With what they drink red dry wine

With what they drink red dry wine

In the classification of grape wines, a dry drink is called, in which sugar during fermentation has completely passed into alcohol. As a result of complete fermentation, no more than 0.3% of sugar remains in them, their strength varies from 9 to 12%. That such wines are preferred by most Europeans. In Georgia, Italy and France, even a family meal rarely comes without dry wine, and there is nothing wrong with that: nutritionists say that such drinks are moderate in quantity, especially if they are made from dark grapes. The question with which they drink red dry wine is relevant for those who understand: the appetizer is able to emphasize or distort the taste and aroma of alcohol. From the choice of dishes depends on whether you and your guests enjoy a bouquet of carefully selected drink.

The best brands of red dry wines

In the world there are about 4, 5 thousand kinds of red dry wines. Not all of them deserve attention. Some manufacturers give wine a drink recovered from the concentrate with the addition of alcohol. Others do not stop using spoiled grapes as a raw material. If you, having opened the bottle, you feel not a pleasant fruity aroma, but the smell of home brew, or you see that the wine is dim, tasting should be refused. However, high-quality grape wines are not the same. Several factors are important: from the grape variety used as a raw material, and compliance with the production technology to the term of the beverage.

  • The most accessible are the so-called ordinary wines made from grapes from this or the previous year’s crop, and those made in the same year when the crop was harvested are considered young.
  • Vintage wines are more expensive, they are made from certain varieties of berries, and they are necessarily collected in a particular area.
  • Elite wines have a unique taste and bouquet due to the special conditions that have developed in the year of ripening of the grapes from which they are made.

Elite, or collectible, wines are not available to everyone, but anyone can afford a bottle of vintage or high-quality ordinary wine. It is believed that the best red dry wines are made in France, Italy and Georgia, although quite decent and competitive grape drinks are produced in other countries. The list of the best red dry wines most often includes the following:

  • “Chateau Fonsches” (France). It is made from grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. His bouquet is a harmonious blend of wildflowers and ripe fruit. The drink has a ruby ​​shade. Its strength is 10 degrees.
  • “Chianti” (Italy). Raw materials for this wine are grown in the area between Siena and Florence, known as the growing place of the oldest vineyards in Italy. The bouquet of this drink is complex and multifaceted, tasting it will give the gourmet a real pleasure.
  • “Barbaresco” (Italy). The raw material for the production of this drink is Nebbiolo grapes collected in Piedmont. In the bouquet of young wine, there are notes of spices and ripe fruit, a bouquet of ripe wine is more complicated, anise and violet notes are heard in it.
  • “Saperavi” (Georgia). It is made from grapes of the variety "saperavi", which is evident from the name of the drink. It has a dark garnet color, deep and mild flavor. The strength of the drink does not exceed 11 degrees.
  • “Mukuzani” (Georgia). This wine is also made from Saperavi grapes, but harvested in another locality. Before entering the market it is aged in oak barrels for at least three years. It is valued for the fact that it has a relatively low acidity, which distinguishes it from many other red dry wines.

The range of wines worthy of appearing on your table is not limited to the above list, but by purchasing them you will definitely not regret your choice.

How to drink dry red wine

Rules for the use of dry red wine differ little from the recommendations regarding tasting table grape wines in general.

  • Shortly before serving at the table, sommeliers are advised to uncork a bottle of wine so that it “breathes”.
  • Spill dry red wine in glasses with a tulip-shaped leg.
  • Experts do not recommend strongly cooling red wine before use. It is enough to put the bottle in the refrigerator for a short time to cool the drink to 16 degrees, but if you give it at room temperature, there will be no trouble.
  • Drink wine not immediately. First, it is swayed in a glass so that it is filled with oxygen, then the bouquet is evaluated, dug, and only after that they are drunk in small sips.
  • Often dry wine is drunk in its pure form, but it can be diluted with boiled water in a ratio of 1: 3.

Dry red wine belongs to the category of table wines. Drinking it without snacks is not accepted. Usually this drink is served for lunch or dinner.

How to bite dry red wine

Dry red wine is an accompaniment drink. Many people think that not dishes should be chosen for the drink, but a drink for snacks, and the task of wine should only emphasize the taste of the dishes on the table. In the case of ordinary wine, this approach is justified, but if you have vintage or even elite wine, it is advisable to take care that the dishes help reveal its many-sided taste and complex bouquet, and not vice versa. There are several options with which to drink red dry wine to taste it best.

  • Meat is considered the best appetizer for dry red wine. The best options are steak, grilled veal, pork, tongue, bacon, kebabs. Sausages and smoked red dry wine is also not harmful. Their dense and savory taste will help balance the taste of the drink, making it less sour. Meat or sausage cuts should almost certainly be present on the table if you served dry red wine to it.
  • Cheeses are also considered to be a suitable snack for dry red wine. Here is the rule: the older the wine, the more mature the cheese must be. Soft and cream cheeses are not served to dry wine.
  • There was no consensus regarding the use of fruit as an appetizer among connoisseurs of dry red wine. Some people think that the fruit interrupts its taste or makes it more sour, others say that the contrast of wine sourness and sweetness of fruit is very harmonious. If you serve fruit as a snack for red dry wine, the choice is better to stop on sweet peaches or apricots. Pear and melon go very well with wine.
  • Toasts and tartlets with meat, liver, and even fish pate are also considered a suitable appetizer for dry red wine.

It is not recommended to serve acidic fruits, including citrus fruits, as well as various pickles to dry red wine.

There are plenty of options for dishes suitable for dry red wine, and the hostess will have no difficulty in setting the table. The right choice of snacks will allow you to enjoy the bouquet of wine and the taste of the dishes themselves.

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