How to store basil

How to store basil

Basil is a plant that is grown in many countries around the world and used as a spice. It contains many substances that are useful for the human body.

Due to the peculiar smell and slightly salty taste, basil is an indispensable ingredient in many dishes. Therefore, it is not bad if there is always a supply of this spice on hand.

How to keep fresh basil a little longer

Basil is a very tender plant. Fresh greens quickly turn black and lose their flavor.

Basil leaves contain a lot of water, which prevents them from drying out like other herbs. But the restocking of the liquid will contribute to a longer storage of spices. It is necessary:

  • Put a bunch of fresh basil in a glass or in a jar of water.
  • Leave on a working kitchen surface in a place where the direct rays of the sun do not penetrate. It is not forbidden to send greens in the fridge.

When open, basil will remain fresh for one and a half and even two weeks. That's just the water should be changed every two to three days.

You can cover the container with basil with a plastic bag, remove the air as much as possible, press the edges with an elastic band. Then the greens will be in a fresh state for up to three weeks.

A small amount of basil can be laid out on a wet towel, wrapped and put into a regular bag of polyethylene. Keep spicy plants need in the refrigerator. For 3-4 days the greens will not lose their freshness. So, in order to preserve fresh basil, it is necessary to provide it with enough water and protect it from sunlight.

Basil oil from fresh herbs

Spicy plants can be saved as basil oil:

  • Chop greens.
  • Put in a container and salt.
  • Shake the container so that the basil is mixed with salt.
  • Pour the greens with olive oil.
  • Capacity to close and send to the refrigerator.

In this form, basil will remain in good condition for two or three months.

Impregnated with olive oil, it will enrich the taste of salads and spaghetti.

Basil leaves in salt

Salt will also help preserve basil:

  • Wash and dry the leaves of the plant.
  • Pour a centimeter layer of salt into the container.
  • Spread the leaflets on top in one layer.
  • Add salt again.
  • Put the next layer of basil.

Next you need to alternate the salt and the leaves of the spicy plant until the entire container is filled. Top of the salt layer. Close the lid tightly and put the container in a dry and cool place.

For almost 12 weeks, fresh basil will always be on hand.

How to keep basil for the winter

An ideal way for long-term storage of basil is to freeze it. This process can be done in several ways. The most simple - freeze basil without grinding, as it is:

  • Wash and dry the collected basil.
  • Spread the leaves and sprouts on a tray and place in the freezer for an hour and a half.
  • Move frozen basil to an airtight container. Some spices should be put into one container, otherwise they will lose their shape.

Thawed basil is used to improve the taste of soups, pasta dishes. It can be cut into strips and added to salads, dough products.

Frozen basil the next year will not lose its flavor and useful qualities.

Freeze basil with olive oil

Basil, frozen with olive oil, is used as a seasoning for vegetable and meat dishes, pasta, sauce or soup. He harvested like this:

  • Grind washed and dried basil with a knife or blender.
  • Add olive oil and mix.
  • Packaged in small portions in sealed plastic bags with a zipper.
  • Arrange the workpiece in the freezer.

As needed, you can take a bag, break off the basil, as needed, and send it back to the freezer.

Basil is beautifully preserved for one year.

Store basil, like any greens, at home is easy. In the freezer, it does not take up much space. Having made a small preparation of a spicy plant, you can enjoy its taste and aroma all year round.

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