creature, even freshwater.

The gills should be bright red, without mucus.

With a strong finger pressing the recess formed on the surface should quickly disappear.

When buying a frozen product, keep in mind that often you buy ice at the price of fish.

Fresh fish is kept in the cold for about three days at a temperature not higher than 5? C, but do not tempt fate. Use it during the first day. After all, you can not know the exact date of catch.

Lying Your Fingers

If the smell of Tina is absolutely unpleasant for you, you can refuse to purchase. But sometimes it is revealed only when cutting.

Before taking measures to rescue, the fish should be cleaned, gutted, cut into pieces. To eliminate the odor, sometimes it is enough to salt them, stand for half an hour in the cold, and then rinse with slightly acidified water. There are lots of other ways to get rid of the smell of Tina. Here is the easiest one. Prepare a strong saline solution (at the rate of a quarter cup of salt per liter of water) and soak in it a cut carcass half an hour.

And you can combine a tablespoon of vinegar with a liter of water and place the fish there for 15 minutes.

Here is another opportunity not only to get rid of the smell of mud, but also to pickle a product. Slightly dilute the juice of two lemons with water and put the pieces together with lemon rinds for two hours. For this purpose, also suitable cucumber pickle.

Place the product for an hour in the milk. This will discourage the smell and make the meat softer. After this, you should abundantly salt the pieces and hold for another 40 minutes. When stewing or boiling, add a little milk to the pan.

The use of spices is a win-win option. Rub the pieces with a mixture of salt and pepper, sprinkle with bay leaf, pre-grinding it. Then pour warm water, leave for an hour.

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