Okroshka on sour cream

Okroshka on sour cream

Nothing is easier okroshka - a traditional summer dish. It refreshes on a hot day, nourishes the body with vitamins. Okroshka made from some vegetables can be attributed to dietary dishes. And with the addition of meat or sausage, okroshka turns into a full meal.

Earlier in Russia, okroshka was cooked mainly on kvass, which any hostess could skillfully make.

In Asia and the Caucasus, okroshka is prepared differently. Instead of kvass, kefir, airan, tan and other dairy drinks are successfully used there. Modern housewives use sour cream and mayonnaise for cooking okroshka. To do this, they are diluted with cold boiled water or mineral water.


  • For okroshka, you can take sour cream of any fat content and thickness. It is well diluted with water, leaving no lumps. You can separately dilute sour cream with water to the desired consistency, and then combine with chopped vegetables.
  • If okroshka is prepared at one time, then the cut vegetables mix well with sour cream, diluted with cold boiled water, adding salt to taste.
  • Okroshka on sour cream is not as sharp as on kvass. Therefore, it adds citric acid, lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Mustard, horseradish, black pepper or finely chopped onion, pounded with salt, add a spicy flavor to the hash. But these supplements are an amateur, so they are consumed if all consumers like them.
  • For okroshka, sour cream uses a standard set of vegetables: potatoes, fresh cucumbers, radishes, green onions, fresh greens, radish.
  • Practically hard boiled eggs are put in almost any okroshka.
  • Of the sausage products, popular ingredients are: boiled sausage of the doctor’s type, half-smoked sausage without sausage, sausages. Do not use sausage with fat, as it gives okroshka unpleasant taste.
  • From meat products ham, ham (without fat), bacon, boiled tongue, any boiled meat are put in the hash.
  • At the time of connection, all products must be completely ready for use and well cooled.

Okroshka on sour cream with sausage

Ingredients (for 4-5 servings):

  • boiled sausage without fat - 300 g;
  • medium potatoes - 4 pcs .;
  • fresh small cucumbers - 3 pcs .;
  • chicken eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • red radish - 5 pcs .;
  • sour cream - 200 g;
  • water - 2 l;
  • vinegar or citric acid - to taste;
  • green onions - thin bundle;
  • dill, parsley - on a small bunch;
  • salt - to taste.

Preparation Method

  • To make the process of cooking okroshka not last for several hours, boil water beforehand and then cool it in the refrigerator.
  • Potatoes can also be cooked the day before. It is best to cook it in uniform. With this method of heat treatment in it remains more nutrients, it does not boil soft, does not become watery, while maintaining excellent taste.
  • Boil hard boiled eggs. So that they can be easily peeled from the shell, remove them from the boiling water and immediately immerse in the cold. Cool, clean. Grind with a fork or cut into cubes with a knife.
  • Wash cucumbers, cut the ends on both sides. If the rind is bitter, cut it off. But cucumbers with skin are much more useful, and slicing them looks more appetizing.
  • Wash radish, cut tail and tops.
  • Cut potatoes, cucumbers, and sausage into equal small cubes. Radish can be cut into cubes or grate on a medium grater. So his burning taste will be less felt.
  • Cut green onions in thin ringlets, fold into a bowl, salt. Carefully spoon with a spoon to highlight the juice.
  • Fetch the greens, remove the hard stems, finely chop the leaves.
  • Fold all ingredients in an enamel pan. Add sour cream, mix. Gradually pour cold boiled water while stirring the contents of the pan. Make okroshka desired thickness.
  • Acidify it with vinegar or citric acid.
  • Try on salt, if necessary, salt more. But you must remember that salt does not dissolve in cold liquid, so the dish can be easily salted.
  • Allow the okroshka to infuse in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. Serve on the table.

Okroshka on sour cream meat team with mustard

Ingredients (for 4-5 servings):

  • boiled beef - 200 g;
  • boiled veal - 150 g;
  • boiled ham - 150 g;
  • boiled tongue - 150 g;
  • fresh small cucumbers - 4 pcs .;
  • green onions - 150 g;
  • eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • mustard ready - 1-2 tsp;
  • sour cream - 300 g;
  • water - 2-3 liters;
  • dill and parsley - in a small bunch;
  • vinegar - to taste;
  • salt - to taste.

Preparation Method

  • Boil water in advance, cool it.
  • Boil hard-boiled eggs, peel off the shell. Divide into whites and yolks. Protein finely chop or chop with a fork. Fold the yolks in a bowl, add the mustard and mix well.
  • Wash cucumbers, cut off the tips. Rub on a medium grater in the form of a straw. You can use a Korean grater, if it makes a thin straw.
  • Chopped boiled meat, ham and tongue cut into strips.
  • Cut green onions (feathers) into thin ringlets, fold them into a bowl, cover with salt and rub well until juice appears.
  • Parsley and dill finely chopped.
  • Meat, cucumbers, egg whites fold into an enamel pan. Add egg yolks with mustard, chives and greens. Put sour cream. Stir. Continuing to stir, gradually pour in so much water to make an okroshka of the desired thickness. Try on the salt. Add vinegar and mix again.
  • Put the pot of okroshka in the fridge for 30 minutes, so that it is real and cold.
  • Pour into plates and serve.

Okroshka on sour cream vegetable

Ingredients (for 4-5 servings):

  • medium potatoes - 4 pcs .;
  • fresh small cucumbers - 3 pcs .;
  • red radish - 5 pcs .;
  • chicken eggs - 4 pcs .;
  • green onions - a thin bunch;
  • dill and parsley together - 1 bunch;
  • sour cream - 150 g;
  • mayonnaise - 100 g;
  • vinegar or citric acid - to taste;
  • salt - to taste;
  • water - about 2 liters;
  • black pepper - pinch.

Preparation Method

  • Boil water beforehand so that it can cool. Put it in the fridge.
  • Boil potatoes. When it cools down, cut it into small pieces or strips.
  • Wash cucumbers, cut the stalk. If the skin is not bitter, it is not necessary to cut it.
  • Wash radish, cut tails. Grate it and cucumbers on a medium grater. Their juice, mixed with liquid, will give okroshka a rich taste.
  • Boil hard boiled eggs. Peel them, divide into yolks and whites. Chop the whites with a fork, and grind the yolks with salt, pepper and chopped green onion. Add sour cream and mayonnaise, mix. Dilute with cold water.
  • Finely chop the greens.
  • Place potatoes, cucumbers, radishes, eggs and greens in an enamel saucepan. Fill with cooked liquid. Stir. Add some more water if needed. Acidify with citric acid or vinegar. Let it brew for at least half an hour, and then pour into plates and serve on the table.

Mistress to note

Instead of mustard, you can add grated horseradish or wasabi sauce to okroshka.

Radish can be replaced with green radish, which is pre-peeled, washed, grate on a medium grater.

If you add mayonnaise to okroshka, salt should be put less.

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