What kind of cheese is needed for Caesar salad?

What kind of cheese is needed for Caesar salad?

A salad with an imperial name, undoubtedly invented by people from sunny Italy, has long taken up the solid position of one of the most popular dishes. Having migrated from overseas to Europe, he reigns for many years in the restaurant and home kitchen. An extremely simple recipe allows for many variations, but only the use of high-quality Italian cheese among its components remains unchanged.

Cheese is a unique delicacy product, perhaps, the only one, apart from wine, whose quality is only improved from long-term storage. Only 50 grams of a unique product in the composition of the famous salad can make his true connoisseur happy. According to connoisseurs, only Parmesan is able to form a flavor bouquet and sauce, and the actual salad with a telling name.

Hard Cheeses

These high-quality hard cheeses differ in that they have:

  • characteristic dry crust formed when the prepared protein mass dries;
  • homogeneous dense structure;
  • long shelf life;
  • characteristic spicy smell.

The full naturalness of the original products and long-term ripening (up to 180 days) means that cheeses of decent quality, by definition, cannot have a low price. The cost of a quality product aged in accordance with the requirements of the technology on the Russian market can reach up to 1,500 rubles per kilogram.

Cheese King

Parmesan - Italian high-fat cheese with a scaly structure and a unique nutty flavor, of course, dominates the salad recipe. At home, Parmesan, in Italy, the consumption of cheese is an integral feature, and the cheese itself is a national treasure, and not in vain. It makes a luxurious any dish, which includes.

By the way, the original recipe of the Caesar salad suggests decorating the salad not with grated cheese, but thin as paper, slices cut by an ordinary potato peeler. But the old solid and dry Parmesan, which can only be broken off with a knife, due to its fragility can be rubbed to the state of small chips.

Cheese place is never empty

Worthy substitutes for Italian cheeses can make:

  • Swiss “Gruyere”, “Emmental” - cheesy spicy sweet taste, with cylindrical heads and pronounced large eyes;
  • Dutch cheese with its small eyes and spicy taste;
  • white Irish cheddar;
  • Lithuanian “Djuga” or “Goyus” cheeses;
  • from domestic varieties - Kuban, Altai and Karpatsky cheeses.

Parmesan is closest in quality and consistency to “Gouda” cheese, but it is slightly softer. One can take a piece of any cheese to the consistency of Parmesan by removing the packaging from it and leaving it on the top shelf of the refrigerator for several days.

Selection Principles

Cheese of good quality is an expensive pleasure, so you should not approach its choice lightly. When buying a product, you need to consider some of the nuances:

  • pay special attention to the terms and conditions of storage of cheese;
  • remember that high-quality cheese may contain no more than six ingredients;
  • careful examination of the ingredients list will reduce the risk of consuming a delicacy made from natural cow's milk, which carries certain risks;
  • cheese should not be excessively salty.

In the absence of Parmesan, any solid cheese is useful for making Caesar salad, except for its mold varieties. In combination with the art of the cook, the product is guaranteed to create a festive atmosphere and will be a wonderful addition, which will favorably emphasize the taste of a delicious dish with crispy crackers.

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