With what they drink white semi-dry wine

With what they drink white semi-dry wine

White semi-dry wine is a light-colored alcoholic drink, from straw to dark golden hue, with a strength of 9 to 13 degrees, with a sugar content of 5 to 25 grams per square decimeter. A moderate sweetish aftertaste and low acidity make it attractive to many people. Such drinks are in harmony with many dishes, but there are snacks that can distort and interrupt their delicate taste and bouquet. Knowing what white semi-dry wine is drunk with will make it possible not to hit the face in front of the guests and set the table correctly.

Popular varieties and brands

Decent white semi-dry wines are produced in different countries where white grapes are grown with a 20 percent sugar content. There are quite a few such varieties; our compatriots more often prefer drinks made from grape varieties:

  • Chardonnay;
  • Riesling;
  • Aligote;
  • Sauvignon Blanc;
  • Muscat.

Many of these varieties are grown in the Crimea, Krasnodar Territory, Abkhazia, Georgia. The wines produced here are distinguished by the most affordable price, so often they are on the table of our fellow citizens. Among the popular brands include:

  • “Tbilisuri” (Georgia). The wine is dark straw, almost amber color. It is made from several grape varieties. It has a velvety taste, soft aftertaste, complex, but harmonious aroma.
  • “Monastic hut” (Russia). Representatives of the older generation remember the taste of Bulgarian wine produced under this brand. Later, the brand and its production technology were purchased by Russian manufacturers. In recent years, the brand has become less popular compared with the Soviet period, but continues to be in demand.
  • Gai-Kodzor (Krasnodar region). The wine is made from Gewurztraminer grapes, popular in Europe. The drink has a greenish-straw color. In his bouquet notes of pear, tropical fruits and rose petals are distinguishable.
  • “Magarach” (Crimea). It has a light straw color, a refreshing taste. It is made from several grape varieties, including Sauvignon, Aligote, Riesling.
  • “Chateau Blanc” (Inkerman, Crimea). Young wine from European grape varieties. Possesses fresh taste, gentle flower aroma.
  • “Inspiration. Blanc ”(Inkerman, Crimea). It has a rich fruity aroma with notes of apple and tropical fruit. It is made from Aligote, Chardonnay and Rkatsiteli grape varieties.

If you belong to fans of imported alcohol, it will not hurt you to know that the best white semi-dry wines are made in France, Italy, Germany, Austria and New Zealand.

When choosing a drink, it is important to know how to determine a quality product. Pay attention to the label. The label at the neck should contain information on the date of harvest, on the back of the bottle - information on the manufacturer. The cork should be at the glass level, not deeper, but not higher than it. The drink itself should not have a cloudy precipitate.

Basic rules for drinking white semi-dry wine

Even the best wine does not deliver the expected pleasure, if used it is wrong. The rules for tasting white semi-dry wine appeared not from scratch. The tradition of using this type of drink arose as a result of centuries of experience. Neglecting them, you not only violate the requirements of etiquette, but also deprive yourself of the opportunity to enjoy the bouquet and taste of good alcohol.

  • White semi-dry wine is cooled to 10-12 degrees before serving. It is this temperature that allows you to better taste its taste and feel the rich gamut of refined aromas typical of a particular brand of drink.
  • Spill white semi-sweet wine by the glass on a high stem. Holding the glass for it, you will not heat the drink with your hands, thereby spoiling its taste. Glass should be clean and transparent, devoid of matte finishes and other decorative details. This decor closes the wine, making it difficult to admire its straw, amber or golden hue. The capacity of glasses for tasting white wine, usually 300-350 ml, and fill them only two-thirds.
  • Before you drink wine, you should admire it and be sure to inhale its aroma. Only after that you can take a sip of wine, and only then drink it in small sips.

White semi-dry wines belong to the category of table wines. This means they are usually served for lunch or dinner. It is not recommended to drink them without snacks. In some cases, white semi-dry wine can be offered as an aperitif, but still with a suitable snack.

What to eat a white semi-dry wine

The range of dishes that can be offered to white semi-dry wine is quite wide. It includes:

  • poultry (chicken, duck, turkey) stewed in cream or baked with apples, oranges, other fruits; grilled breast served with sweet and sour sauce;
  • a rabbit, the tender meat of which can be cooked in the way that you prefer;
  • poultry salads with vegetables and herbs;
  • goose liver pate;
  • fish in any form, including smoked salmon, but with the exception of herring;
  • asparagus, artichokes, cauliflower, broccoli;
  • Asian cuisine;
  • Mexican cuisine;
  • dishes from mushrooms and mushroom sauce, with the exception of pickled forest products;
  • apple charlotte, creamy cake, rolls with cream, crackers.

An unsuccessful addition to white semi-dry wine will be herring, fish under the marinade, various pickles, and also nuts that distort the taste of the drink.

White semi-dry wine is a good choice, but not all snacks are suitable for it. Having correctly made the menu, you will make the bouquet of the drink more distinct, its taste will remain clean and harmonious. You also need to take into account the basic rules for the use of white wines, ranging from the temperature of their presentation and ending with the characteristics of the tasting. Their violation may lead to the fact that the properties of the wine are not fully disclosed.

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