Potato calories

Potato calories

Potatoes - very tasty, agree? It is pleasant to eat in any form - boiled, fried, baked. But the fame of potatoes is unimportant, it is believed that it is terribly high-calorie and is the cause of the number 1 overweight. But the enemy must be known in person in order to effectively fight him. In addition, nutritionists do not prohibit eating potatoes, only advised to do it wisely. Knowledge of the calorie and nutritional value of potatoes cooked in different ways, this is exactly the information that must be adopted.

How many calories in potatoes

When we consider the calorie content of potatoes, we mean 100 grams of its edible part. 100 grams of potatoes contain 77 kcal, which is indeed significantly higher than other vegetables. However, the standard portion of potatoes of 250-300 grams fits well with the dietary norm, provided that in addition to it there will be a product without going through the table.

Nutritional value 100 grams of potatoes is as follows: proteins - 2 grams, fats - 0, 4 grams, carbohydrates - 16, 3 grams, dietary fiber - 1, 4 grams, organic acids - 0, 2 grams, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids - 0, 1 gram, mono- and disaccharides - 1, 3 grams, starch - 15 grams, ash - 1, 1 grams, water - 78, 6 grams. So in fresh or boiled potatoes, the figures are within the normal range, even a slimming person can afford to eat a portion of mashed potatoes from time to time. Of course, if you add fat cream, egg, butter, then the calorie content of mashed potatoes will change significantly and will not be so safe anymore.

But french fries really break all records in high calorie content! You are not deceived and you are not mistaken - there are 4, 4 times more calories in a standard portion of fries than in 100 grams of regular potatoes. A standard serving of french fries contains as many as 340 calories! In a small serving - 235 calories, and in a large one - 315. Accordingly, in french fries, the indicators of fats and carbohydrates are much higher.

Country style potatoes is not much less caloric than fries. The average portion of this dish contains 315 calories, proteins - 5 grams, fat - 16 grams, carbohydrates - 38 grams.

A popular dish of potatoes are zrazy. Their caloric value per 100 grams is 189, 7 kcal, on average, one potato patty or pancakes weighs 100-150 grams. Nutritional value is as follows: proteins - 4, 5 grams, fats - 12, 4 grams, carbohydrates - 16 grams.

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