E171 titanium dioxide: effect on the body

E171 titanium dioxide: effect on the body

Titanium dioxide, also known as titanium white, is widely used not only in the chemical but also in the food industry. True, on foodstuffs, this white, odorless and tasteless substance is marked with E171. The task of this dietary supplement is to improve the color of certain products, making them perfectly white. It is believed that the dye U171 is completely safe, so the products in which it is present can be eaten even by children. But is it really?

What is titanium dioxide for? Application

Initially, titanium white was part of various types of paint. In fact, this is the main purpose of this substance in our days. Titanium dioxide serves as a filler for various types of paints and varnishes, and its production in industrial volumes has been established in many countries around the world. It is difficult to say who first began using this substance in the food industry, but since the second half of the last century E171 has been actively used in the production of ice cream and yogurt, kefir and sour cream. In addition, titanium dioxide tint crab sticks and some types of seafood, baby dry mixes and so-called quick breakfasts. In the food industry, this chemical compound is used solely to give food an attractive appearance. After all, fish meat, used in the same crab sticks, initially has an unattractive gray color, and chewing gum looks like a piece of dirty butter. Titanium dioxide eliminates these visual imperfections, which increases the sales of a wide variety of goods.

It is noteworthy that the cost of titanium dioxide is relatively small, so the use of this dietary supplement gives a tangible economic effect, forcing consumers to buy up white toothpaste. Ideally white mayonnaise or dried milk, which in its pure form has a characteristic yellowish tint.

How dangerous is dietary supplement E171?

In pursuit of profit, many manufacturers did not stint on the fact that to conduct scientific research, and publicly announced that titanium dioxide does not affect human health. Indeed, who among us in childhood did not try to have a whitewash from the ceiling? But one thing is a one-time childish prank, and quite another is the regular consumption of foods, which, even in small quantities, still contain the addition of E171. Recent scientific studies show that titanium dioxide is not as harmless as food manufacturers want to present. This substance can destroy our body at the cellular level, gradually weakening the immune system and causing many chronic diseases. However, it should still be borne in mind that the food additive E 171 is not soluble in water and is completely excreted from the body naturally. However, at the cellular level, this substance has a very negative effect on our body, destroying it from the inside.

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