Can I replace butter with vegetable in baking?

Can I replace butter with vegetable in baking?

It is impossible to imagine a full breakfast without a sandwich with butter. This natural quality product is indispensable on our table. Man uses it for centuries. The ancients began the production of oil exclusively for medicinal purposes.

For tea, I like a good sandwich

The reference to the poem “The Ballad of the Royal Sandwich” in the translation by S. Marshak is not accidental. Arguments to justify the harm of butter are ridiculous and unscientific.

Particularly puzzling is the phrase “excessive consumption” in relation to this useful dairy product. It is precisely because of the small volume of consumption that it cannot be considered as the main cause of atherosclerosis. To exceed the daily requirement for fats, it is necessary to consume half a pack of oil daily.

The high fat content makes the product high-calorie and contributes to the absorption of the most important fat-soluble vitamins.

It turned out that cholesterol turned into a bugbug has two varieties, one of which is vital for the body.

Unbalanced nutrition leads to weight gain, and not at all the consumption of butter, even if it is excessive. Thoughtless adherence to recommendations on healthy nutrition only impoverishes our diet. Chasing a slim figure should not be brought to the point of absurdity.

Sewed on soap

For a number of reasons, including intolerance, budgetary considerations, taste preferences, low-calorie diet, housewives are forced to abandon the use of dairy products.

Vegetable oil is an optimal substitute for baking, it is only necessary to reduce its amount by prescription by about 20%. It is safe to say that the replacement will not affect the organoleptic qualities of the finished baking at all.

By the way, in terms of 100 g of product, the caloric content of a vegetable is higher than that of butter.

The range of vegetable oils is quite wide. Therefore, the probability of purchasing a product of undesirable quality is particularly high in this particular segment.

The use of herbal product is safer compared to margarine and spread, but trans fats and other dangerous additives can also be included.

You can never be sure of the quality of industrial oil. In retail networks, choose it, focusing on well-known brands.

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