The Most Smelly Cheeses

The Most Smelly Cheeses

Cheese is part of many recipes. Different types of cheeses are suitable for different dishes. All of them are classified based on their texture, taste, or cooking process. Cheeses are usually divided into fresh (without a shell), with a natural casing, soft white (have a soft, weakly pronounced casing), semi-soft (have a red-brown casing), hard (thick casing), blue and cheeses with a washing casing. Last cheese is washed in order to remove bacteria from it. We want to talk about the latest type of cheeses, because most smelly cheeses just have to wash.

The cheeses listed below were tested by the Cranfield University using an “electronic nose,” an instrument used to study the flavor of cheeses. When testing were used and people experts.

The Most Smelly Cheeses

“Vieux Boulogne”

This is a French cheese made from unpasteurized cow's milk. It has a washable red-orange color. It is the most fragrant cheese in the world. It acquires a specific smell after washing it in beer. Beer interacts with dairy enzymes, resulting in various bacteria that give the cheese smell. It is said that the taste of this cheese is better than flavor. Cheese is most delicious, if aged from 7 to 9 weeks. It is best eaten with crispy bread and beer.


This second stinky cheese is also from France. It has an orange-brown washable shell. The cheese itself has a yellow, creamy and soft texture. Sometimes it can smell marsh gas, but it has a strong taste of cheese. It is best served with a glass of red wine or French bread. In Normandy, it is served with pears and apples.

“Camembert de Normandy”

This cheese is made from unpasteurized cow's milk and kept for 3 weeks. Cheese is loved by the cheese eaters of the whole world for its soft creamy texture. It is made in France. It is very reminiscent of the taste of cheese “Brie”, only has a thicker skin, therefore, is more acute in taste. With age in the shell of the cheese increases the amount of ammonia. He smells like some kind of chemicals, but he also has a lot of fans and a very high price. It is best eaten with bread and wine.

“Epuas de Bourgogne”

“Epuas de Bourgogne” is also made in France from unpasteurized cow's milk. The cheese is usually round and has an orange-brown shell. The strong smell is given to it due to the fact that it is washed in brandy. Cheese smells so much that it is forbidden to transport it in public transport throughout France. But do not let the smell fool you and do not give to try this amazing product, because its taste is amazing, especially at a young age. “Epuas de Bourgogne” cheese is served with white wine and French baguette.


Here is another French specimen of unpasteurized cow milk. It is washed in wine and then placed in raw cellars for ripening. He is often called a cheese monster, so badly he stinks. Its aroma is similar to the smell of dirty sweaty heels! The smell is so strong that you cannot kill him, so you just need to get used to it and not try to fight with yourself to endure it.

“Brie de Mo”

This is not the usual “Bree” that can be bought on the market. This is a cream cheese with a white edible shell, which is made from raw cow's milk and also in France. It is very tasty, but terribly smelly. The older the cheese, the more unbearable its smell, so it is better to eat it young. Sparkling dry wine is served to “Brie de Mo”.


This French cheese is made from sheep's milk and kept in caves. It has a blue color and green streaks, which give it a flavor. Until recently, it was banned in Australia and New Zealand. It has a sharp taste and the same sharp strong aroma. It is most delicious with a glass of sweet wine sauterns or pears.


This semi-soft cheese is made from cow's milk in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. He is world famous for his terrible smell. The smell comes from the bacteria Brevibacterium and is similar to the smell of the feet. The taste is also very sharp, but pleasant. Limburger is usually eaten with black bread.

“Stink Bishop”

This washable cheese is made from cow's milk in England. It has a shell of different colors, from orange to gray, and a yellowish-white texture. It also stinks terribly, and the smell of pear cider gives it, in which it is washed. If you watched the cartoon “Wallace and Gromit”, you probably know what it is about, because there they used this cheese to revive the deceased Wallace. However, it only smells. After its removal, you can safely enjoy the taste of cheese. “Stink Bishop” goes well with any bread or dessert wine.

“Blue Stilton”

This is probably the most famous of all English stinky cheeses. It is made in England from cow's milk. It can be of a different texture: hard, crumbly and soft, as well as many intermediate ones. The older he is, the softer and more aromatic. It is often eaten with celery and pears, barley wine and port wine.

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