Oolong tea: benefit and harm

Oolong tea: benefit and harm

“Oolong”, “Oolong”, “Dark Dragon”, “Qin Cha”, “Precious Tea” - all these exotic names are inherent in one of the most unusual types of Chinese tea - turquoise.

Oolong tea leaves are fermented in a special way. As a result, the raw material is dried unevenly and acquires a specific color. The middle of the leaf remains green, but the edges become saturated dark brown. Properly dried leaves are twisted into lumps, and under the influence of hot water are fully disclosed. There is no crumbled leaves, dust, garbage and other “additives” in a quality oolong.

Turquoise tea contains a lot of macro and microelements, for example, magnesium, selenium, zinc, calcium, iron, etc. Of the vitamins in tea, most of the B, D, C, E and K vitamins. It contains essential oils, tannins , flavonoids, and by the number of chemical compounds useful for the human body, oolong tea in general occupies one of the first places.

100 gr. dry tea is only 142 kcal, so this drink is classified as low-calorie.

Benefits of turquoise tea

Oolong tea very well boosts immunity and helps with colds. Regular consumption of tea leads to a decrease in blood cholesterol levels. It greatly improves the work of the cardiovascular system and the removal of fluid from the body. Tea has a beneficial effect on the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and strengthens the heart muscle.

Oolong normalizes metabolism, improves the permeability of cell membranes and contributes to the reduction of fat deposits. This tea is recommended for dieters and those who are experiencing problems due to excess weight. Turquoise tea is an excellent prevention of diabetes. It has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, helps to get rid of constipation and flatulence. The substances contained in tea leaves have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, therefore they prevent the development of painful microflora in the intestine.

Oolong has antioxidant properties and not only slows the growth of cancer cells, but also destroys them over time. Turquoise tea perfectly removes toxins, toxins and poisons from the body. He is advised to drink with poisoning and after a stormy feast. Oolong helps with allergies - it “washes” allergens out of the body, relieves skin rashes and irritation.

Since ancient times, hot tea has been considered a drink that prolongs youth. Regularly drinking a few cups of oolong a day, you can get rid of wrinkles, strengthen nails and hair. This drink has a very positive effect on the condition of the skin, making it velvety and elastic. Tea helps to relieve fatigue, get rid of the blues and even relieve depression. This is a great tonic drink, the effect of which is several times greater than the effect on the body of coffee.

Oolong: when caution does not hurt

People should carefully drink tea with peptic ulcer, gastritis and other stomach ailments. Do not forget that this drink has an exciting effect on the body - having drunk a cup for the next dream, you will not be able to fall asleep for a few more hours.

Hypertensive patients and those with serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, the use of oolong is better to limit. One or two cups a day will not bring harm, but 4-5 may well provoke an attack. The same can be advised and people with kidney disease. Doctors do not advise drinking oolong pregnant and lactating women.

Milk Oolong or Oolong Milk?

Oolong has about 30 species. These teas are significantly different from each other in taste, color of fermented leaves and the color of the drink itself. Each of them is good in itself, but milk oolong is especially popular in our country. It has a delicious aroma and taste. In addition, this tea is very healthy.

However, it is in this type of oolong that a big trick is hidden, whose name is “flavoring”.

The fact is that REAL milky oolong tea is extremely rare, it is very expensive and practically not exported. This is a grade of highland Taiwanese tea, the bushes of which grow on Mount Alishan. The drink from the leaves of this tea has a slight smell of ice cream and a traditional tea flavor with a creamy aftertaste.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, there is an AROMATED milky oolong tea with a pronounced milky-nut flavor and a marvelous caramel flavor. In defense of such oolong, one can only say that high-quality Japanese flavoring is used for flavoring. Unfortunately, this is where the merits of the drink end - the enterprising manufacturers often “pour” the cheapest teas with flavoring and sell them under the guise of elite milky oolong.

Properties of natural milk oolong

If you are lucky and you have acquired a real milk oolong - it is more useful to find a drink more difficult.

After a busy day, a cup of hot milky oolong will help stabilize well-being, because this tea has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improves the general psychological state and maintains good spirits. Milk Oolong - an effective means for weight loss. It normalizes the metabolic processes in the body, thereby stimulating the burning of extra calories. In addition, this drink muffles the feeling of hunger. Cold Milk Oolong - a delicious tonic drink that is especially useful in the heat. Tea perfectly quenches thirst and protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Tea perfectly cleans the intestines of all the excess, and it does it very gently, without causing the slightest discomfort. Hot milk oolong tea is an excellent prevention of intestinal disorders and dysbiosis. Several cups of tea per day contribute to the excretion of toxins and excess fluid.

The drink improves blood circulation, therefore, is considered an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis and thrombophlebitis. Tea stimulates metabolic processes in tissues and organs, accelerates wound healing. This tea greatly enhances immunity: the use of oolong significantly reduces the risk of catching a cold and viral infections. This is an excellent antipyretic and diaphoretic.

Beauty and youth in each cup

Milk oolong tea is especially beneficial for the skin - it prevents its wilting, stimulates collagen production and promotes rapid renewal of the skin. Rubbing the skin with ice from milky oolong, you can get rid of the expansion of pores and smooth out small and medium wrinkles.

Milk oolong has a rejuvenating effect on the entire body as a whole. A huge number of microelements improves the metabolism in the cells, so this drink is useful for older people and those who recover after an illness. The drink improves memory, stimulates brain activity and increases concentration. Because of these qualities, it is recommended to drink it to persons engaged in intellectual work.

Harm of milk oolong

Contraindications for milk oolong are the same as for other types of turquoise tea. But flavored ooluna contraindications significantly more.

Most importantly, it can cause allergies, so do not drink more than one cup first. “Artificial” oolong milk is not recommended for people with gastrointestinal problems, hypertensive patients, allergies and asthmatics. It is extremely undesirable to drink such tea in large quantities: even the most high-quality chemistry sooner or later makes itself felt.

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