Cucumber calories

Cucumber calories

Pickles is one of our man’s favorite vegetables. How beautiful is it in early spring, when good cucumbers are still rare, a salad made from a cucumber with cabbage, onions, and with an egg. A summer salad, where he serves in union with a tomato and bell pepper? Already by the beginning of the summer heat, there is a slight nostalgia for the winter and pickled cucumbers are served on the table, and in the winter, it goes without saying that the pickled cucumbers are salted and pickled.

If this product is such a frequent guest in our diet, then why not learn more about it? Does the calorie and nutritional value of cucumber vary from its preparation? What cucumbers can be used on a diet, and what should refrain from?

how many calories in cucumbers

Fresh cucumber - just the standard diet food! Just imagine 100 grams of this product contains only 14 calories! It is very, very small, less than in strawberries and cabbage. Because of this, a fresh cucumber is considered a product with inverse caloric content, that is, the body spends more energy on processing such food than it receives from it.

Also in one hundred grams of fresh cucumber contains 0, 8 grams of protein, only 0, 1 gram of fat and 2, 5 grams of carbohydrates. As you know, cucumber is practically water, therefore, dietary fiber contains only 1 gram, and water - 95 grams. Mono - and disaccharides - 2, 4 grams, starch - 0, 1 grams, ash - 0, 5 grams, organic acids - 0, 1 grams. Even a slimming person should get the minimum number of calories per day, the bottom bar is about 800 calories. To achieve this figure you will have to eat about 6 kilograms of cucumbers! But for the body such food will be useless because of the negative caloric content, so you should eat fresh cucumber with other, more high-calorie foods.

In a pickled cucumber two calories more than in fresh. It contains 16, 1 calories, which even with the increase - quite a bit. This protein contains 2 grams more - 2, 8, and less carbohydrates - 1, 3 grams, as well as in pickled cucumber, indicators of organic acids and mono- and disaccharides decreased to 0, 7 grams and 0, 6 grams, respectively.

Salted cucumber, it turns out, is even more dietary in calories than fresh. A hundred grams of pickled cucumber contains only 13 calories, which is 1 less than fresh. Regarding the nutritional value - the changes are also not significant. Salted cucumber contains proteins - 0, 8 grams, fat - 0, 1 grams, carbohydrates - 1, 7 grams, dietary fiber - 0, 8 grams, organic acids - 0, 7 grams, water - 92 grams, mono- and disaccharides - 1, 6 grams, starch - 0, 1 grams, ashes - 3, 9 grams.

Low-salted cucumbers in terms of their caloric and nutritional values ​​are almost the same as fresh ones.

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