How to lighten broth for jelly

How to lighten broth for jelly

Chicken is not only a traditional festive Russian dish, an excellent appetizer for hot drinks, but also a very useful product. The fact is that in the chill contains natural gelatin, which is necessary for every person for healthy bones, cartilage, tendons. Both children and adults need it, especially old people need it.

Each hostess cooks aspic in its own way. Particularly carefully selected source products - someone buys the hooves, someone loves the tail, and someone cooks jelly from the ears. There are lovers of jelly exclusively from a bird, and specifically - a rooster. Of the required seasonings can be called only bay leaf, peppercorns and salt, and then - who is in that much. Aspic can be watery - where there is a lot of frozen broth and meat, where meat prevails. Greens, carrots, lemon, chicken and quail eggs are added to it for beauty. It turns out not jelly, but a work of art!

But everything can spoil the dark and muddy broth. Sometimes it happens and the broth, which should be crystal clear and transparent as a tear darkens. And this is a real tragedy, since the appearance of the brawn with such broth will be completely unpresentable.

To avoid this, it is necessary to properly cook the jelly.

The meat must be well washed, cleaned, it should be cut, singe. Sometimes the hostess prefer to give the meat to boil quickly, then drain the water and foam, wash the meat again and only then make the braised stew. But you can cook jelly and the first time. In any case, after boiling, it should cook barely, on the very minimum of fire. You can leave it to boil overnight, then in the morning it will be ready. The pot is surely covered with a lid, it only seems that there is no boiling, and in a few hours without a lid half of the broth will have time to evaporate. It is very important not to interfere with the brawn and when it is ready, it is necessary to rearrange the pan as conveniently as possible in a convenient place and slowly drain the broth using a ladle or hose, then the sediment will not float. After the cold broth, additionally filter through gauze to remove excess fat.

How to lighten the broth if it is dimmed

But if the broth is still dim, do not despair. It can still be saved and clarified. To do this, separate the muddy broth from the sediment, strain it through several layers of gauze, let it stand for a while. Pour the dark broth into a clean pan and slowly bring it to a boil.

In a bowl, beat 1-2 chicken proteins with ice and a thin stream pour into boiling broth. The protein will begin to fold and take with it the smallest particles of suspension, which makes the broth cloudy. Let the broth for the jelly cool, the protein in the form of sediment will fall to the bottom. You will only need to carefully drain the clarified broth.

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