Sweeps: the benefits and harm

Sweeps: the benefits and harm

Sweety (Citrus Sweetie, Citrus 'Oroblanco' or Pomelit) is a citrus fruit that was derived from a previously known white grapefruit and broom. The name “Sweetie”, as a rule, is common on the European continent and takes the root from the English adjective sweet - “sweet”. The name of the fruit received in 1984 from Israeli breeders for their memorable taste. However, very often this variety is called “oroblanco” or “white grapefruit”, which has Spanish roots: oro blanco - “white gold”. Also, one of the fruit “parents” of the hybrid can call the fruit “grind”.

Oroblanco has a spherical shape, but is slightly flattened. In size it is not as large as grapefruit and pomelo. The rind of the fruit does not lose its green color even for ripe fruits, only in rare cases it can become a little more yellow. The pulp of the pomelo deserves the special attention of lovers of juicy grapefruit and the sweet taste of pomelo. Unlike the usual grapefruit, bitter specimens cannot be caught among the fruits of the suite, and excessive dryness of the pomelo is completely absent here. Only the partitions between the slices of the suites may turn out to be slightly bitter, but due to the abundance of flesh this is hardly felt.

At first, the breed was cultivated only in tropical countries, as it requires a regular flow of heat to form fruits. But in the process of growing popularity of the fruit, its distribution area expanded significantly: now oroblanco trees can be found in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Israel, in some states of South and Central America, as well as in Chinese and Indian regions.

Vitamin composition of the suite and its energy value

Pomelite is known for its high concentration of vitamins and minerals in the pulp. This helps to strengthen the immune system and the development of protective systems of the body as a whole. Such a tasty alternative to lemon or grapefruit can come to the rescue if you need to cure colds in children.

The composition of 100 g kit contains the following amount of vitamins:

  • 45 mg of ascorbic acid (C);
  • 0, 001 mg of vitamin A;
  • 0.051 mg of thiamine (B1);
  • 0, 029 mg of riboflavin (B2);
  • 0, 23 mg of niacin acid (PP or B3);
  • 0, 02 mg of carotene.

Oroblanco also contains slightly smaller amounts of some other B vitamins and some Vitamin E.

The energy value of 100 g of citrus is:

  • 0, 7 g of proteins;
  • 0, 2 g of fat;
  • 9, 0 g of carbohydrates;
  • 58 kilocalories.

The low calorie content of the suites makes it possible to include it in the children's menu and even in the dietary ration. Fiber in the composition of the fruit helps the work of digestion and the removal of toxins from the large intestine.

Mineral value of suite

The fruit is extremely rich in enzymes, organic acids and minerals. A real find to improve the health of oroblanco is due to the high content of macronutrients:

  • 184 mg of potassium (K);
  • 23 mg of calcium (Ca);
  • 18 mg of phosphorus (P);
  • 13 mg of sodium (Na);
  • 10 mg of magnesium (Mg);

Pomelit also contains small amounts of trace elements, including iron (0.5 mg), zinc, fluorine.

The useful properties of the suite

  • Like grapefruit, it will have a rich vitamin complex and helps to strengthen the immune system and effectively combat viruses, acute respiratory infections, influenza, colds. It should be noted that in addition to the equally high concentration of vitamin C, the suite contains more glucose and fructose than grapefruit. Such an antioxidant product neutralizes the effect of free radicals on the body, leading to effective tissue regeneration and rejuvenation.
  • With regular use of this fruit can be cured of puffiness, as it improves the water balance in the body.
  • In terms of the rate of lowering cholesterol in the blood, oroblanco even surpasses grapefruit. At the same time, the joint stabilizes the activity of the heart muscles and normalizes blood pressure, therefore, this citrus is often recommended to the older generation.
  • It will be useful for knowledge workers to increase concentration and memory.
  • Enzymes in the composition of this citrus actively break down excess fats and proteins, as well as burn unclaimed calories.
  • The presence of beta cryptoxanthin pigment prevents the possibility of very dangerous diseases. In particular, these include lung cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Fruit quickly removes harmful components and toxins from the body, so it is often recommended for those who suffer from ecology or dangerous working conditions.
  • Freshly squeezed juice oroblanco tones the body and positively affects the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and gallbladder.
  • Taste and pleasant aroma overcomes fatigue and depression, improves well-being and gives a burst of energy.
  • Cosmetologists add useful citrus juice to nourishing and moisturizing skin. A simple face mask is very popular: rice flour, 2 drops of bergamot oil and juice of the mixture are mixed to the consistency of sour cream and applied for 10 minutes.

Contraindications for sucking

Fruit Sweaty took the best taste and substantial qualities of grapefruit and pomelo. However, in the use of this citrus should take into account precautionary measures, so that excessive care of the body does not cause harm:

  • It is better not to eat more than 700 grams of sweets per day, because the citrus pulp is too rich in vitamin C and citric acid. As well as a lack of minerals and vitamins, their excess is a threat to the body.
  • For gastritis with high acidity, it is not necessary to use the suite, as this can lead to irritation of the kidneys and intestinal mucous membranes.
  • It is dangerous to use oroblanco with enteritis, colitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis and acute nephritis. Even if these diseases in the body have not been identified, it is not worthwhile to get too carried away by the suite because an overdose of vitamin C can lead to allergic reactions.
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