Beetroot salad - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook beetroot salad.

Beetroot salad - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook beetroot salad.

Beetroot Salad - General Principles and Methods of Cooking

Beetroot salad - it sounds very simple. This beet vegetable is too simple, although it is a vinaigrette “prima”, but still not avocado and not even an orange. It would seem - how can she surprise a real gourmet? But no, maybe! And the proof of this can serve our recipes.

But first, a few words of praise about this root crop - a real storehouse of useful substances. In its composition there is a place for proteins and fats, cellulose, dyes, organic acids. Beets also contain many sugars, valuable vitamins and minerals. We will not list them, it may take a very long time, we only note that the mineral salts contained in beets are in a ratio that is very well absorbed by humans, and it simply does not have competitors. That is why it is not just a tasty and original vegetable, but also a medicine for many diseases, besides, an excellent component of the diet.

In general, this is a real miracle vegetable, let's more likely do the preparation of salads and arrange a real beetroot “firework” in order to fully experience the benefits of the original root vegetables.

Beetroot Salad - Food Preparation

Beetroot in the form of turnip is most delicious, fluffy “beauty”, but of medium or small size. Choosing a large specimen, you risk running into the feed option, tough and not at all tasty. Before cooking, wash it thoroughly, do not cut anything - just put the beets in the pan and cover with water. Cook over low heat, making sure that the water does not boil over. How much to cook beets? It depends on the grade and size, but in general about 1.5-2 hours. At the end of cooking, be sure to drain the water, cool and clean it. Another way of preparation is roasting in an oven or a wonderful oven. Wrap it in parchment paper or foil - so it will bake faster and more evenly, and you can check the readiness by puncturing it right through the foil. Beetroot Salad - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Beetroot Salad with Nuts and Prunes

This recipe will be delighted by those who like to arrange fasting days for themselves: neither meat, nor mayonnaise, we fill only with sour cream. Despite this, the salad is both tasty, nutritious, and very healthy. Sesame will only add useful properties to it, it’s not for nothing that he was part of the legendary elixirs of immortality in ancient times.


Beets (2 pieces of medium size), chicken eggs (2 pieces), walnuts (kernels, 50 g), sour cream (2 tablespoons), sunflower seeds (1 handful of peeled), garlic, sesame seeds, salt.

Method of preparation

Grate cooked beets grated. We crush the nuts with a knife, send to the beets, add sesame seeds and seeds to the same place. Grate a boiled egg and another yolk. Garlic through the garlic, mix everything well with sour cream and put it in a salad bowl. From above we decorate with the remained protein, sesame seeds and seeds. You will certainly get a wonderful picture, bright and fun, and, without a doubt, very tasty.

Recipe 2: Korean Beetroot Salad

Korean beetroot is one of those salads that use only raw vegetables, even if it is a root vegetable. The secret to cooking Korean salads lies in the individual selection of spices for marinade and a special way of preparing vegetable oil.

Ingredients: Beets (1 kg), garlic (30 g), ground black pepper, vegetable oil, vinegar, salt.

Method of preparation

Rub the beets on a large special grater in the form of a long thin straw. Add vinegar, crushed garlic, pepper, add some salt. If there is not enough time to marinate, put the salad in a water bath, in the meantime, prepare the butter: heat it up to the “smoke” state in a frying pan, and pour it into the beets. Let cool and put in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours. If the recipe to perform very accurately, it turns savory sweet and sour salad, a great appetizer to meat or fish dishes.

Recipe 3: Beet salad with onions and apples

Beetroot is combined with many ingredients, but in this case we choose an apple. A little trick - and what a result!

Ingredients: Beets (300 g), onions (1 piece), apple, cumin, horseradish, sour juice (for example, apple), sugar, salt. Vegetable oil or sour cream for refueling.

Method of preparation

We clean vegetables and rub them on a fine grater, cut apples into small straws. We mix products, we fill with salt, sugar, sour juice, we fill with vegetable oil or sour cream.

Recipe 4: Beets with Cheese and Garlic

If you are a “cheese soul” by nature, pay attention to this simple but interesting salad, which will look better and more attractive in portion salad bowls. Cheese can be used instead of cheese.

Ingredients: beets (1 kilogram), hard cheese (200 gr.), Garlic, one onion, mayonnaise (180 gr.).

Method of preparation

Boiled beets cut into strips, finely chop the garlic. Cheese or cheese rubbed on a fine grater. Mix the beets and garlic, dressed with mayonnaise, lay a slide in a portion salad bowl. Pour cheese on top. That's all - enjoy the ordinary salad with an unusual cheese flavor. This salad can also be made from pickled beets.

Beetroot Salad - useful tips from experienced chefs

- Store cooked root vegetables in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days. Then it loses its taste properties, and begins to dry.

- If you still got not very sweet beets, do not worry. Add some sugar to it and its taste will improve.

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