“Question-answer” - a new rubric about fertilizers of the Buysky plant

Today, there are so many new fertilizers on the market that most gardeners have to diligently help them to understand when and how best to fertilize their plants. Buyskie fertilizers - Russia's largest fertilizer producer - directly advises its potential and actual buyers on the use of a particular fertilizer. For this purpose, a special “Question-Answer” column has been created on the social media pages of the manufacturer. How to ask a question about the fertilizer of interest directly to the specialists of the enterprise, read the article.

“Question-answer” - a new rubric about fertilizers of the Buysky plant

Communicating in social networks with simple gardeners, consumers of the plant's products, the company specialists analyzed and identified top issues that most often interest subscribers.

As it turned out, out of competition - the leader among the questions - “where to buy?”. In which store of a particular city to find and buy one or another product from the fertilizer line of the Buysky plant?

The second line of the rating is occupied by various questions about the use and characteristics of specific fertilizers. Given the huge range, these issues also turned out a lot. This is how the idea was born on the pages of the manufacturer of fertilizer fertilizers in social networks of the “Question-Answer” rubric. Several times a month, the company's specialists will answer in detail the frequently asked questions. For the convenience of users, the information will be submitted in stages: one publication is the answer to a specific question.

Also, the manufacturer plans to periodically conduct surveys among its subscribers in order to identify new issues of concern to potential and actual consumers of products.

How's that kind of communication? We hope that this format will help the readers of Botany to make the right choice of one or another fertilizer of the Buysky plant.

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