How to freeze green onions for the winter

How to freeze green onions for the winter

Dill, parsley, celery, onion ... What kind of greens is not used in summer to improve the taste and nutritional qualities of dishes! But autumn comes, then winter, and one can only dream of an abundance of greenery.

But far-sighted hostesses, anticipating a lack of vitamins in winter, are trying to harvest greens in all available ways. They dry it, pickle and freeze.

Green onions are also subject to this principle of harvesting. After all, when freezing in onions, all useful substances and phytoncides are saved, which help to fight against colds and simply improve the appetite.

There are several very affordable ways to freeze green onions.

For any of these methods of freezing, just cut green onions is suitable. His feathers should be juicy, dark green, with no signs of rot and disease.

Green onions are sorted out, remove the faded tips, cut off the roots.

Onions are well washed in cold running water and spread on a cotton towel to dry. Completely dried onions are ready for further processing.

Method 1

Prepared green onions are cut into pieces with a length of 1 cm or as usual.

Lay out in small plastic bags, let the air out of them whenever possible, giving them a flat shape, and tie them well or close them with a reusable fastener.

Since any frozen products are not subject to re-freezing, you need to put in as many greens as you can in one bag at a time.

Green onions prepared this way are put into the freezer and frozen. In this form, onions can be stored for six months.

To flavor soups or side dishes, put onions, without defrosting, at the end of cooking.

Method 2

Prepared green onions are very finely chopped and placed in molds for freezing ice.

Pour onion with cold water and put in the freezer.

As soon as the cubes with green onions are well frozen, they are put in plastic bags and stored in the freezer. These cubes are very easy to use. Five minutes before being ready, one or several frozen cubes with green onions are added to the dish, and then this dish takes on a “summer” flavor.

Method 3

Prepared onion feathers are cut into pieces, placed in a colander, dipped in boiling water and blanched for one to two minutes.

Then the onions are rapidly cooled in cold water.

Onions are left in a colander to drain water and then tightly tamped into small plastic containers. Then close the lids and clean in the freezer.

When green onions are needed to be added to any dish, it will be enough to cut off the necessary piece from the briquette and put it in the pan at the end of cooking.

Method 4

Prepared dried onion cut into slices and fry in butter for 5 minutes. Then the onions are cooled, tightly folded in small containers or portion bags and frozen. Use such onions as needed, adding it, without defrosting, in the dish at the end of cooking.

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