How to wash hands after green walnuts

How to wash hands after green walnuts

Walnuts in the market are not cheap. And so many are jealous of those lucky ones who grow walnuts in the garden or near the house in the front garden, which also produces a decent harvest.

But the owners of walnuts during the collection have a hard time. After all, it is necessary not only to harvest the entire crop and clean it of the skin that covers the fruit itself, but after all the work to do the cleaning of hands. Especially after collecting green nuts, for example, to make amazing jam.

But it will be later. In the meantime, you need to try to wash your hands with all known methods. The fact is that the green peel of a walnut contains the natural dye juglon, which many identify with iodine - they are so similar in color and, it seems, even by smell.

But the peel juice eats into the skin so much that it is almost impossible to wash it off! And if iodine, gradually being absorbed into the skin, does not produce anything by itself the next day, then the juice of the green skin of walnuts can be held on the hands for a week. Not less! As the Rabbit from the Winnie the Pooh cartoon would say.

And to scrub this very juice, you need to apply all the familiar tools that come to mind.

But we must warn that this process is long, and the result is not always positive. But it's worth a try. And what happens?

Lemon, lemon juice and citric acid

Lemon juice has a good natural bleach.

Cut a lemon in half and start rubbing it all the spots on the fingers and palms. The procedure is not immediate, so be patient.

Brown spots on the hands can gradually lighten. But it will be very surprising if someone launders them completely.

Instead of rubbing juice you can make lemon baths for hands. Pour warm water into a basin, squeeze the juice of one or two lemons into it (you can substitute diluted citric acid) and submerge your hands in water. Keep them in water - the longer the better. The skin on the hands parted.

Then take the usual pumice stone and start methodically, but gently peel off the top layer of the skin. Together with him will go and paint.

The method is not bad, but it takes a lot of time, which hostesses are sorely lacking. Therefore, we can recommend another option how to clean your hands from the juice of the peel of green walnuts.

Grand Wash

Everyone is so used to washing clothes in washing machines that they no longer remember those times when a woman was washing all the clothes of her numerous family by hand.

At the end of the wash, her hands were red with hot water, steamed, but spotlessly clean. Therefore, this method is worth paying attention to.

Take a general cleaning or “start” a grand wash. True, you have to forget about rubber gloves and work without them.

Your hands will steam in the water, the skin will soften. Erasing things, you will systematically scrub brown spots on the palms.

This will help you and washing powder (well, if it is with bleach), as well as other detergents that you use when washing the floor or cleaning the sink, bath.

Of course, you should not go to the extreme and clean your hands, for example, with Blitz toilet cleaner. The hydrochloric acid that goes in there, along with the paint, will “eat” all the skin. But bleach is less aggressive.

Some experimenters with a solution of bleach remove stains from the juice of the peel of green walnuts.

They put diluted bleach on a cotton wool and rub brown stains on her hands with it. They say it helps. But we must remember that bleach is an aggressive substance. And you can not only spoil her skin, but also get a strong irritation in the form of sores. Therefore, advice with bleach may be good, but whether you use it or not is up to you.

Juice of unripe (green) grapes

Most likely, the juice of an unripe grape has the same whitening properties as lemon juice.

Those who used such a cleaner, quite satisfied. But again, the immediate result is not worth waiting. After all, this is a long process, though not as unpleasant as the one with bleach.

If you have a few grapes, then take a grape, crush it and start scrubbing stains by selecting a certain area. Then take the second berry and go to the next spot.

But if you are the owner of a vineyard, then you are very lucky. Crush so many grapes in a bowl that you can plunge your hands into a mush. Hold them there for about twenty minutes. Then wash with soap. Also rub the pumice stone.

Some advise to put gruel on your hands, wear gloves and for some time not to take them off. Then wash your hands with soap, rubbing with pumice.

Salt or seawater

Purification of stains from the juice of the peel of green walnuts can be combined with a pleasant spa-procedure.

Pour the heated water into the bath and add sea salt. Keep your hands in water until your skin has evaporated. Then, using pumice, begin to rub stained palms and fingers. Part of the paint will come off necessarily.

Swimming in the sea (in salty water), and then rubbing the palms with fine sand also gives a positive result.

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia

Hydrogen peroxide is also in the list of those substances with which you can remove brown spots from green walnuts. But this solution practically does not work. Is it just fresh spots ...

By the way, fresh stains are recommended to be removed with a cotton swab dipped in liquid ammonia. The main thing is that the headache should not join the soiled hands.

Means for removing hard stains

The stores have many different means to remove stubborn stains. But all of them (or almost all) are designed to combat stains, not on human skin, but on a “non-living” surface: fabrics, furniture, glass, and metal. And in their composition can be substances not only badly affecting the skin, but also dangerous - the same hydrochloric acid, for example.

Therefore, such funds should be used prudently. The main thing is not to harm!


Whatever of these remedies you choose to remove green walnut peel stains, remember:

  • Before removing the stains from your hands, you should think not only about the effectiveness of this tool, but also about the possible consequences.
  • All these tools are not very effective by themselves. They need to be combined with pumice cleaning. Since the peel juice is not washed off on its own, it comes down only with the top layer of skin, which is peeled off with the help of pumice (scrub, salt, sand).
  • Therefore, in one day you can hardly get rid of stains. And if you can, then you will find yourself in the rare ranks of the lucky ones.
  • But in order to not have any peel of green walnuts, or only a few of them, you need to peel or treat green walnuts only in rubber gloves. And not thin, but better. Although, as practice shows, not so they protect from the juice of the peel of green walnuts, as we would like.
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