How to store bay leaves

How to store bay leaves

Laurel leaves are called laurel leaves. Now the leaves of laurel are known everywhere, as they are an indispensable tool in the culinary business - they are used as a fragrant seasoning. The first to use this seasoning in cooking was decided by Francois Pierre de La Varennes - the chef of the French kings. He also invented the sauce "Bechamel" and the cake "Napoleon". Francois argued that bay leaf can improve, and sometimes even correct, the taste of an unsuccessful dish. But all this is only possible for Lavrushka when its main qualities are preserved to the maximum. So how to properly store this amazing seasoning to make deliciously fragrant dishes?

Storage Conditions of Dried Bay Leaves

In order for the seasoning to possess its inherent taste and aromatic qualities, it is necessary to take into account the rules for its storage. If the bay leaf was in the wrong conditions, it will lead to the fact that there will be bitterness in the dishes, which will significantly spoil their taste. To avoid this, follow the recommendations described below clearly.

  • Ideally, bay leaves should be stored in places where the humidity is not more than 75%, the temperature is stable at around 10 to 15 degrees, there is no daylight and no air circulation. A separate pantry is perfect for this, but if there is none, then you can store a leaf of laurel in the refrigerator. You can also use the cupboard, kitchen cupboard or shelf, but only if they are not located above the stove or near it.
  • Lavrushka easily absorbs any extraneous odors, so it can not be kept next to other seasonings and especially in the same package with them.
  • When storing bay leaves, it is important to choose the right container - it must of course be airtight. For this, glass containers, chinaware, plastic containers, cans, vacuum packaging with a clasp are suitable. If the seasoning will be, for example, on an open shelf, be sure to store it in a darkened container.
  • The safety of the bay leaf will be compromised even in the most ideal conditions, if you take it out of the container with wet hands.

Storage conditions for fresh bay leaf

The leaves of laurel are used not only in dried, but also in fresh form. As a rule, fresh bay leaves are stored only on condition that they were collected from November to February. At this time, they contain a maximum of beneficial substances for the body. Fresh bay leaves are stored in the freezer. The most correct way to do this is:

  • Before freezing, the leaves of laurel must be carefully examined.
  • After sorting the seasoning, rinse it in cool water to free it from dirt and dust.
  • Clean bay leaves should be dried. This can be done by spreading them in a single layer on the fabric.
  • After a couple of days after drying, the leaves are ready for freezing. It is most convenient for these purposes to use sealed containers or bags with reusable fastener.

Storage Period

Bay leaf, like any other product, has a certain shelf life. Manufacturers write different terms. Some recommend storing laurel for 9 months, others indicate that it can retain its properties for up to 4 years. By order of GOST, this seasoning has 2 shelf life. From collection to packaging, the spice is allowed to be stored for 9 months, then it is suitable for use in cooking for another 12 months. During this period, all useful properties and tastes are preserved in the bay leaf, after which it begins to crumble and turn yellow.

If there is no date on the packing of bay leaves indicating the expiration date of the product, you need to pay attention to the color of the spice. Laurel with unexpired shelf life will have a smooth green color. If the seasoning color is brown or it has a grayish tint, it is better to stop using it, since, apart from bitterness, it will not add any benefit or flavor to the dish.

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