Prevention and control of Medvedka

Many vegetable growers are in constant search for effective products from the bear (Kapustianka). Unfortunately, Medvedka is omnivorous and eats all root crops, roots and stems, except garlic. The pest is able to deprive the crop of potatoes, radishes, carrots, cabbage, destroy the roots of perennial plants. Medvedka distributed throughout the world.

Prevention and control of Medvedka

How to detect a bear?

The fact that the Medvedka lives in the garden can be indicated by the presence of small holes in the beds, as well as loose earth mounds. After the rain, they are clearly visible. If in places of these traces to dig 15 cm deep into the ground, you can find the laid eggs of pests. Eggs in 10-17 days will turn into larvae, which will also harm the plants.

How to protect the site from the bear? Already invented many remedies with varying degrees of effectiveness. Prevention is much more effective than combating a harmful object with pesticides or using complex folk remedies.

Prevention and control of Medvedka

Preventive Measures Against Medvedka

  • Plant around the perimeter of the plant, the smell of which does not tolerate the pest, for example, marigolds, melissa, chrysanthemums or garlic.
  • Loosen the ground and find the bear's nest. Land with larvae must be destroyed.
  • Dung traps on the plot.
  • Do not use fresh manure - the larvae of the polar bear will get into your plot with it. Fertilize 2 years instead of fresh manure, as the pest winters in the soil at a depth of 2 meters.

Tip: You need to use all four methods, the use of only one can not protect the planting from the pest.

If there are many insects, we turn to relatively heavy artillery, which will kill the pest, but still the chemicals should be safe for humans and plants. It is about a safe tool, we describe below.

“Cuts Rofatoks” - a safe chemical remedy for Medvedka

So, at the expense of what “Cuts Rofatoks” will help get rid of pests during the growing season of plants? Application of the medium during the breeding of the bear will repeatedly reduce the population of pests, and for the next season you will be able to get rid of them completely.

Start the fight with the pest in the spring and fix the result in the summer. Scatter the bait on several granules to a depth of 5 cm, with a calculation of 30 grams per 10 square meters. meters Granules attract the attention of the pest more than the roots, roots and seedlings, as they have a specific smell. The pest will die within 3 hours.

Important! The drug “Rubit Rofatox” does not harm the soil and is not phototoxic to plants.


  • Remove dead insects, as pets or birds can eat them.
  • Mixing “Rubit Rofatox” with other drugs and granular fertilizers is prohibited.

The use of the product does not harm the soil, does not disturb the growth, the useful qualities of garden and garden crops.

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