Cabbage rolls in a slow cooker: step-by-step recipes with meat and rice. Recipes classic, puff and lazy cabbage in a slow cooker (step by step)

Cabbage rolls in a slow cooker: step-by-step recipes with meat and rice. Recipes classic, puff and lazy cabbage in a slow cooker (step by step)

Cabbage rolls are a tasty, nutritious and nutritious dish that is very popular all over the world. Depending on the characteristics of national cuisines, they can be cooked from vegetable, fish and ground beef, with the addition of cereals. But still, the classic version is meat filling with rice, wrapped in cabbage leaves.

We offer to cook stuffed cabbage in a slow cooker. The step-by-step recipes listed below include not only a classic dish, but also more simple versions of it: lazy and layered cabbage-stuffed meat with rice.

General principles of cooking cabbage in a slow cooker using step-by-step recipes

• Mince for stuffed cabbage, as well as for any homemade dish, it is better to cook by yourself and a good option would be to take more than one type of meat. The most popular combination: a mixture of pork and beef, the flesh of which is taken in equal shares. You can stay on chicken breast, but you will need to grind some fresh bacon to it, otherwise the duckies will turn out somewhat dry.

• In the detailed step-by-step recipes of cabbage for a slow cooker, minced meat is used in combination with rice. It is advisable to take the round grain grits, with short bellied grains. It absorbs quickly and retains moisture well. If you use rice with oblong elongated grains, cabbage rolls can come out not so juicy. Other grains are used instead of rice, for example, barley. Such croup requires pre-boiling until cooked, and pre-soaking for a long time. But rice is enough to boil until half cooked or just rinse.

• Cabbage. This may be a young or a later type of vegetable with a white leaf color. Recently, white cabbage began to replace Peking. The presented step-by-step recipes of cabbage for the multicooker are designed for this option. Consider that such cabbage cooks much faster, so reduce the time for blanching and cooking the cabbage in the slow cooker, recommended in step-by-step recipes, by about 10 minutes. • The preparation of individual components, namely, blanching of cabbage, cooking of cereals, roasting vegetables and minced meat can be done both in the multicooker bowl, in appropriate modes, and separately, on the stove. This may require a large pan, into which the whole head can easily fit, and a frying pan with a non-stick coating. A sieve or colander is required for washing and drying the cereal. Actually the final cooking of cabbage rolls is carried out in a multicooker on the option “Quenching”.

Cabbage rolls in a slow cooker: a step-by-step recipe for a classic performance (in a fur coat)


• white cabbage forks, weighing at least 1 kg;

• 600 gr. mixed (pork and beef in equal shares) minced meat;

• one carrot;

• 300 gr. round grain rice;

• bitter onion - 300 gr .;

• three spoons of 20% sour cream;

• 60 gr. tomato paste;

• sunflower, highly purified oil - 50 ml;

• drinking water;

• spoon of butter;

• A spoon of 9 percent food vinegar.


1. Turning over the rice, remove the litter and damaged seeds. Pour the cereal into an un-enameled pan, rinse to clean water. Bay with cool water, add a little salt and set on intense fire. Waiting for boiling, periodically stir, trying to get to the bottom, to separate sticky rice from it. As soon as it boils, lower the heat so that the water in the pot only boils slightly and evenly. Cooking rice until half cooked. When biting through, the top shell of the seeds should be soft and the middle should remain hard. Rice is added to the stuffing not only for satiety, it makes the meat stuffing fatter crumbly, but if you digest the cereal a little, the filling will be more dense. Boiled rice is put on a colander, washed with cool running water and left to decant its remains.

2. Remove upper leaves from cabbage, if there are noticeable damages on them. We wash the forks, put it in a large saucepan and add water so that the head is completely covered with it. Cabbage temporarily we get, and place the pot on an intense fire. Bringing to a boil, add a little salt and add vinegar, which will not allow cabbage leaves to burst after scalding. Carefully cut a stalk, lower the forks into boiling water. After waiting for the re-boiling, we set the heating level so that it only boils a little and, as we separate, remove the leaves. For a young cabbage, two minutes is enough, a late-headed cabbage should be boiled a little longer. Do not digest, constantly check readiness, slightly shifting the boiled leaves with a fork. If you are well off, immediately reach for it. Separating all the sheets, carefully cut off all the seals from them. It is more convenient to do a narrow thin knife. 3. Cooking stuffing for cabbage. We wash the meat, remove all excess film. Cut into pieces and twist them in a meat grinder twice. The meat grinder should be adjusted for maximum grinding - a grid with small holes is installed. The resulting stuffing collect in a bowl.

4. Clean the vegetables. On a medium grater, chop the carrot, shred one onion. Pour one and a half tablespoons of oil into the pan, lower the onions and carrots, and pass the vegetables until softened. Stir regularly to avoid browning. Cooling down.

5. Put the cooled vegetable roast and rice into the bowl with the ground meat. Season with ground pepper, sprinkle without excess and carefully mix the minced meat.

6. Getting to the formation of cabbage. Take one of the cabbage leaves. Close to the edge, from the side of the stalk, lay a couple of tablespoons of minced meat on it and roll them up. So that the meat stuffing does not come out of the stuffed cabbage during cooking, gently lay with your fingers on the sides of the edges of the leaf inside. You can do otherwise - first roll up the bottom edge of the sheet for stuffing, then the sides, and then roll it up. And in fact, and in another version, the stuffed cabbage rolls turn out to be tightly folded, and even after a long stewing, they retain their shape, do not unfold. Lay out the dense layers of shaped duckies in a multicooker bowl. A small secret - put a small piece of butter on each stuffed cabbage and the dish will be juicier. Place the container with stuffed cabbage for an hour in the fridge.

7. Approximately 15 minutes before the expiration of the specified time, proceed to the preparation of the sauce. We clean the large onion, wash it with water and cut into small slices. Put it in a pan with hot oil and fry until transparent. Then add a tomato mixed with sour cream and simmer on low heat for two minutes.

8. Remove a bowl of stuffed cabbage from the fridge, pour sauce on it and spread it over the entire surface of the stuffed cabbage with an even layer. Lightly sprinkle with ground pepper and only a little salt - do not forget that the leaves were boiled in salted water and salt was added to the mince. You can put some favorite spices. 9. Fill the cabbage rolls with boiling water so that the water covers them from above for no more than a couple of centimeters, turn on the “Stewing” mode for an hour and a half. We recommend at the end of the program not to tear off the lid for half an hour, keeping the cabbage roll all the time on “Heating”.

Lazy cabbage rolls in a slow cooker: a step-by-step recipe with layers of slaw


• homemade pig and beef mince - 600 gr .;

• 180 gr. good quality round grain rice;

• kilogram of white cabbage;

• 2 large onions;

• one small carrot;

• 200 ml of tomato sauce;

• two small fresh tomatoes;

• two laurel leaves;

• three tablespoons of lean refined oil.


1. After pouring out the cereal on the table, we sort out, discarding not only the rubbish, but also the defective grains. Pour the enumerated rice into the pan, wash, then boil, pouring with slightly salted water, to the state of semi-ready. Then we throw back on the sieve, again we wash it, but in warm water and leave it in the sieve to decant the remaining moisture and cool it.

2. Wash cabbage forks with warm water. After removing the upper leaves, we cut the head off in two and shred. We try to cut as thin as possible, short straw.

3. Put the minced meat in a bowl, coarsely rub one of the onions to it. If you are still cooking meat, you can grind the onion with a meat grinder, right after the meat. Season with ground pepper, then add some salt to taste and lay out to the boiled mass, cool the rice. Add about a quarter of the chopped cabbage, thoroughly knead. Cover the bowl with a lid, set aside for half an hour.

4. Cooking sauce. We clean the remaining onion and carrot, warm the oil in a deep pan. We put onion and fry its slices to transparency. Coarsely chop the carrots with a grater, add it to the onions, cook over low heat until soft. Pour tomato sauce to the vegetables, mix and continue to simmer, cover with a lid and set the lowest possible heat. After a quarter of an hour we add a little sauce, stir and remove from heat. Instead of tomato sauce, you can take the pasta, but it will need to be diluted with water. For 200 ml of filtered water, two and a half tablespoons of unsalted paste will be required. If there is a homely non-sharp adjika, take it. 5. We get the brew bowl and spread half of the remaining cabbage into it, level it. We form large cutlets with minced hands. Try not to make them small, they should be palm-sized, plump and moderately oblong. In the formation of a good beat off the stuffing, sharply and with force throwing from hand to hand. Put the "stuffed cabbage" on the cabbage layer and fill them with the remaining cabbage, pour the prepared sauce on top.

6. Wash the tomatoes, cut them into rings and carefully lay them on the surface of the dish laid out in the bowl. Laurel leaves are installed vertically between the tomatoes, slightly deepening into the cabbage layer. So they will be easy to remove and they will not be lost. Dissolve a little salt in a glass of hot water and gently, in order not to violate the integrity of the dish, pour it into the bowl. Salting, do not forget that the minced meat and tomato sauce have already been salted.

7. Close the multicooker lid, launch the “Quenching” program for an hour. At the end of another quarter of an hour, we keep the cabbage rolls on heated. Remove sheets of lavrushka.

8. When serving, do not mix the contents of the bowl, lay them on plates, gently prying meat products with a wide spatula.

Quick lazy cabbage rolls in a slow cooker: a step-by-step recipe with raw rice and slaw (layer-by-layer)


• a pound of fresh cabbage;

• 700 gr. ground beef;

• large onion;

• one and a half glasses of rice;

• small carrot;

• three teaspoons of tomato;

• non-aromatic sunflower oil;

• Lavrushka - select three small sheets of brownish color.


1. For homemade mince take pork and beef in equal shares, with pork fatter and lean beef pulp. Wash the meat with cool water, cut into pieces, and then twist in a meat grinder. Please note that in this embodiment, it is desirable to install a grid with the largest holes in the meat grinder. The dish will be formed in layers and uniform stuffing we do not need, the larger it is to grind, the more tasty the cabbage rolls will turn out. 2. Chop the cleaned carrots on a coarse grater, chop up the onion, shred the cabbage with a short, not very thin straw.

3. Enumerated rice is poured into a sieve and rinsed with cool water until absolutely clean. After that, without shifting from the sieve, we dry the grits well.

4. Next, fry the minced meat with carrots and onions in vegetable oil. This can be done in a slow cooker on the option “Baking” or “Frying” or in a pan, on the stove. Pour into a container (a bowl of a multicooker or a frying pan) a couple of tablespoons of oil, warm for about a minute, put the mince into it. Stirring, fry for about five minutes. Stir thoroughly, gather the meat in large clumps with a fork. Add to the meat slices of onions and carrots, stew all together for another seven minutes. At the end we add a tomato into the meat mass, and season with pepper. If you cooked in a slow cooker, put the fried mince into a bowl, if in a pan, then you can leave it there until the desired moment.

5. Along the bottom of the cooking bowl, spread a third of the chopped cabbage in an even layer. On top of it, lay out half the fried minced meat, level, and scatter on top half of the rice (raw). Repeat the sequence of layers: a third of cabbage, meat, rice groats. The last layer will be the remaining cabbage.

6. Add water. Considering that only ground meat was added, first, in a small amount of warm water, we dissolve about 0.5 spoons of salt, and pour it into the bowl. Then pour boiling water so much that the water reaches only the top cabbage layer.

7. Cooking on the “Quenching” option for 40-50 minutes, until the cabbage is soft.

Tips and useful tips for preparing stuffed cabbage for step-by-step recipes for the multicooker

• Classic stuffed cabbage in a slow cooker, the step-by-step recipe of which is described above, can be cooked and steamed. Cabbage leaves, in which the minced meat is wrapped, are laid out on a steam container, after which they are placed on top of a bowl with boiling water. Prepare in the “cooking for a couple,” for at least 40 minutes. Stuffed cabbage are not only tasty and juicy, but also dietary. For this type of dish, it is advisable to use lean beef or chicken mince. • For flavor, five minutes before completion of the main program, you can put a little chopped dill in the bowl. Do not add garlic to cabbage, its combination with cabbage will give the dish an unpleasant taste and aroma. It is better to cook the sauce in mayonnaise or sour cream with chopped garlic and serve it separately.

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