How to store salt

How to store salt

I can’t even believe that people used to do without salt!

Now you can buy not only the usual edible salt, but also iodized, as well as sea and stone. Manufacturers often add all sorts of spices to the salt and chopped dried greens.

An ordinary buyer, not accustomed to such an abundance of salt on the shelves of stores, eyes scatter.

What you need to know when buying salt

Buying salt, we must immediately decide for what purpose it is intended. Most often, people buy regular edible salt. It gives taste to dishes, it is used in canning and salting products.

In large quantities, this salt is harmful, but moderate portions of this spice do not bring any special benefit, because such salt is not only completely free from impurities, but is also devoid of many useful trace elements. There is practically no magnesium, selenium, zinc, lithium, tin. There is only iodine, which manufacturers specially enrich salt. And this must necessarily be the corresponding inscription on the package.

Regular edible salt may be small or coarse.

Coarse salt is placed during cooking, and small salt can be added to cold appetizers, salads and other dishes in which coarse salt will be strongly felt.

Sea salt is bought by those who seriously decided to take care of their health.

This salt is rich in almost all the beneficial microelements that are necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Sea salt is also coarse and finely ground. Use it for cooking hot dishes and cold snacks. It is better to put it in a ready-made dish or at the very end of cooking, in order to preserve as much useful substances as possible. But for canning and pickling, it is not very suitable, because it can give an unpleasant taste to vegetables.

How to choose high-quality salt

Salt - hygroscopic product. It absorbs not only moisture, but also odors.

  • When buying, look at its packaging. Salt can be packaged in cardboard boxes, tight plastic bags or plastic containers. The package must be tightly closed so that the salt does not spill out of it, and the air does not get inside, especially if the room is damp.
  • If the salt was not properly stored in the warehouse, then it will collect lumps. Therefore, before buying you need to shake the box. Dry salt is crumbly, and it will immediately be noticeable.
  • Herbal salt must be well packaged so that their flavor does not dry out.

How to store salt

  • If the salt was sold in a carton box, then it should be poured into a clean glass dish with a well-fitting lid.
  • Store salt in a dry place without access to light.
  • Some recommend keeping salt near the stove, saying it is dry there. But at the same time, they forget that it is there that moisture from the steam that rises above the pots during cooking dinner is the most.
  • Sea salt is stored in the same way as usual - in a dry and cool place. But you shouldn’t clean it in the refrigerator because of high humidity and extraneous odors. No wonder it is recommended to refrigerate an open jar of salt to get rid of the unpleasant smell.
  • Herbal salt is stored in a sealed container.

Mistress to note

So that the salt does not dampen, you can use several simple storage methods:

  • 2-3 toothpicks are placed in a jar of salt. They will absorb excess moisture.
  • It is recommended to put rice grains in a jar of salt. But in order not to look for them later, the chops are placed on the bottom or wrapped in blotting paper.
  • Before pouring salt into a jar, put paper on the bottom that absorbs moisture well.
  • Some people advise mixing salt with potato starch (0, 8% of the total). But not everyone will like the presence of impurities in salt, although it is believed that such amount of starch will be completely unnoticeable.

Salt Storage Time

Normal salt is stored in favorable conditions for 1, 5-2, 5 years.

Sea salt has a slightly shorter shelf life. It must be used for one and a half years.

The shelf life of salt with additives is significantly reduced. Iodized table salt with the addition of potassium iodide is converted into the usual one in six months.

Salt with dried herbs is stored in accordance with the inscriptions on the package.

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