With what they drink red semi-sweet wine

With what they drink red semi-sweet wine

Red wines are popular with many, as they have a pleasant aroma, a subtle but slightly tart taste, are easy to drink and are moderately good for health. They are divided into dining and dessert. Semi-sweet wines containing 9-14% alcohol and 30-80 g of sugar per square decimeter are among the table wines. They are served as accompaniment drinks for lunch or dinner, as can be seen from the name of the category in which they belong. The question, with which they drink red semi-sweet wine, arises when one wants to emphasize the taste and bouquet of the drink served to the table with hot and cold snacks. The choice of dishes actually matters.

Varieties and popular brands

Red semi-sweet wines are made from grape varieties that initially contain from 18 to 25% sugar. These include “cabernet sauvignon”, “merlot”, “saperavi” and others.

Wine can be:

  • ordinary (it is kept in barrels from several months to a year, less often longer);
  • branded (it is made from certain grape varieties grown in a particular area, kept for at least 2-3 years);
  • collectible (it belongs to elite alcohol, its aging is several decades).

Georgia and Spain are considered the best producers of semi-sweet red wines. Products of the Crimean, Abkhaz, Italian and French winemakers also have their admirers. Among the most popular brands among our compatriots are:

  • “Khvanchkara” (Georgia). It is made from grapes varieties Muzherhetuli and Aleksandrouli. It has a rich garnet color with a purple hue. In the bouquet of this wine there are notes of raspberry, rose buds and flowers of mountain violet. Leaves a complex aftertaste. It is believed that this wine was loved by Stalin;
  • “Kindzmarauli” (Georgia). The raw material for its production is saperavi grapes. The bouquet contains notes of cherry and black currant. The color of the drink is rich garnet, the taste is velvety;
  • “Alazani Valley” (Georgia). The wine is made from several grape varieties, has notes of prunes, chocolate and cherry, a fresh taste and a long aftertaste;
  • “Merlot” (Russia, Krasnodar Territory). Made from the same grape varieties, has a ruby ​​color, fruit and almond aroma, soft taste, long aftertaste;
  • “Ancient Chersonese” (Inkerman, Crimea). Raw material folded grapes varieties "saperavi." The wine is aged in oak barrels for six months, has a fruity aroma with chocolate notes, rich color and velvety taste. Leaves a deep aftertaste;
  • “Apsny” (Abkhazia). In the production of this wine using three varieties of grapes: “saperavi”, “cabernet” and “merlot”.

In France, Spain and Italy, almost all provinces and regions are engaged in the production of semi-sweet wines, therefore, fans of alcoholic beverages of Spanish, Italian and French origin have a rich choice.

Regardless of what brand you have on the table red semi-sweet wine, you need to use it according to the same rules.

Basic rules for using red semi-sweet wine

Red semi-sweet wines belong to the category of table, they are served for lunch or dinner. In this case, it is desirable to adhere to several simple rules.

  • Semisweet red wine is not made to cool too much. For summer, its temperature is considered optimal, if it is in the range of 16-18 degrees, in the winter period it is allowed to serve it slightly warmer (around 20 degrees).
  • They drink red wine from special wine glasses on a thin stem, in the shape of tulips. For some varieties of wine it is acceptable to use wider glasses.
  • Red semisweet wine is drunk in small sips. Before you take a sip, the wine is swayed so that it is filled with oxygen, then inhale its aroma and drank the drink.
  • You can drink red dry wine in pure or diluted form. Dilute wine is allowed only with clean boiled water. The ideal ratio is 1: 3, that is, the wine in this case is only a quarter of the drink.

Regardless of whether you drink red semi-sweet wine in pure or diluted form, it is customary to have a snack.

What to eat red semi-sweet wine

There are several options for hot and cold snacks to semi-sweet red wine. When choosing dishes served to this drink, it is customary to adhere to the principle: the richer the bouquet of wine, the simpler the snacks should be. The ideal is the option when the taste of the dish served to the wine contrasts slightly with its taste, but does not distort or clog it.

  • Meat snacks are considered to be a suitable addition to red wine, but sommeliers are advised to give preference to veal or pork, but to poultry and rabbit. It is possible to offer to this drink moderately savory sausages. Liver pate, foie gras will be an even better option.
  • Regarding relevance on the table to which red wine is served, fish appetizers, there are polar opinions. Some connoisseurs of red semi-sweet wines claim that fatty fish (salmon, catfish) and mussels harmonize very well with them. Others advise to adhere to the well-established rules that fish dishes are served to white table wines. Which side you take depends on whether you like the combination. You can learn it only by trying.
  • Vegetables are considered to be a good addition to red semi-sweet wine, able to emphasize both its sweetness and its sourness. Especially recommend gourmets green peas, cauliflower and broccoli. Vegetables can be baked, fried, boiled. Fresh vegetable salad is also a good snack option, unless it is seasoned with vinegar-containing sauce.
  • Hard cheeses perfectly help to reveal a bouquet of red semi-sweet wine, perfectly highlighting all its best sides. The perfect snack for such drinks is considered to be blue cheese.
  • Fruits (with the exception of citrus fruits) can be recommended from snacks to red semi-sweet wine. Especially well suited pear and strawberry.

Mediterranean dishes are considered to go well with table wines, including red semi-sweet wines.

Regarding the way in which snacks should be prepared for wine, there are no restrictions. They can be grilled, baked, cooked in another way.

Salads seasoned with a high vinegar content and pickled vegetables are considered unsuitable snacks for red wine, as they dull the taste buds, as well as nuts that interrupt the taste of the drink.

Red semi-sweet wine is served for lunch or dinner. Drink it with poultry and rabbit meat, cheeses, vegetable snacks, fruit. There are other options for snacks, if they do not interrupt the taste of the drink, do not interfere with the feel of its multi-faceted bouquet.

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