Can I fry in olive oil

Can I fry in olive oil

Olive oil is in leading positions in cooking. Ode and chefs and nutritionists are singing to him, many articles have been written about his usefulness, television programs have been filmed. After all this information you want to come to grips with the culture of your diet and completely switch to olive oil. But then the question arises - is it possible to fry in olive oil or is it intended only for salad dressing, cooking dishes that do not need heat treatment?

There are heated debates on this topic, someone claims that little olive should be used only in cold mode, since it becomes carcinogenic and harmful when frying. Others prove that nothing of the kind, olive oil is very well suited for cooking fried foods and does not turn into something poisonous at all.

In fact, both sides are right or wrong, more precisely, there is olive oil, which is suitable for frying, and there is one that can only be filled with salads. It remains only to choose the right type of oil for a particular purpose.

What kind of olive oil can be used for frying

So, if you are standing in front of a bottle of olive oil labeled Extra Virgin, then you are the owner of the most useful option. It is the highest grade, direct or cold pressed oil. It is the most useful for the human body, and using it for frying is simply inhumane. In addition, it really does not fit, because it begins to smoke and smoke even at relatively low temperatures for cooking on the stove.

Virgin olive oil contains slightly less useful acids and other components than Extra Virgin. The oil is obtained by the same cold extraction, only slightly more simplified. This type of oil is also not suitable for frying, because there are still a lot of substances that are not resistant to high temperatures. If you try to fry something on it, you will smoke the whole kitchen and you will have to air the apartment for a long time. Use this oil for cooking cold dishes, vegetable salads.

Next comes olive oil called Olive Oil. It is a combined and intermediate product, which consists of a portion of the quality Extra Virgin or Virgin cold-pressed oils and refined olive oil, which goes one step further. Olive Oil category Olive Oil perfectly preserves the taste of the Virgin, but in composition it is poorer, more refined and therefore suitable for frying. But it’s impossible to say that this is the best option for broiling meat or fish. Olive Oil, which is labeled as Olive Oil (Refined) is completely refined, that is, refined. Its price is significantly lower than all steel grades of olive oil, it does not have all the range of useful substances that are present in crude oils, but this type is remarkably suitable for frying.

In order not to be confused in the inscriptions and varieties of oil, just remember: the greener the olive oil is, the higher its grade. Pure yellow oil is refined, refined and you can fry anything on it - meat, fish, vegetables, pancakes.

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