How to distinguish real Goji Berries from fakes

How to distinguish real Goji Berries from fakes

Today, perhaps, a person living outside the information society does not know about the beneficial properties of the Goji berry. Whole treatises are written about these wonderful berries, on the network, those who have already managed to test it on TV constantly talk about their effect ... Taking advantage of this excitement, many unscrupulous entrepreneurs under the guise of real Goji berries today offer an ordinary barberry, which, like you you can guess, does not carry a hundredth share of the miraculous properties inherent in the Tibetan berry. Today we will reveal a few secrets of how to distinguish the real Goji berry from the barberry.

You can be 100% sure that you get the real Goji berry if you make a purchase from verified dealers. Also for a healing berry, you can go to the Middle Kingdom, because it is there that grows the most useful Tibetan barberry. However, you see, not everyone has such an opportunity, then it remains to hope only on the integrity of the sellers and their own knowledge.

Real Goji Berry, what is it?

Choosing berries, first of all carefully consider them.


The dried fruit of wolfberry (another name for Goji berries) is about 1, 5 centimeters in length or a little more, with a sharp, dry tip. The barberry is somewhat smaller. Color

The skin is wrinkled rather hard red or even more coral-colored (note: not burgundy and certainly not black). The fruit should not be white bloom. If you are alarmed by the very bright color of the berries, then you can slightly wet them and wait for the reaction. These berries will not color the skin, they will give their color only if you pour boiling water over them and then only after 15 minutes, not before.


If you taste real Goji berries, you will be a little disappointed, as they are not very sweet and are unlikely to remind you of candy. If the Tibetan barberry was sweet, then this is a sure sign that they were boiled in syrup. Experts say that real Goji berries have a tart sweet-salty-sour taste with a very long aftertaste, barberry ordinary will give a sour-sweet taste with a certain amount of spices.


Inhale the aroma of berries, if he recalled barberry candies, which are so loved by many, then before you is nothing like barberry. Real Goji berries have a completely different smell, but they in no way smell like sulfur matches. With the latter, it can be said with confidence that they were treated with sulfur dioxide, which can harm your health. To the touch

The berries do not stick together among themselves, if this happens, then, most likely, they were cooked in syrup, which means that most of the useful properties of them evaporated.

Presence of seeds

Break the berry. In the present Tibetan barberry you will find a dozen small, yellow-colored seeds, in the ordinary barberry seeds will be much less.

Reaction with water

And one more trick - pour berries with boiling water. If before you the fruits of Chinese wolfberry, then they will surely float and paint the water in a yellowish-orange color.

We presented to your attention the basic parameters that should be paid attention to when choosing Goji berries and which will help to distinguish them from the ordinary barberry. Only by acquiring a quality product, you can feel the miraculous effect of berries, which is talked and written in the World Wide Web by those who have already had time to experience it for themselves. Buy berries from trusted vendors and be healthy, dear visitors of our portal.

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