Harvesting Celandine

Harvesting Celandine

Golden grass, warthog, jaundice ... All these names refer to the well-known plant - celandine. This perennial has truly unique properties. From the roots, leaves and stem of the celandine get juice, ointment, tincture, powder. All these medicines can get rid of skin problems, diseases of internal organs, as well as other ailments. Equally important in the application of the celandine is its collection and subsequent harvesting.

Drying Celandine

After the celandine is cut, the plant is placed in a warm, well-ventilated, and most importantly - dry room. Drying medicinal herbs can be done in two ways. In the first case, the grass is laid out on a flat surface. At the same time it must be constantly checked, because in this case the probability of plants rotting is the highest. If some copies of the collected grass get a brown shade, it is better to get rid of them. In the second case, the purity is dried in limbo. This method is optimal.

Regardless of which method was chosen, the degree of readiness of the celandine can be checked as follows: this requires the plant stem to be slightly bent. If the stem easily lends itself to your movement, then the plant is not yet ready. The stem of a well-dried celandine should break. After the plant is dried, it is necessary to ensure proper storage. This will require bags of dense fabric. They put the medicinal material, close and hang. If it is not possible to suspend the workpiece, then it can simply be stored in a well-ventilated, dry place. If everything is done correctly, celandine will delight you with its unique medicinal properties for three years.

Harvesting Juice of Celandine

Celandine juice can be obtained from fresh plants. For this you need to gather grass with roots. Leaves and stem clean of dust and midges, and the root - from the ground. Then the plant should be washed in running water. Celandine completely cut into small pieces, and then grind. This will help us grinder or blender. The resulting mass is pressed through cheesecloth in a jar.

The resulting juice is tightly closed and placed in a cool room (for example, the cellar) for a few days, until the solution begins to ferment. After five days, you need to open the can and ventilate the contents. Gas will be released during ventilation. This will reduce fermentation. After that, the lid must be tightened again and put the jar in its place. This procedure is repeated until the fermentation of the juice stops. Juice prepared in this way should be stored in a cellar or other place with a temperature comfortable for the drug. It will retain its unique healing properties for two or even three years. From the juice of celandine can be prepared ointment. This drug is great help with skin problems - psoriasis, eczema, as well as relieve corns and warts. To prepare the ointment, you must mix the freshly prepared juice of celandine and petroleum jelly in a ratio of one to four. This ointment should be stored in the refrigerator. It retains its properties for two years.

Medicines from celandine will forget about many diseases.

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