How to whip squirrels into thick foam

How to whip squirrels into thick foam

It would seem that there is nothing difficult in beating proteins. But it is this kind of culinary skill that many hostesses can not do. And so the preparation of biscuit dough, protein cream, meringues is postponed until better times. And you just need to approach this process more responsibly.

Egg selection

The quality of the protein foam depends on the freshness of the eggs. Eggs that were lying on the counter for a long time may not be spoiled, but they are unlikely to be beaten up to a stable foam.

Even in experienced housewives there is such a “puncture”: everything seems to be done correctly, and the protein, with prolonged beating, remains liquid and stingy.

It is believed that the eggs, which are only a few hours, also will not make perfectly whipped foam. Maybe this is due to the fact that the eggs have not cooled enough.

For whipping yolk and protein need a different temperature. If the yolk is perfectly beaten in a warm condition, then the protein should be cold before beating.

Some housewives even place protein for a few minutes in the freezer. But here the opposite effect may turn out: the protein will harden, and therefore it will not be possible to whip it too.

Preparing eggs for protein whipping

Even if the type of eggs does not make you afraid, be sure to wash them in warm water with soap before use. First, the shell can be not only dirt and fluff, but also such pathogens as salmonella, which causes a dangerous disease - salmonellosis. Secondly, particles of fat and epithelium remain on the shell's surface (taking into account the way eggs appear). And fat and other organic substances inhibit protein whipping.

Choice of dishes

For whipping protein, choose glass, earthenware or enamelware. Do not use aluminum containers, it is undesirable to take plastic containers. If you use a plastic bowl for this purpose, it should be absolutely clean. However, like the rest of the inventory.

Whipping should be high enough, as perfectly beaten protein increases in volume by 3-4 times.

How to separate the white from the yolk

Using a sharp knife, break the egg into two halves. In one of them will be the yolk.

Pour the protein into the prepared dish, and start the yolk to gently shift from one shell to another, thus freeing it from protein residues. At the same time make sure that the yolk film does not burst on the sharp edge of the shell.

Never perform these manipulations on a bowl of eggs (in this case, proteins). To do this, you must have separate dishes. Then you exclude hit of the spoiled egg in lump.

If even a drop of yolk gets into the white, remove it with the shell.

How to whip protein

To get perfectly whipped whites, for 4 eggs you need to take 1 cup of sugar.

Protein can be whipped with a mixer, blender, a whisk, and even a regular fork.

  • To quickly form a dense, stable foam, put a pinch of salt in a bowl of proteins.
  • If for this purpose you are using a blender, start beating at low speed.
  • When the protein turns white, it will slightly increase in volume and will be covered with numerous bubbles, start gradually adding sugar. Cover it with a thin stream or put it on a teaspoon at short intervals.
  • When all the sugar is used, increase the blender speed. Usually protein using a blender whipped for 8-12 minutes. Squirrels with sugar, long beating is contraindicated, otherwise the mass becomes dense and covered with gloss. Products from it do not give the airiness that the hostess would like to receive.

The process will be considered complete, if the whipped protein stays on the corolla easily, does not spread, perfectly retains its shape.

In the mixer, the proteins are whipped the same way as with a blender. That is, they are first whipped at low speed, then gradually add sugar and only then increase the number of revolutions.

With the help of a manual corolla, chipping up the protein can take half an hour.

Such a process is more laborious, besides, it is impossible to interrupt beating until it is fully completed.

You need to work with a whisk only in one direction, otherwise the squirrels will settle.

If there is no blender or corolla, then the whites can be whipped with a regular fork, or rather two. To do this, connect the forks together by turning them with the teeth to each other. Then proceed in the same way as when working with a whisk.

Storage of whipped proteins

Whipped proteins are not subject to storage.

After some time they settle, the bubbles burst and part of the protein returns to its original state. Therefore, they should be used immediately after preparation.

Hostess Tips

To keep the whipped proteins better in shape, add some citric acid crystals to them while whisking.

Protein should be whipped until sugar is completely dissolved.

To make it easier for you, instead of sugar, you can take powdered sugar.

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