Crab sticks: good or bad

Crab sticks: good or bad

Crab sticks salad is a favorite delicacy for many today. Some eat crab sticks as a self-sufficient product, and others still manage to stuff them. Such popularity of this product is due to the fact that it is characterized by an unusual taste and a fairly reasonable price. However, is it useful or, perhaps, altogether crab sticks are harmful to health? We will provide you with answers to these questions right now.

In order to understand what crab sticks are giving our body, harm or benefit, it is enough to look at their composition. Many will surely be disappointed to learn that there is not even a smell from crab meat in crab sticks. The main component of this exquisite seafood, if it was, of course, was made according to quality standards, is surimi. Surimi is minced ocean white fish with a minimum of all sorts of supplements.

The benefits of crab sticks and caloric

High-quality crab sticks, made in compliance with the technologies, are a real source of valuable substances for our body. So, crab sticks contain iron, chromium, zinc, iodine, fluorine, nicotinic acid, and more. In addition, minced meat contains few calories (calories of 100 grams of crab sticks is 73 kcal) and fats, but there are quite a few proteins in our diet that contain about two dozen amino acids that are so necessary for our body. Proved that regular consumption of seafood can stabilize blood pressure. In proof of this, we will inform you that hypertensive patients are practically not found in the countries of Southeast Asia.

Crab Sticks: Harm

Undoubtedly, the fact that the crab sticks - a product quite useful, you have already seen, but do not rush to conclusions. Benefit for the body are only such sticks, which are made in compliance with the requirements of quality standards. However, unfortunately, at present it is almost impossible to meet such a product on the shelves of stores. The fact is that entrepreneurs, seeking to conquer a large army of buyers, neglect all the requirements for the manufacture of products of this kind. Get acquainted with the composition of crab sticks occupying the shelves in supermarkets, what do you see there? In addition to surimi, the product contains in large quantities egg and vegetable protein, purified water, vegetable oil, stabilizers, flavors, flavor enhancers. However, the Chinese producers of crab sticks stepped even “farther away” - in their products the share of minced fish often equals 0%, soybean and egg white, flavors, starch are put in the product. We think that there is no benefit to such a product, it makes no sense to speak.

How to choose crab sticks

As you can see, dear visitors of the portal, crab sticks are useful or harmful only after you have familiarized yourself with their composition. Remember: when buying crab sticks in a store, you need to familiarize yourself with their composition, do not forget that there must be registered surimi as part of a quality product, while it must be in the first place. If the minced fish in the list of ingredients is not specified in the first place, then this suggests that its content in the product is low, and, therefore, the benefits of such crab sticks can be doubted. Also, it will not be superfluous to look at the shelf life of the product declared by the manufacturer. If it is written on the packaging of crab sticks that they are valid for one and a half years, it is unlikely that you have a high quality product, most likely it is stuffed with “chemistry”, which also allows you to conclude that the product may be harmful to your health.

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