How to open a coconut

How to open a coconut

Coconuts, which appeared on the Russian market almost two decades ago, have long ceased to be perceived as exotic tropical nuts. Their pulp is used for culinary purposes, and the oil is added as stabilizers to all kinds of canned food, including condensed milk. However, in its pure form, coconut, having a mass of useful properties, was tried by no means all. Indeed, at first glance it seems that it is much easier and more profitable to buy ready-made coconut chips than a whole nut, which is very difficult to clean from hard fibrous rind. But you should not forget that it is fresh coconut pulp that possesses not only nutritious, but also healing properties.

How to open a coconut at home

In order to open a coconut at home, you will need a certain skill and a minimum set of tools that surely exist in any household. First of all, you will need any sharp object that needs to make a hole in the base of the fruit, where three characteristic dents are visible in the peel. This is the weakest and most unprotected place of the nut, which can be easily punched with a knife. For these purposes, it is also convenient to use a corkscrew, which should be carefully screwed into one of three grooves. Well, and for those who do not want to burden themselves with unnecessary work, you can use an ordinary electric drill for this purpose. After the hole is ready, the juice should be removed from the fruit. You can do this without much effort, if you turn the nut upside down and set it on a regular cup. After about 5-7 minutes, the juice from the coconut will completely drain out. However, gourmets prefer to use straws for cocktails for this purpose and simply drink a liquid that has a special aroma.

The next step is to split the coconut. To do this, you will need a knife with a fairly wide blade, which should be inserted into the hole previously made and with a strong push, trying to expand it. As a result, a crack should be formed, which with a knife should be deepened until the nut splits in two. You can go and a simpler way, but this will require an ordinary hammer and plastic bag. The nut should be wrapped in polyethylene, after which it should be hit several times with a hammer approximately in the middle of the fruit, as a result of which it will split into two parts. Now it remains only with a knife to gently remove the white pulp of the coconut and enjoy its extraordinary taste.

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