What to do if the pickle is dimmed in cucumber

What to do if the pickle is dimmed in cucumber

Such a nuisance happened at least once in every hostess. It would seem that the preservation was carried out correctly, and cucumbers lovingly packed in cans were sent for storage. But it took some time, and the pickle in the banks became muddy. The hostess is upset, does not know what to do with cucumbers ...

Why dimmed pickle in jars with cucumbers

First, nothing happens for nothing. So something was done wrong.

Brine can dim for several reasons:

  • The cucumbers were badly washed. The smallest particles of dirt from the surface of the vegetables got into the jar and caused the development of a putrefactive process.
  • The jars were badly washed or detergents were used to wash them. The unnoticed soap was left inside the jar, so the brine dimmed over time.
  • Not only cucumbers were washed badly, but also spicy herbs.
  • Iodized or sea salt was used. In such a salt, there are components, some of which can cause brine turbidity.
  • The cans and lids were not properly sterilized, both empty and filled with products.
  • The tightness of the container was broken, that is, the banks were badly rolled up. This could be due to poor-quality lids or chips on the neck of the jar.
  • Sometimes the brine becomes cloudy for reasons beyond the control of the hostess. For example, cucumbers were stuffed with chemicals. And even soaking did not destroy some of the harmful substances, which caused the clouding of the brine.

What to do if the brine is cloudy

Clouding of the brine is already bad. Most often, these cucumbers have to throw away. Because it is precisely the poor quality products that become the culprit of such a dangerous disease as botulism. And if you manage to still avoid this disease, then an upset stomach may occur.

Situation One. In some cases, cucumbers with muddy brine can be saved. For example, if the brine clouding occurred literally in 2-3 days, then this may be due to the development of lactic fermentation. And this, as is known, is a necessary stage in pickling cucumbers. Most often the brine becomes cloudy if no vinegar is added to it.

Conclusion. If the lid of the jar is not swollen, then the jar with the cloudy brine needs to be opened, pour the brine into the pan and boil. Then rinse the cucumbers with boiling water directly in the bank, pour boiling water over it and wait five minutes. Pour out the water, pour cucumbers with boiling marinade, add a portion of vinegar.

Instead of the old brine, you can make a new one, boil it by adding a portion of vinegar essence. Then close the jar with a sterile cap, cork tightly. Cool in the inverted form, wrapped with a warm blanket.

Situation two. As mentioned above, the pickle in jars with cucumbers becomes cloudy due to lactic fermentation. Some housewives, knowing such a feature of it, put the jar in the fridge and watch as events unfold. Very often, after about 7-10 days, the dregs sink to the bottom, and the brine again becomes transparent. Conclusion. If the lid remains flat and does not bulge, then such cucumbers can be safely eaten. True, their taste will be different than in other banks.

If the brine is not clarified, then this jar needs to be opened and cucumbers used to prepare pickle or other dishes, where cucumbers are subjected to prolonged heat treatment.

Situation three. If the pickle in the jar of cucumbers is dimmed and the lid is swollen, then it is risky to eat such cucumbers. This means that microbes and bacteria that are harmful not only to vegetables, but also to humans, got into the jar. Although ... and in this case, some housewives open the bank and use cucumbers in pickle.

Mistress of the note

Some housewives, after reading tips, decide that cucumbers with muddy brine can be safely eaten. But each case is individual, so you need to think a hundred times before you eat such a cucumber.

Still, it is better not to risk your health, and if there is even the slightest suspicion that the bank of cucumbers is spoiled, you need, without hesitation, throw its contents into the garbage! Health can not buy.

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