How to clean moonshine from fusel oils

How to clean moonshine from fusel oils

A hangover is nothing more than the intoxication of the body with fusel oils. Under this name hides propyl, isoamyl and isobutyl alcohols. They not only negatively affect the body as a whole, but also cause an unpleasant smell of the drink. And if the purification of purchased products from these harmful substances lies on the shoulders of the manufacturer, then the purification of moonshine is a task that we need to solve. There is a number of ways to clear moonshine from fusel oils, and today we will talk about each of them in detail.

Purification of moonshine from fusel oils with potassium permanganate

Prepare a solution of potassium permanganate at the rate of 2 grams of potassium permanganate per 50 ml of boiled water. This solution should be added to the moonshine in the ratio of 1 to 20. After 10 hours, the drink must be drained through a piece of flannel fabric or cotton wool.

The moonshine purified in this way should be overtaken again, and after that use one of the cleaning methods proposed below.

How to clean moonshine with coal

Purification of moonshine from fusel oils, and, consequently, from an unpleasant smell, coal is considered the most popular, because this method is simple and affordable.

Both activated charcoal, which can be bought at any nearest pharmacy, and wood coal, can be purchased at a supermarket or made by yourself. For this purpose, it is necessary to heat birch, pine, linden or spruce wood, without access to air, until it burns out completely, and after that, cool the coals into a powder.

Add coal to moonshine at the rate of 50 grams of coal per liter of drink. Stir the mixture daily for 2–3 weeks. After a week, leave in complete peace. After the specified time, strain through cotton wool. Moonshine is ready to eat.

Biological purification of moonshine

This type of moonshine cleaning has the scientific name coagulation. For its implementation it is necessary to prepare milk, kefir or beaten egg white. The selected product is added to the brew of the first distillation. Wait a bit. After the sediment has fallen to the bottom of the tank, the beverage must be drained and re-distilled.

After the second distillation, moonshine must be diluted to a strength of 40 degrees (use a hydrometer) and cleaned with fresh rye bread.

For 100 grams of broken into small pieces of rye bread, put on each liter of liquid. Leave for 5 hours and strain.

Purification of moonshine soda

Prepare a solution of baking soda (10 grams of soda per 10 grams of water) and pour it into a liter of moonshine (if the drink is more, then the amount of soda solution should be directly proportional to increase). Close the container tightly and shake well. Leave for half an hour, then mix the contents of the jar again and remove it for 12 hours in a dark place. After the specified time, moonshine must be filtered through cotton wool.

Purification of moonshine from fusel oils with tannin

As you know, tannin is a part of oak wood. It is he who allows not only to improve the taste of moonshine, but also to remove from it harmful components, to which the fusel oils are counted. There are several ways to clean alcoholic drink with tannin.

Method number 1

Add 10 grams of tannin powder or oak shavings per liter of liquid to moonshine. Leave it for 10 days. After the specified time the drink should be drained. It is ready to eat. Method number 2

From oak wood form cubes of 2-3 centimeters. Fill with spring water, change the water after a couple of hours. Repeat the procedure several times. Then fill the oak cubes with a solution of soda, prepared at the rate of a tablespoon per 5 liters of water. Rinse, pour boiling water. After the water has cooled, remove the cubes and dry them thoroughly, and then send them to an oven heated to 160 degrees for 3 hours.

Put cubes in a container with moonshine for 2 liters per liter. Insist at least a week, but if the cubes will languish in moonshine longer, it will be even better.

Purification of moonshine by freezing

Fusel oils are unstable to low temperatures; as a rule, they simply freeze at minus temperatures. It remains only to pour high-quality moonshine and once again filter it in one of the ways you like.

The above proposed methods of purification of moonshine from fusel oils are the most common and effective. Perhaps those visitors to our portal who have experience in making this alcoholic drink at home are known for other options on how to clean fuels from home-brew, we would be grateful if they share them in the comments to this article.

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