How much Olivier is stored

How much Olivier is stored

Olivier is a famous salad, without which it is difficult to imagine holidays, especially New Year's. This salad was invented by a French chef Lucien Olivier. He founded the Hermitage Restaurant in the center of Moscow in the mid-60s of the 19th century. It was there that the Russian people first tried this incredible tasty dish and immediately called it Olivier salad. Of course, since then the salad has undergone many changes, but this does not affect its popularity in the modern world.

Olivier is cooked in a large number of families, and often in large quantities. But since it contains perishable food, it quickly becomes unfit for human consumption. In order not to spoil your holidays and do not damage your health, you need to properly store Russian salad.

Olivier Storage

How long the salad stays fresh depends on two factors: where it is stored and in what form.

  • When storing a shrimp Olivier salad in the refrigerator, it can be stored for up to 24 hours. Seasoned salad can be consumed within 9-12 hours after preparation. If you store an unfilled Olivier at a temperature of 2 to 6 degrees, it will last 12-18 hours, and if from 0 to 3, it can stay fresh up to a day. It is recommended to keep the filled dish in the refrigerator from −2 to +2 degrees.
  • The freezer compartment stops the processes of food spoilage, but still it is absolutely not suitable for storing salads, including Russian salad. After defrosting the salad will be significantly different from fresh, not only in taste and structure, but also in use. In addition, such dressings as mayonnaise, absolutely do not tolerate freezing. In the freezer only the storage of chopped, but not seasoned vegetables for salad is allowed, and not more than 3 days.
  • If a Russian salad is at room temperature, it is better not to delay its use, since within 3-4 hours the pathogenic microflora will actively multiply in the dish.

Olivier Salad Tips

  • Olivier is best stored in glassware, porcelain or ceramics. Other packaging, especially aluminum, is unacceptable.
  • The finished dish should always be covered with food foil or film. This will save the salad from airing. Please note that in a closed salad does not accumulate moisture, it is recommended to make small holes in foil or foil.
  • It is advisable to keep the ingredients of the salad in different containers and mix them only before direct consumption. Salt and mayonnaise also need to enter before serving to the table.
  • Boiled vegetables, which are necessary for Russian salad, are best of all cut into a salad only after they have cooled completely, otherwise they will speed up the spoilage of sausage and eggs.
  • For salad, use only freshly cooked eggs and peel them from the shell before putting it into the dish.
  • Onions give Olivier a specific taste. To avoid this, onions are best added to the salad before serving. To completely get rid of the characteristic onion bitterness, you can pour the vegetable by placing it in cut form in a colander, boiling water. Apple vinegar also helps in this matter. It should soak sliced ​​onions for a quarter of an hour.

How to determine if the Olivier has gone bad

There are three aspects by which one can easily determine the unsuitability of Russian salad in food.

  • First of all, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the salad. A salad with an expired shelf life becomes excess moisture, that is, it becomes watery. Also pay attention to mayonnaise. In a spoiled dish, it becomes transparent and loses its inherent texture.
  • Odor is another criterion for evaluating the freshness of the Olivier. If the dish has a distinct smell of eggs, then it has spoiled.
  • Also spoiled salad can be identified by taste. First of all, Olivier with expired shelf life are products such as eggs and sausage. Pickled or canned cucumbers also give out stale dishes - they become too acidic.

Having introduced the described tips, you can always enjoy a fresh, delicious Russian salad. In other words, thanks to them, the family celebration will be successful and will not end with mass indigestion.

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